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Age Verifier by Omega

Age Verifier by Omega

Developed by Omega

Price: $2.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Ask users to verify their age on store load
  • Customize all items on the form, including the headline text, error message when they’re underage.
  • Remembers if a visitor has verified their age in the past.

Want to visitors must confirm their age before access your store?

Now you can stop searching! Age Verifier by Omega is the perfect app you need to do it!

What does Age Verifier do?

Age Verifier helps you:

1. Set the minimum age for visitors to confirm to access your store.

2. You can choose 2 types request for visitors: input their birthday or they is simply confirmation enough age.

3. Upload background and your logo in your store assets.

Why Age Verifier?

It’s plain easy to use with no dead time

It works the way you want it to

Highlights Features

  1. Ask users to verify their age on store load

  2. Choose to restrict an entire site, of selected pages by add shortcode

  3. Can choose dropdowns fields or a simple yes/no button

  4. Add your own logo

  5. Update the text displayed on the entry form

  6. Select background image, popup background colour and text color


Where is the detailed documentation of the app ?

You can refer to our installation guide here: App Installation


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$2.99 / month
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