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10. duben 2024

I'm incredibly impressed by the CedCommerce Amazon support team's professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to resolving issues promptly. Their expertise, courteous demeanor, and excellent communication skills have made every interaction a positive experience. I highly recommend their services to others.

Sancher Sarees
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28. leden 2024

While I find it quite complicated, the support is excellent

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14. srpen 2023

I appreciate all the help they have given me and most have helped. But I do have to say that they do not listen to me and address the question. It's confusing when you asked "how do I do this (particular task) " and they don't say "you have to do this tab, then that tab, etc." and go on a different subject. If someone in the company would just do a "road map" of the steps it would surely help. (the videos are no help at all). All that said, they have spent a lot of time on chat and I've had 2 Google Meets and I am extremely appreciative. I believe they are a good channel to have.

Mugs and Tees
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17. březen 2024


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28. červen 2023

was helped really well by staff to fix errors. was frustrating at first but they were patient enough to walk me through

Thrusta Gym Equipment
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30. květen 2023

The chat option was very helpful. The individual was quick and kind and helpful. I am grateful for the help.
I even received a PDF and offer for additional assistance if needed.

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1. srpen 2023

the best app i found on shopify , and the support really help me a lot in that , as this app is really easy to use and better than the other app also , thank you so much cedcommerce

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28. červenec 2023

Working with the new technologies can sometimes be frustrating. Just when you need support, you can quickly get in touch with the support team. They respond quickly and the team members are patient and friendly. The app itself is more convenient than Amazon Seller Central itself. The app and the service is efficient and therefore recommendable.

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29. květen 2023

Great 24 hour assistance with any issues. Staff is always available and willing to assist. As a beginner, they really aid in guiding you to begin your selling on amazon journey.

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10. červen 2023

Seller support is very helpful but it feels like there are unwritten rules for the attributes that one wouldn't know while first downloading the app. Of course, support helped clear this up. I'm just glad someone was able to reach out when I needed it to help me better understand the situation.

JG Retail
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