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AC Advanced

AC Advanced

Developed by AIM Shopify Apps

Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Automatically tag, segment and add your customers to your Active Campaign Email Auto Responder
  • Increase revenue by sending intelligent email followups based on what your customers have purchased
  • Save up to 82% on your Active Campaign subscription, while still having full Shopify integration features

Why Should You Install AC Advanced?

We believe that adding your customers to Active Campaign should be quick, simple and cost effective! AC Advanced saves you both time & money, while allowing you full control of your customer segmentation directly from your Shopify Admin! Save money on your Active Campaign subscription while having full Shopify integration features with your Active Campaign Email Auto Responder!

While Active Campaign offer direct Shopify Integration, it's certainly not cheap! Currently, their Shopify Integration Subscription starts at $49/month and goes all the way up to $338/month (for up to 25k subscribers).

Using AC Advanced, you'll be able to integrate your Shopify store with the Active Campaign 'Lite' Plan, and still be able to take advantage of their powerful email automation features, saving you up to $200+ every month!

How Does AC Advanced Work?

AC Advanced connects directly to your Active Campaign Email Account and intelligently segments your customers based on what they have purchased. This is especially useful if operating a 'General Store' or a store with many Product Categories. Once installed, you simply setup your AC Advanced rules in your Shopify Admin and then your customers will automatically be tagged and added to your chosen Active Campaign Customer Email List.

You'll be able to segment your customers by the Product Collections they've purchased from, or by individual Product Tags! You'll also be able to add your customers to whichever Email List you want, and then start the email follow-up series which best fits them.

AC Advanced gives you 100% full control of your Customer Segmentation!


We offer simple pricing for an unlimited amount of contacts Just $19.99 / month! There's no extra or hidden fees whatsoever!

Full List of Features:

  • Simple Setup: Simple '3 Step' integration with your Active Campaign Account
    • Ease of Use: Full control of your Customer Segmentation directly from your Shopify Admin!
      • Customer Tagging: Automatically 'Tag' your Customers in Active Campaign based on what they've purchased
        • Easy Customer Syncing: Automatically add your Customers to any of your Active Campaign email lists
          • Simple Customer Segmentation: Segment your Customers based on individual Product Tags or Collections they've purchased from
            • Increased Revenue: Increase your Customer Value / Revenue by automated, targeted email follow-ups
              • Easy Control: Trigger targeted email follow-ups directly from your Shopify Admin
                • Follow-Up Priorities: Assign 'Priorities' to your rules which ensure your Customer receives the email follow-up you want them to receive, even if they purchase items from multiple Product Collections
                  • Order Information Sending: Full order information is added to your Customer Contacts in Active Campaign, so you can now segment them by how much they've spent or what they've purchased
                    • Full Order Visibility: View your Customers Purchase History directly within Active Campaign
                      • Save More Money: Save between 60-82% on your Active Campaign Subscription by using their 'Lite' Plan, while still benefiting from full Shopify Integration
                        • Save Valuable Time: Save time setting up complicated and repetitive Active Campaign 'Automations' to segment your Customers
                          • Speed: Lightning fast Your Customers are added to your Active Campaign account in seconds!
                            • Top Notch Support: Friendly support staff, 7 days a week
                              • Free 14 Day Trial: Install AC Advanced and enjoy a full 2 week Trial

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It does what it says on the tin. Successfully adds customers to Active Campaign, along with their order data for use in email marketing & automation. The rules take a few minutes to setup, and then everything works on autopilot.

$19.99 / month

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