Customer Acquisition by Argo

Customer Acquisition by Argo

by ArgoPerks

Acquire new customers and increase your sales on autopilot

3.8 of 5 stars(12 reviews)

Acquire new leads & grow sales

Create your Gift Card on the Argo Network. Get free impressions and clicks, 24/7, grow your leads list and your sales.

Get discovered on autopilot

Reach customers you normally wouldn't get. People who don't know your eCommerce site exists will now discover it through the Argo Network.

Simple gift card management

No digital marketing experience is required. Create new gift card campaigns with a few clicks. Managing them is just as easy.

About Customer Acquisition by Argo

Customer Acquisition on Autopilot

When you're a part of the Argo Network of eCommerce stores, your customer base grows every day on autopilot.

Argo helps eCommerce businesses bring in new customers that stores don't reach with traditional advertising. Argo Network generates up to 2X more traffic to your website in a matter of weeks, converts that traffic into known leads at 10% of the cost of Google, Facebook etc..., and nurtures and closes those leads into customers. Setting up your campaign is easy, fast, and free - right from your Shopify dashboard.

What is Argo?

Argo is a network of eCommerce stores. When you join Argo, you create your Argo Gift Card campaign and use it to grow the customer list for your Shopify store. All without any marketing skills or a big budget.

With Argo you get:

  1. Free gift impressions (showings of your store to brand new customers)

  2. Free site clicks

  3. Simple, 3 step gift campaign management, straight from your Shopify dashboard

  4. User-friendly presentation of gifts, making it quick and easy for customers to choose and use them

  5. More value added to each sale you make; every time a customer checks out from your store, she will receive a gift

  6. Brand new customers added to your Argo leads list automatically, so you can continue marketing and selling to even more customers

  7. Boost your gift and increase your exposure (impressions and clicks) beyond the Argo free tier, at 10% of the cost of Google, Facebook or Instagram campaigns

3-Step Campaign Creation and Simple Management

Our Argo app dashboard is built right into Shopify and is simple to use, even if you've never run a marketing campaign before. Complete it in minutes, and get your campaign up and running, 24/7, driving new customer traffic to your site.

Control Over Your Budget and Your Store's Gift

Choose the gift card amount and restrictions that make sense for your store. Qualify your Argo Gift customers and ensure a minimum revenue per checkout.

Easy-to-Read Analytics Dashboard

Only the metrics you need, right where you need them. Find out in real time how your campaign is doing, and tweak it whenever you want to test for better results. Our Support Team is always ready to help with best practices and suggestions for you to succeed.

Not Another Pay-Per-Click Campaign or Pop Up Deal

With Argo, you get free impressions and clicks.

Boost your campaign for even greater exposure, while still spending only 10% of the cost of Google, Facebook, or Instagram campaigns.

Instead of offering a coupon or a deal through a popup, when you use Argo, you are joining a fast-growing eCommerce network, and gaining access to a brand new database of customers who likely have never seen your store before.

Sign up now for your free trial and put the Argo Network to work for you.

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Overall rating
3.8 of 5 stars
Based on 12 reviews

  • 5 of 5 stars
    58% of ratings are 5 stars
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Most recent reviews

Hiouchi Jewels

Argo perks has helped draw traffic to my website and gain new customers! The customer service is great!

Mambe Blanket Co.

So far so good! We've had the app installed only a few days and have already gained a significant number of new leads and new conversions. Very easy to install and configure. Waiting to be sure our customer experience isn't negatively impacted, but so far we are very happy with the results, and looking forward to future enhancements to the app including additional analytics. Thanks!

General Knot & Co.

From day one, an immediate jump in site traffic and email signups. It basically works on autopilot. We love it.