Answerbase Product Q&A and FAQ

Answerbase Product Q&A and FAQ

by Lumin Creative

Product Q&A FAQs improves conversions, search traffic and SEO

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Increase Sales Conversions

Up to 75% of product questions that merchants answer through Answerbase turn into a purchase, increasing sales and growing valuable content

Grows Search Engine Traffic

Answerbase customers see up to 4x more organic search visitors, attracting customers asking similar product questions through search engines

More Emails for Marketing

Up to 450+ emails collected each month through Q&A engagement, providing more opt-in opportunities for email and social marketing campaigns

About Answerbase Product Q&A and FAQ

What is Answerbase?

Increase conversions with up to 75% of product questions answered through Answerbase converting to a new sale and improve SEO to drive more traffic with up to 4x more organic search traffic to your site.

Answerbase dynamically creates a knowledge base of FAQ content on your product pages as customers ask their product questions. This content attracts new search engine traffic, leading brand new customers to your store. New customers acquired through your Answerbase Q&A knowledge base are up to 2x more valuable than those coming from Google as a whole, and up to 6x more valuable than those from Facebook.

How does it work?

Answerbase powers Q&A on your product pages so...

  • Customers see the most popular questions and FAQs for each product
  • Customers ask their own questions, answered automatically when existing FAQ content is available
  • Brand new questions are answered by knowledgeable sales-support staff and product evangelists
  • Each Q&A thread creates new content which grows your search traffic and SEO, helping to get more customers.

What are the main benefits?

Conversion rate optimization CRO

Answerbase customers see that up to 75% of questions answered through Answerbase convert into a sale, allowing you to easily increase conversions. This is great for product conversion rate optimization (product CRO), as you fill your product FAQ content and questions are automatically answered to convert future customers as well.

Improve search engine traffic and SEO

Get more customers from search. Answerbase indexes your questions so they attract search traffic to your store. Shoppers asking similar questions on search engines about products that you sell are led to your store. Answerbase improves product page SEO, gives product description SEO insights, helps solve for duplicate content issues for Marketing, and builds content marketing with brand new landing pages.

Attracts more valuable new customers

New customers acquired through organic visits to Q&A content landing pages generated through Answerbase have a lifetime value (LTV) up to 2x more valuable than those acquired from other Google searches and up to 6x more valuable than those from Facebook.

Saves time by automatically answering questions

Your customers questions are recognized and common questions are answered automatically, so they can get the answer they need immediately to move forward with their purchase and you don't have to answer the same questions over and over again. This creates a valuable knowledge base and helpdesk, all filled with content relevant to products you sell.

How do I get started?

Simply click the "Get" button and you can start your **30 day free trial** today.

Integrates with

  • zapier,
  • constant contact,
  • mailchimp,
  • facebook,
  • twitter,
  • google+

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