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4. březen 2023

We moved from a more well known subscription app as we were told this app does the same as everyone but cheaper and a better interface. Unfortunately this is simply not the case.

Their team handled migration. They didn't import all of the products that were available as subscription products. Not only did they miss some, they imported some that were place holders of products, so the wrong version. I needed to go through the setup and fix it... and maybe (and likely) missed some.

We have a free shipping threshold, as well as a free local delivery theshold. These are not the same. Yotpo subscriptions doesn't seem to see this and only used the default shipping type which caused many customers to be charged calculated shipping. We then had to apologize and refund the customers. Further, in Yotpo the ability of the admin is so locked down I can't even update a single customer subscription to offer something other than the shipping defaults in Shopify. Why would they not allow us to manage each aspect of each customer subscription? Let's say you have a customer who is $0.35 shy of free shipping, but as a service you want to give them free service - nope not with Yotpo. If you actually want to manage your customers subscriptions, this won't be the app for you.

Notifications. Ya, they don't work. Looking at other reviews seems like it's been an issue since at least Aug 2022. We have all the notifications setup. Customer billing fails and they don't message the customer. Also don't message us so we can contact the customer.

Honestly, this program is not ready for release. They have some good ideas and it *could* be a good product but support doesn't really listen. They need a customer advisory board who will help them push the product updates in the right direction. Right now it seems rudderless and no one seems to care about the issues - at least that is one users impression.

At the time of this writing, I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters
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Vývojář Yotpo odpověděl 8. březen 2023

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us — we apologize for the inconvenience. We work very closely with our R&D team to ensure that the migration process is as simple as possible for our merchants. Our team has reached out to you a few times, but we have not heard back; we encourage you to speak with your dedicated migration team for assistance.

27. březen 2023

Worst experience ever. During the initial sales pitch we were promised to have all of our data migrated from our existing subscription service over to Yotpo within 48hrs. Only after we signed the agreement we then found out that there is a 6 week wait! What a joke.

Next we requested that before the Yotpo widget goes live it needed finally approval from our end to make sure everything is set up correctly. We haven't heard in days from the team that's supposed to complete the migration from us - all the sudden a Yotpo subscription order pops up on our backend. A customer signed up to a subscription using a service we had not authorized yet and to top it all off - the migration team didn't follow our instructions meaning the selling plan (discount) that was applied to the product that the customer created a subscription for was completely wrong. We've submitted screen shots and asked how it is possible for customers to create Yotpo subscriptions when we hadn't gone live with it yet? Their reply was: "it's impossible for this to happen, the widget is turned off."
Well it isn't and we submitted proof.

There has not been one positive bit about the experience of working with Yotpo. So far we've been lied to in order to get us to sign the agreement and it's only gotten worse from there.

Petz Park
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Datum úprav: 8. červen 2023

Unfortunately, we have to conclude that this app still has a lot of technical issues.

It is not possible to properly link shopify payments. As a result, we miss payment functionalities. Despite the fact that we have now been waiting for more than 4 weeks, Yotpo is not doing anything to solve the problems.

This app is not suitable for the European market. Only (American) credit cards work and other payment options that are commonly used in Europe such as iDeal, BanContact, Klarna, Afterpay cannot be used.

Besides that they have a customer service with no or very limited customer focus. No real intentions to solve the problem.

We have decided to phase out the app and continue on another platform with a subscription app that complies to the European payment standards.

Resumee: if you're operating in Europe with your web shop and are looking for a great customer journey for the payment process, skip Yotpo.

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Vývojář Yotpo odpověděl 18. leden 2023

Thank you for writing a review — we value your feedback.
Hopefully it will improve in the near future

6. březen 2023

Not ready yet. The unique customer management link is great, but other than that-- this is simply one of the worst subscription apps. They don't have the ability to combine multiple products for the same customer, so everything comes through as a separate transaction, on THE SAME DAY, meaning the customer is charged shipping 2x,3x, and so on.. Not to mention, for bigger brands, the idea than someone is picking and packing 3 or 4 different boxes on the same day for the same customer is crazy wasteful. Loss of profits and time.

The notifications to remind people of their upcoming subscription or failed payments DO NOT WORK. They just don't have a very sophisticated offering and there are many many better options.

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Vývojář Yotpo odpověděl 9. březen 2023

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for the inconvenience. Our R&D team is working diligently to ensure that everything runs smoothly for Subscriptions. Please reach out to our support team for assistance. Thank you

3. prosinec 2022

Please help trying to launch it's supposed to be for free but unable to launch 1st subscription without giving our company admin access . Per Yotpo representative they would need me to add them with Admin Access and permission unable to do this! I have cancel and removed this app. Please be careful Shopify Store owners.

Lace it up Fashion
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Vývojář Yotpo odpověděl 7. prosinec 2022

Hi there, we’re sorry about the issues you had using the app!
Just to clarify, the app is definitely free to use, and Yotpo only needs access if a merchant wants us to perform an action on their behalf; our team offered that as an option so we can investigate where you’re having an issue, but it’s not required.

I see that our team reached out to support you via email, and we’re still able to help if you need it! Just let us know if there’s more we can do. Thanks!

24. leden 2023

"You've reached the $500 limit. Subscriptions were removed from your store."

No email to let us know this. The current subscriptions did not continue processing. We'll find a more professional option.

Thunderbird Skin
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Vývojář Yotpo odpověděl 8. únor 2023

We're sorry to hear that you were having issues with the plan as it reached the limit of free orders. Please know that we would never remove Yotpo Subscriptions from your store without notifying you first. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Our support team has tried reaching out to you via email for assistance, but we have not heard back. We are happy to see that your Subscription is up and running and are here if you need any further assistance.
Thank you

21. únor 2023

They said their migration ¨specialist¨ will do the job for you from the old app to they new one. After 15 days still have no news. The service is horrible. I deleted the app and kept old app.

Pods and Beans
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Vývojář Yotpo odpověděl 6. březen 2023

We appreciate your feedback, and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Our team has tried reaching out to you, but we have not heard back. Please reach out to us so that we can help to rectify this issue as soon as possible.