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Air Waves OnDemand (Shirts and Apparel)

Air Waves OnDemand (Shirts and Apparel)

Developed by F13 Works

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  • High-quality garments at the best prices
  • Robust design tool so you can customize products
  • 2-day fulfillment on most orders

Air Waves is dedicated to maintaining our lead position in the apparel decoration industry by bringing creative and innovative solutions to our customers, focusing on product and service quality, improving time-to-market, and continually striving to enhance business profitability and growth.

Air Waves is a uniquely positioned e-commerce company providing specialized solutions to the apparel industry. These solutions include: On Demand Printing Solutions, On Demand Fulfillment Solutions, and Brand Development through various sales channels.

Air Waves leverages 30 years of industry expertise to focus on: Rapid deployment of goods and merchandise while minimizing upfront investment and inventory risk.

Air Waves OnDemand (Shirts and Apparel) reviews (2)



I just want to say that the app is pretty amazing! Even if you dont have photoshop, or if you don't like having to save somewhere and then upload elsewhere, this app will save you a bunch of time.

I had a quesion and usually try to find it myself, however, I don't have a lot of time and just emailed the creators with the areas that I was unclear about. They emailed me back with a personal reply same day, and even offered to call and do a screen share to clear away all the doubts I may have in real time... so we did.

Chris worked with me and spent an entire hour with me on the phone answering all my questions. I took way too much of his time, BUT, he didn't make me feel like I took any of his time. He was VERY positive, professional and upbeat and REAL with me throughout the call. Even giving me tips for shopify itself! I have never had this kind of service from a plugin provider in the past (5 years of previous experience) and will only strive to be as good at customer service in actually helping the customers out as he is.

Don't look anywhere else, this place is hands down the best choice for any tshirt dropshipping needs. They can scale more than printful and with much better accuracy...plus, they are more centrally located than printful. I still use the other ones for other products, however, if Airwaves offers an app, I'll get it from this point forward!

Cheers Chris!


I have used multiple Shopify fulfillers for a handful of stores and I even tried printing shirts myself. This is the best app and company I have worked with. They know apparel really well and they get shit done. The prices are reasonable, the quality is better than anyone else in the marketplace. The best service they offer is quick turnaround time, I have used some of the other shirt printers and found that it can take weeks to get a custom shirt printed. Our customers love the quick turnaround and have noticed the better printing and shirt quality. I haven't had any issues so I can't comment on their support and I was part of their initial application testing so I have likely used them longer than most store owners so far.


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