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29. únor 2024

We highly recommend Yayloh.

Overall, Yayloh's capabilities in analysis and statistics and commitment to customer service contribute to a reliable returns service. With Yayloh, customers can expect a professional and efficient handling of their returns.

Thank you for your diligent analysis and customer-focused service.

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23. leden 2024

We've incorporated Yayloh into our operations for a few months now, and I must express my amazement. It not only streamlines our processes, saving us considerable time, but also ensures customer satisfaction with its user-friendly return form. The hands-on customer service promptly assists us whenever needed. I highly recommend it!

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9. únor 2022

We use yayloh to manage, handle and collect data on our returns. One of the most crucial parts of the platform, for us, is data analytics; it helps us understand the reason behind every return and adjust our product accordingly to reduce the return rate.

Nocs Design
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10. listopad 2022

Yayloh is definitely a big improvement from our previous manual process. Our customer service has saved a lot of time managing returns. The solution is simple to set up and very intuitive to use, and our entire team quickly got the grips with the solution.
It has been very well received by our customers, as they can now process a return with just a few clicks and monitor the progress of the return via a live tracking page. 100% recommend!

le gramme
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10. listopad 2022

We use Yayloh since November 2021 and are very happy about it. It's easy, saves a lot of time, gives statistics about exchanges and returns, people can give a comment about their products/returns . You can personalize the page and emails. Definitely adopted :)

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11. listopad 2022

yayloh has been a game-changer. Aside from helping us immensely with managing all returns it has been of great help, especially, for all non-EU returns. We used to waste so much time with customs procedures. yayloh automates all communication with customers and customs invoices and return label generation.

Macade Golf
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10. listopad 2022

This was everything we were looking for! The fact that it is integrated to both Shopify and Ongoing, has definitely made our day much easier. We have used yayloh now since August 2021 and we couldn't be happier. The digital return portal has changed our lives! Automation saves our team countless hours and makes everything more straightforward for our customers. What has perhaps been the most important for us, has been the data and analytics overview yayloh provides us with. We now have a full overview of the return rate, right down to the product level. The follow-up along the way from yayloh has been great, both with setting it up and using it. We have felt very well taken care of. We highly recommend it!

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10. listopad 2022

Yayloh has been a very good solution for our customer service. We are saving a lot of time (2 hours per day!) to manage the returns. The solution is simple and very intuitive. We are really independent, we can modify the template of emails as we want (good point during rush period), and our customers gave us good feedback on the return form : easy and fast. I also want to point out its integration with Gorgias; all return information is synced on Gorgias, which makes communicating with customers much easier and faster since we don't have to switch from one platform to the other. Also, their support team is very available and helpful. 100% recommend!

M. Moustache
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15. listopad 2022

We're very impressed with everything that yayloh allows us to do! Between returns automation and data retrieval, our team members are delighted with the solution. Thanks to the feedback we get on returns, we can easily understand our customers and respond to their requests efficiently.

Chichi Castelnango
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10. únor 2022

Really impressed with yayloh’s fully digital return process. Super fast to set up, customize, and easy to use. It takes a huge workload off our customer service team as customers follow a fully digital return process that helps reduce customer calls related to the status of their return.

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