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18 december 2023

Excellent option for shipping Shopify orders and even better when you want to consolidate multiple ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. all in one place. The people leaving one star reviews complaining about needing to add a credit card and have a small balance on your account need to understand that XPS is not going to pay to ship your packages even though it's a trial... Plus, this only applies to USPS shipments as you can add your UPS/FedEx account number into the system and be billed weekly as you would normally with these carriers.

Mom's Munchies
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18 december 2023

we have been using XPS for 5 years now and just hit our 100,000 order marker , and would not switch for any reason. They have always been very supportive and the software is so easy to navigate. We highly recommend XPS.

River Chic Designs
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19 december 2023

I love XPS Ship's customer service - they are fast at getting me back up on-line when I have a question. I've connected XPS as my shipper on Shopify.

Arizona Mushroom Company
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18 december 2023

Excellent. Have been using it for some time now without any issues

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1 februari 2021

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! They have such an easy integration, a column dedicated to best price comparisons and a human who answers the phone after a few rings! So happy we found them.

Absolute Green
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15 april 2019

I used XPS to ship my good before my shopify website and enjoyed the ease and pricing structure. Integrating the app into Shopify was pretty easy and so far no issues. Customer service answers their phone immediately and zero wait time - I appreciate that. So far I'm happy.

Angel Being
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XPS Ship heeft geantwoord 15 april 2019

Thanks so much for this, Angel!

15 juni 2017

Awesome. been using them for 6 months. Works with Ebay, amazon, and shopify, as well as being able to set up a shipment manually.

Testing Boston Spice
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Bewerkt 3 augustus 2021

Best app EVER for shipping! Been using it since April and we keep learning new things that it can do. Extremely helpful team and responsive to feedback. My only wish would be for XPS ship to also integrated with SQUARE POS...which sadly it doesn't. I never post reviews, but this company deserves to be recognized for its outstanding product and service.

Worldtone Theatrical
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15 december 2018

Worked great until we received several duplicate charges on our credit card to recharge our shipping account (one was 4 times the usual $50 amount). We tried for 3 months (including several phone calls) to fix. Every time we spoke with someone, they promised "a manager was looking into this and would call us back". Never received a return phone call.

If you have a credit card on your XPS account, you can't delete it unless you are adding another form of payment. Not good.

Marcobelle Company
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Bewerkt 20 juni 2017

Probably the best shipping app on Shopify, I've tried about 4, including this app. I was looking for better shipping rates and this app offers the best service by far.

Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Opencart, OSCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, PayPal, Volusion, BigCommerce and a few more. So you can import all your orders automatically from several different channels

Goshippo integrates with ebay and shopify, but I did not check others
Netparcel only integrates with Shopify
Shipping Easy I didn't check for integration with other platforms

XPS - no monthly or additonal fees - to pay you need to add funds
Shippo - no monthly fees, label cost plus 5c
Netparcel - no monthly fees - bills your card manual or automatically
Shipping Easy - free if you post less than 50 per month, thereafter sliding scale monthly fees

Rates - USPS
Best rates I have found for USPS, cheaper than Shippo, Shipping Easy and, if I'm not mistaken, Shopify. Note I mainly use flat rate boxes

Rates - Couriers - FedEx, UPS
If you have a FedEx or UPS account, like we have, you can compare to XPS, XPS got us much better rates, on some packages we save up to $9! NOTE - You might find that you may get better discounts with your existing accounts depending on the discounts you have.

Although XPS are not the cheapest, Netparcel was cheaper, but by small margins $1 - $3 plus/minus. I did mention this to XPS and they said they will work on cheaper. However, if you add additional insurance then you find that rates are the same or differ by a few cents, either way. XPS does have a much better UI and they will get you rates with USPS and UPS.

Netparcel only does FedEx.

Unfortunately, Goshippo will only integrate with your existing accounts, they won't be able to get you cheaper than what you already pay.

I think Shipping Easy also integrates with your exisiting FedEx account, but to get a cheaper rate we needed to contact my FedEx account rep to see if our discounts are more or less than Shipping Easy, he was supposed to get back to us and we didn't follow up, too much headache.

User Interface
I think better than all. You add sender, receiver, package type, dimensions, weights and select courier service type all on same page, and get the quote in real time, no moving between 2-3 pages. You get competing rates from 3 service providers, USPS, FedEx and UPS (Goshippo does do this but you have to go through a couple of pages and they won't be cheaper)

Live customer service, just call the number to speak to someone.

You can also handle claims on XPS but I have not tried this feature yet.

I will edit this review if needed

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