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Customize Your Loyalty Program

AppCard's flexible rewards platform allows you to create a points-based, spend-based, or tiered loyalty program in seconds.

Send Personalized Email & SMS

As customers participate in your rewards program, AppCard learns and predicts their behavior to deliver personalized messages and offers.

Gain Actionable Insight

AppCard's real-time dashboards give you insight into 100% of sales, not just loyalty transactions, across one or more locations.

About AppCard

Building relationships with your loyal customers has never been easier!

AppCard for Shopify helps brick & mortar businesses, like yours, create long lasting customer relationships by offering a fresh approach to loyalty and data-driven marketing. The integrated solution allows you to identify loyal customers and reward them for their business directly from your Shopify POS.

By combining a customized loyalty program with actionable business insights, AppCard takes the guess work out of marketing. We analyze customer behavior to deliver personalized offers and messages to the right customer, at the right time.

Improve Customer Experience With Personalization

  • Customizable Rewards Program: AppCard's flexible rewards platform allows you to create a points-based, spend-based, or tiered loyalty program in seconds. Start rewarding customers for their purchases today and keep them coming back!
  • Branded storefront within the AppCard App: Customers can engage with your brand before they visit the store via your own digital storefront. Customers can view their purchase history, track their status in your rewards program, and view personalized in-app offers.
  • Email and SMS Marketing: As customers participate in your rewards program, AppCard learns and predicts their behavior to deliver personalized messages and offers via text, email, and in-app push notifications.

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External Charges may apply. These charges are billed by the external provider and won’t appear on your Shopify invoice.

AppCard Loyalty


Pricing subject to POS per location & number SMS sent

  • Customizable Loyalty

  • Digital Punch Cards

  • Points and Rewards Programs

  • Send Email & SMS

  • 100+ Real-Time Reports

  • Success Management Support

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
2.8 of 5 stars
Based on 4 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Worked Fine For a Couple of Months until an update occurred and now makes me call in for an activation code daily in order to use the application. If I turn off ipad and turn back on the ipad it also causes for an activation code. Which becomes a problem daily for a high volume store front.

Pet Cuisine Accessories

This app is not fully native for Shopify. It doesn't charge you within your one Shopify bill like most other apps do. It also doesn't integrate to the shopify platform. We are a retail store and it didn't automatically track "punches", there are too many steps for our staff to have to go through on Shopify POS just to credit someones account or to redeem rewards.

This app has a lot of limitations and can only have a maximum of 8 punchcards which is not explained in the documentation. We needed more because as a pet retail store our suppliers require a different punchcard for each brand because the brand reimburses us for rewards earned/redeemed.

Overall this is not a Shopify native/friendly app. We went and got a Shopify Expert to develop our own PunchCard app which costs less than this would over a two year period. It is $90 Canadian per month!

From a customer service point of view, the team is very helpful and friendly. It is the apps technical limitations and non-native for Shopify that are the major problem.


Update: Recently they removed the option of being able to text everyone; thank goodness for me being able to use a 3rd party software for my texting. They made it so they have to opt in which is silly. We have used them for a long time and using multiple locations is a plus thing for them but they charge, boy do they charge an arm and a leg.

One Issue: So here we are after around 6 months or so of using them in multiple locations (paying dearly for it), and they still dont offer an online solution. It would be nice if people could redeem their points online. Not an option. I am forced to use another system which apparently lets people double dip.

I have been using these guys for quite a whole that I feel I can give them a review. Couple issues I have is that to get a hold of them is sometimes quite challenging. They dont offer any kind of feedback for when you need something updates (deleting customer) isnt an option. I told them I needed this as some customers dont want to have an account anymore. Nope. I also asked if there was anyway for people to use X amount of their points instead of all of it and they said no and didnt mention anything about implementing it. I am let down and taking a star away for that one as that is extremely important. All in all its not a bad app, but the more stores you have the more expensive it gets QUICK