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Shopper Age Check

Shopper Age Check

Developed by DataDivers Inc.

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  • Comply with legal requirement for selling age-restricted products
  • Seamless integration with checkout process with 1-click
  • Verify shopper’s age by shipping information or photo of Identity document in seconds

If you are selling e-cig, vape, tobacco related products, you are required by FDA to verify customer’s age. Shopper Age Check automates this process by integrating age verification into your checkout process, and verify customer’s age in a few seconds.

Key Features?

  • When your online shoppers are about to checkout at cart page. We will prompt the customer to provide first last name, date of brith, address. This information will be sent to our age verification data partner. A result will be returned within 3 seconds.

  • Over 95% of the US shoppers will be verified by the combination of these information. If the shopper’s age is verified as meet the age requirement, those information will be pre-filled as shipping information at the checkout page.

  • If the first last name, date of birth, address combination is failed to verify shopper’s age. The app will ask the shopper to upload a government issued ID.

  • ID picture can be taken either by webcam of a computer or the built-in camera of a smart phone.

  • Once the ID is uploaded, the app will automatically analyze the content of the document to verify customer’s age.

  • All info is transferred securely, and destroyed after verification.

This app is different from an age verification popup which is completely relying on shopper’s honesty without actual verification. This app is verifying shopper information against 3rd party age verification database or analyzing photo of Identity document to meet the legal requirement set by the FDA.

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Usage based charge, $0.50 per age verification


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