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21 Haziran 2023

I love them... outside of the shipping times being a little longer than I would like ... I haven't had an issue... I have ordered a few of my own items to see how the quality was as well as to understand the shipping process.... I had only one issue really with shipping for a customer and it was fixed very quickly by their customer service department...Cannot beat their POD prices ... I have compared them to soooooo many other POD companies out there and they are by far the best in all categories... I only give them 4 stars because of the longer than I would like shipping times... but other than that I highly recommend

Ambiguous Designs
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Yoycol official yanıt 3 Temmuz 2023

Hello from customer support team of Yoycol,

Thank you for your trust in yoycol.

Yoycol's customer service team is always ready to solve your problems.

yoycol's advanced flexible supply chain will help business partners all over the world.

Our logistics team will work hard to reduce the shipping time. Thank you for your feedback

Best Regards
Yoycol customer support team

1 Kasım 2021 tarihinde düzenlendi

Prompt customer service to resolve problems or concerns that the droppshipper may have when utilizing the app.

Teddy Blaze
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Yoycol official yanıt 1 Kasım 2021

Dear user, welcome to use Yoycol, we sincerely apologize that our service was not satisfactory for you.
After checking your orders, we have found that your orders' production time are usually in 2-5 days. The supply chains are also improving production efficiency. As the shipping time is restricted by uncertain factors such as various countries and the current epidemic, we cannot fully control the shipping. However we are also actively communicating with many logistics companies to make sure the orders are delivered in time.
We're also developing the functions of our websites to meet the customers requirements. The technicians are confident that 3D Mockup will be applied to more products and provide better services for all of us. We appreciate that you like our 3D Mockup function,, we are striving to use more resources to develop this function. Please contact us in email or website if you need services, we will be in touch.
We welcome you to contact us on business matters. Our staff will commit to improving their delivery and give you the star service you deserve.

6 Nisan 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

So A customer service rep reached out to me and they refunded my money and assured me it won't happen again. So i will be placing one more order with them to see how it goes. As i stated before the quality of the products are good and the prices are good. i'll give an update on the new order i receive. i will be trying the express shipping this time to see how long it takes. Ok I don't like to do negative reviews but I been left with no other choice. So first let me say that I ordered a couple of items from YOYCOL. I ordered a shirt which without tags that I paid for, YOYCOL refunded the cost of tags. I ordered the shirt in an XL but it was more of a Large fit, I attributed this to me not paying more attention to the size chart and measurements, no big deal. I ordered a mask it was good no complaints. I ordered women's flare bottom pants and again the size I order was XL but it fit my model more like a Large. Again I attribute this to me not paying more attention to the size chart and measurements. This first order took about 4 weeks to arrive. This wasn't an issues as I was planning on ordering in bulk and the prices are pretty low compared to other POD services I use. Overall that first order went as expected no real complaints except clothing not branded as the site advertised. Now for the reason for my 1 star rating. I placed a second sample order of a pair of sunglasses on Feb. 9, 2022. today is March 5, 2022 and I still haven't received my item. I emailed YOYCOL with no reply. I commented on their facebook page with no reply. I even sent a message on their WHATSAPP and they replied asking me if i wanted to add a cotton polo shirt to my order without telling me what is going with the item I never received. so overall I give them a 1 Star rating. It is very unfortunate because I was looking forward to using YOYCOL as my main POD service to order in bulk.

Grooves Fashion and Footwear
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Yoycol official yanıt 7 Mart 2022

We appreciate your business.

The person who consulted the question in your screenshot is also a customer of Yoycol . He isn't our support. The customer is consulting about cotton products.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we have arranged the corresponding support staff to handle the problem for you.

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us via email or online chat. Our corporate email is support@yoycol.com.

Cooperation needs to be polished, Yoycol will work hard and serve better for better long-term cooperation !

If we can be of any further assistance, pls do not hesitate to contact us.