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  • Build any type of web form to engage shop visitors within minutes: from customer satisfaction & quote forms to surveys, quizzes and polls.
  • Generate leads and follow up with them by integrating email marketing services, CRM and custom auto-replies.
  • Top class, friendly support through email and live chat!

Create any custom form as easy as 1-2-3!

Pick a ready-to-go form template for order forms, event registrations, online bookings, appointments, lead capture, donations, surveys and more. Build your own from scratch exactly the way you want with our intuitive and easy to use form editor.

All web forms created through 123FormBuilder are 100% mobile responsive so you don't have to worry about losing customers on the go!

Adapt to your client's responses

Build a great customer experience for customers by adding conditional logic to your forms. With this feature, you can choose to show or hide fields based on answers given previously to avoid irrelevant questions. With conditional logic, you can set different confirmation messages to be sent, or do specific form actions based on user's responses.

Custom notifications

Fully customize each message the form send on submission, for both you and your clients. Attach form data, a completed form copy and more!

Collect payments like a pro

Integrate your forms with top class payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, WorldPay and more to collect payments directly from your customers as they order. Receive the money automatically into one of your accounts.

Receive any type of file

Let visitors send files directly through your form and store them inside your account. Filter out unwanted file types, or limit upload sizes to receive only the files you need

Make it beautiful

Stylize your form's appearance and make it look however you want with access to advanced form styling features. Change the form's structure, labels, colors, fonts and much more right inside the form editor.

Structure it on single or multiple pages

Break down long form into bite-sized pages that keep visitors engaged until the end. Add progress bars to make filling out otherwise tiring forms much more enjoyable

Secure and steady

Enable security measures such as SSL encryption, IP limitation, country filters and approval requirements to keep out unwanted traffic. Add a variety of CAPTCHA's to ensure a spam-free inbox.

¿Habla español? Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Overcome language barriers and reach a wider audience by making your forms multilingual. Translate forms in as many languages as you want, and let visitors pick the right one for them.

Send data anywhere by integrating with powerful apps

Using different apps for CRM, email marketing, file management? Have your form send collected data automatically wherever you needed it most to create powerful workflows! Choose apps like:

  1. Salesforce

  2. Marketo

  3. MailChimp

  4. Unbounce

  5. Dropbox

  6. Google Calendar

  7. WebHooks

  8. ...and more!

Visualize collected data with ease

Build awesome reports, charts, and diagrams from your collected data. Gain insights into your customers' buying patterns and form behavior and optimize your processes even more.

Getting started

It's easy! Click on the Get button on the right and after on Install App on the following page to integrate it in your Shopify account.

After the app has been installed, an account will be automatically created for you using the email address of your Shopify account.

Create your first form

Choose a template from out +200 free form template gallery, or start from scratch by clicking on Blank Form after signing up.

Edit the form

Change and add more questions by clicking and dragging fields from the side menu of the left into the middle. To view how your form looks, give the Preview button on the top right corner a try.

Tweak settings & add integrations

Edit thank you pages and notifications messages sent to your users. Send collected form data into other apps you are using such as email marketing, CRM and file storage to organize your files. Take a peek inside the Settings tab to see all the available options.

Publish it

Once you're satisfied with how your form looks and works, put it live for your clients to use. Go to the Publish section and click on Shopify

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Awesome! it gives you a lot of possibility but.......IT IS VERY EXPANSIVE
please lower the price and add a translation in other languages: if you want to sell it globally remember that not everyone speaks english


Integrate the app in your Shopify page and enjoy building awesome forms for FREE!

We also offer premium plans for more serious form building needs, with access to advanced features and higher plan limits this page



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