Answerbase Product Q&A

Answerbase Product Q&A

by Lumin Creative

Q&A on your product pages for more emails and search traffic

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Grows Search Engine Traffic

Answerbase creates a new landing page for every question posted, so people who ask similar questions via search engines are brought to you

Collect More Email Addresses

We collect an email address for every new question asked so you can naturally grow your email marketing lists or social and email marketing

Increase Sales Conversions

Common product questions are answered automatically, allowing your customers to continue with their purchase and convert immediately.

About Answerbase Product Q&A

What is Answerbase?

Answerbase puts Q&A functionality right in your product pages, giving your customers the ability to ask their product questions before they purchase. This interaction naturally grows your email marketing list while also creating content that attracts new search engine traffic.

How does it work?

If customers don't find the information they're needing in your product details...

  • Customers see a list of the most popular questions for that product
  • Customers ask the question they'd like answered before buying
  • Previously asked questions are answered automatically
  • New questions are answered by sales-support staff and product evangelist

What are the main benefits?

Saves you time while increasing conversions

Your customers questions are recognized and common questions are answered automatically, so they can get the answer they need immediately to move forward with their purchase and you don't have to answer the same questions over and over again. New questions continue to grow your Q&A knowledge base, which continues the cycle for new visitors in the future.

Increases search engine traffic to your store

Answerbase also indexes all of your product questions so they can draw new search engine traffic to your store. Shoppers asking similar questions on search engines about products that you sell are led to your Q&A content, allowing them to see the answers and purchase the product from you. This provides you with brand new customers and increases sales.

Grows your email marketing list

Every new question asked about your products also collects a new email address of a customer interested in your products. Add these new potential customers to your email marketing campaigns in order to communicate future offerings and convert more sales.

Additional benefits

  • Identify and fix gaps in your product descriptions
  • Identify high demand topics for blog posts and videos
  • Continuous link building to your product pages

How do I get started?

Simply click the "Get" button and you can start your **30 day free trial** today so you can see how it works before you pay a dime. You'll be asked to select a plan that you'd continue on if you choose to continue past the free trial, and manage a quick install....then the app does the rest! We'll notify you when the first questions start coming in.

Integrates with

  • zapier,
  • constant contact,
  • mailchimp,
  • facebook,
  • twitter,
  • google+

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