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Apptuse - Mobile apps for ecommerce websites

Apptuse - Mobile apps for ecommerce websites

Developed by Apptuse

8 reviews
Price: Free – $99.00 / month More info
  • Boost your Revenue and Conversions on Mobile
  • No special configuration / technical knowledge required
  • Works with your existing website & payment gateway

Apptuse is focused on crafting elegant and native shopping apps for businesses and individuals. Have your app ready in a few hours with no technical knowledge required.

You can check out the demo app on the Apple app store at: Click here

You can check out the demo app on the Android app store at: Click here


  • Showcase your products on mobile – Display your products with high resolution images and multiple images in a clean tile format
  • No additional configuration required – Works with your existing site & payment gateway. No special configuration required!
  • No coding required – You don’t need any technical expertise to create your store, all you need is your store name and basic details and we will generate the app for you in 24 hours!
  • Cross platform - Get the mobile app for Android and iOS to get more customer base to shop from.
  • Fast, intuitive and native – An app that works seamlessly on any platform or device and is truly native and fast.
  • Analytics – Get valuable insights for your Mobile app by integrating Google or Flurry analytics for your mobile app and measure what matters!
  • Mobile Search & Sort – If your app visitor wishes to shop a particular product from your mobile store they can simply explore the power of search within your store app and get the desired product in their cart. Empower your users to get the most out of your store with the search and sort feature!
  • Social connect - Visitors on your app can directly call, email or drop a message to store merchants on social platforms regarding store or product related queries.
  • Social Sharing – Enable your users to leverage this powerful option and by allowing them to quickly and effectively promote products in their circles. With this feature social visibility is maximum which help you get on the radar of customers and other viewers.
  • Favorites – Let your customers select and shortlist their favorite products among all the products on your store with the Favorites option!
  • Pay as you go - Economical pricing plans with Zero setup fee.

New features just added!

  • Push Notifications: Now you can send updates, offers, discount coupons and even remind your customers about it, upcoming sale, etc.

  • New intuitive UI

  • Advanced Analytics

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SMS Gateway:

SMS communication helps you deliver better customer service and represents an important marketing opportunity.
SMS Gateway instantaneously informs your customers about the changes in their order status and when their order is shipped. This will reduce the amount of emails and phone calls you receive asking about their order status.

Welcome Bar:

The Welcome Bar drives sales by capturing your customer’s attention and directing them to your most important products and deals. Add this to your website and get people clicking!
If you are a Shopify store owner, or are thinking about setting up a Shopify store, using the Welcome Bar app can help increase your on-site conversions by driving awareness and clicks to your most important products and pages.

Apptuse - Mobile apps for ecommerce websites reviews

8 reviews
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Very bad service, not refund even money back, not given any response


No response for a query raised...products are not auto syncing with store.....vendors list is being displayed in categories tab...they have a chat window to ask anything but i think they dont answer anything....sent number of mails and no response.....app sales are fake as they don't reflect in shopify store.....app installs thru facebook are not possible....waste of money.... :(


Most horrible, incompetent and least helpful team. Their apps just don't work. No auto sync. Even after sync the products don't come up on the app. Push notifications will stop working for weeks at end. App doesn't load on 50mbps connection, app will crash like anything, UI is so slow that people will just get up and leave. Extremely horrible experience with them.

Better not to have an app then to have an app hosted on their platform. Waste of money, time and effort. Makes us wonder how they are even in business!!


Easy to use and compatible all mobile device.......Great App!!


This app is great value for money. The support team is great, they have replied every email I sent them ( over 100) in less than 24 hours. These guys dont sleep!!!

The integration works flawlessly with shopify, which is in my opinion the most important thing a software can have.


really does not work and verey slowly i saw all your apps same proplems


hmm...once you start to poke around you'll notice that there's a lot of features that are lacking. Store owners often create multiple collections...some are public..some are not meant to be but were created for the purpose of a sale or to organize something. Well...the Apptuse app doesn't care. It will simply show you every collection that you have. The only way to hide a collection is to hide it in your admin. Very shortsighted on their part. Another thing...there's a section where you can have a large banner and you are supposed to be able to click somewhere....that didn't work as advertised...I told them about it...but they insisted that I was doing something wrong. I wasn't and I didn't appreciate the attitude. It didn't even work on their own demo app. Try it..download the demo app they have and try to click on the big square banner. Nothing. Anyway...I've been researching many of this kind of "native app" solutions and this is as close as it gets. And it's not even that great. Okay I suppose if you have a few products. The best out there is Modest...but they have this really odd "cart" system that I just can't use.


Just take a look by your self from the app store and play store the magic Apptuse can do with your online store app. Excellent suport and fast delivery to apple store and play store. Great work done guys i will allways recomand.

visite www.elgustocanario.com on your mobile fhone and check how this softwear promote your app its self to your customers. Fantastic

Free – $99.00 / month

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