Advanced E-Commerce Analytics

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Real-Time Predictive Analytics

Don’t wait for hours for your time-critical business insights. Get all your charts and reports with less than 1 Second latency.

LTV and Inventory Forecasting

Identify key customers in advance based on our LTV prediction. Inventory management gets better with our inventory forecasting feature.

DataScience Platform

Easy-to-use UI based ML workflows. Build, train, test and deploy ML models. Make predictions and identify patterns.

About ShopIQ

IQLECT brings enterprise-grade real-time predictive analytics and data science platform for your Shopify store. Boost conversions, improve sales, make accurate predictions and identify trends with our predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Product Highlights

  • Quick setup, cost effective and affordable
  • 25+ dashboards, 270+ ready-made charts with enhanced data visualisation and customisation options
  • Real-time streaming analytics and AI to boost e-commerce business
  • Data Science platform - choose from in-built ML algorithms, deploy and test ML models

Product Features

1. Real-Time Analytics

  • Get all your reports, charts and predictions in sub-second latency
  • Keep a track of every activity on your online store in real-time and make quick business decisions.

2. LTV Prediction

  • Pre-built ML Model to predict LTV of your customers
  • Includes session level data like demographics of the user, campaign and referrer information for improved accuracy

3. Campaign Engagement Scoring

  • Go beyond “last touch” attribution source. Evaluate impact of each campaign used by user in multiple visits before he/she made the purchase
  • Campaigns are evaluated not just by conversion but based on engagement activities like session count, return visitors, products viewed etc.
  • Get customer wise campaign performance report for deeper customer and campaign insights.

4. Inventory Prediction

  • Pre-built ML model to predict the stock for each product for upcoming weeks or months
  • Model keeps training itself with real-time changes in stocks and seasonality

5. Predictive Lead Scoring

  • Predict the propensity of user to buy a certain product in real-time
  • Convert anonymous user to paid customers with pop-ups which get triggered based on their predicted propensity
  • Improve ROI with targeted discounts instead of blank site-wide promotions

6. Data Science Capabilities

  • UI driven Machine Learning workflows
  • Choose from in-built algorithms, train, test and deploy production ready models
  • No need to worry about infrastructure, free your self from dataOps/MLOps activities.

7. Comprehensive Reports and Fully Customizable Dashboards

  • Gain actionable insights from 25+ dashboards, 270+ ready-made charts with enhanced data visualisation
  • Add more dashboards, KPIs, charts as per business need – totally extensible

8. Custom Notification and Reports

  • Fully customizable reporting section. Get regular updates on various business metrics at frequency of your choice
  • Identify not just one-time events but events occurring multiple times over certain duration
  • Setup notifications via SMS, email or slack

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Pricing 15-day free trial

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  • 15 day free trial

  • In-built KPIs

  • LTV Prediction

  • Multi touch Attribution

  • 6 Months Data History

  • Real Time Analytics

  • Catalog supports 600 items



  • Train, upload and test models

  • Customised reports and charts

  • CEP

  • Predict on streams, analyze, take actions

  • Custom Support

  • Unlimited Catalog

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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