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Admin Bar Shortcut Links

Admin Bar Shortcut Links

Developed by Artisanify

Price: $1.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Reach inside Admin from Storefront quickly and find exactly what you want to do inside Admin
  • Save yourself few clicks and keyboard typings for searching things inside Admin
  • Responsive Admin Bar for better experience on Mobile

You are on the product page and you see a typo inside the description - what do you do? In my case, I would go inside the Shopify Admin, then click on Products and then find that product in a long list of products to fix that typo. It takes some time, the time that we can spend on thinking about how to bring more traffic to our store.

What if we are on a static page like Contact Us and want to change our email or phone number real quick? Navigating inside the Admin and finding that page and then editing that page sounds like a lot of work. What if there was a quick shortcut?

This app solves the above problems.

  • The Apps and Themes links are always available on the admin bar navigation.

  • If you are on a product page, click Edit Product to quickly edit that product.

  • If you are on a page (static) , this app lets you quickly edit that page by taking you inside the Admin of you store.

  • Edit a collection if you are on collection page.

Also, you can enable and disable the App functionality from inside the app.

That's about it :) Let's see you inside!

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Useful little app. Makes life easier.
Great support team.


This app help me to save small times which is equal big time if you have to access to your store admin many times. You can put your hand back on admin wherever you are in the store. Good app for a price. Not much but solve a stuck problem.

$1.00 / month
7 days

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