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Abandonment Guard

Abandonment Guard

Developed by Sticky Apps

5 reviews
Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Safeguard your sales from the loss of repeat business
  • Safely provide former customers with discounts and offers
  • Target past customers based on their last purchase date

Have you ever bought something from a store and never went back?

Would it have made a difference if they had reached out to you with a special offer?

The best stores and sales people are famous for following up with past customers to get them to buy again.

    To safe guard future earnings they know:

  • Not selling to past customers decreases revenue

    Repeat customers spend a whopping 67% more than new customers

  • Most customers online don’t return.

    80% of people who come to your store will never come back

  • Offering discounts to past customers is a guaranteed method to obtain repeat sales.

    70% of online shoppers use offers that they receive by email

    • Abandonment Guard protects your business giving customers who have forgotten your store an incentive to return and buy.

      How does Abandonment Guard work?

      Abandonment Guard allows you to follow up with targeted customers and offer them incentives to buy again.

      You have the ability to automatically target people who haven’t bought recently. You can also easily customize who you want to target, and pick the messaging right for you. It requires only a one time setup and you can let it run and watch the sales roll in.

      How much is it worth to safeguard your revenue?

      At $9.99, Abandonment Guard pays for itself.

      Can I customize Abandonment Guard?

      We provide already existing templates that can be fully customized.

      Where do the Abandonment Guard emails come from?

      You customize where you want them to come from.

      Can I customize rulesets behind Abandonment Guard?

      Yes, we provide super simple rules where you can choose which infrequent customers you want to target.

      Can I Test Abandonment Guard Emails Before They Go Out?

      Yes, we allow you to test all emails. We also allow you to BCC yourself on all emails so you can monitor outgoing emails.

      How Does Abandonment Guard 1-Minute Set-Up Work?

      Step 1: Get the app from the App Store

      Step 2: Customize Email Template and Rule sets

      How does Abandonment Guard work with my existing Email Solution?

      Abandonments Guard is meant to work complementary to existing email services like Mailchimp. It is a way of following up automatically with infrequent customers not a general newsletter service.

      How do I know how much money Abandonment Guard is making me?

      Our stats panel allows you to see how much sales email campaigns are driving.

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5 reviews
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Very limited with options the price per month is too steep for what they offer. :/


Great app! works perfect for my store. Its so nice if you can target your customers and followup with them :)

$9.99 / month
7 days

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