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Developed by Asymmetrica

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  • Customers are 8-21% more likely to make a purchase after Asym is applied to product descriptions.
  • Asymmetrica's Shopify clients typically boost revenue by over 12%, and we guarantee a 10-20x ROI.
  • No coding or template editing needed—installing the Asym app is all it takes.

Make your shop's story more persuasive

Asym works by optimizing key micro-elements on your site. We make subtle changes in whitespace to direct readers' eyes to important sections of text. We don't remove spacing or change the design or content – we simply adjust the spaces between words to match how our brains read.

For the first time, content can be shown in a way that allows our brains to process text more easily. Asym helps your content capture readers’ attention and help them remember your brand.

What does this mean for you and your business?

We feel that your store is your story. You pour your heart and identity into the storytelling for your shop and products, and we believe your story deserves focused attention. If the readers on your shop pay more attention and enjoy reading your product descriptions – the story behind your product – they're much more likely to engage with you and your brand. With Asym more of your readers will become customers, making more purchases along the way and increasing your revenue.

Get Started!

No Fuss Install. No Asymmetrica account is needed, just install the app and you're all set!

Contribute To Reading Success Worldwide. The more everyone uses Asym, the more we can improve everyone's reading world-wide.

Free Testing, and Guaranteed Results. Pay us only after you've made more money. No fees up front, no contracts, no time-consuming integrations, no unexpected expenses. Investing in Asym is an investment in your readers’ attention to and understanding of your products. We only benefit if you do, and that makes you our top priority.

Affordable, Guaranteed Fair Pricing. Our goal is to insure that Asym is always, by definition, affordable. By giving you more of your readers' attention, we create new revenue for you that would not have existed before. For every $20 of additional profit that we provide to your shop, we keep $1-2 to continue to improve Asym.

Contact us! We're happy to answer questions and learn more about how we can help your business and your goals.

Want to A/B test Asym?

Asymmetrica also supports A/B testing with popular tools such as Visual Website Optimizer™ and Optimizely™. If you'd like to A/B test Asym, temporarily disable the Shopify for Asym App and sign up at MyAsym.com to create an account. Testing is easy, and full HTML, JS, & JQuery snippets are provided!

More Info About Asymmetrica

The Asym for Shopify app was created by Asymmetrica, a company founded by two long-time friends to increase literacy and reading comprehension on the Internet. One has a PhD in neuroscience, the other is a veteran engineer from PayPal and Google. Together they've created a technology that helps everyone move past distractions and get straight to understanding and action.

Asymmetrica specializes in providing easy-to-use technology that subtly boosts your users' attention to your content. The fundamentals behind Asym have been studied for over 60 years. Check out Asymmetrica's white paper to read more about the science behind Asym and the dozens of peer-reviewed studies that prove Chunking improves comprehension.


What if my shop isn't in English?

Asym currently works for English, German, Spanish, and French, with more languages to come. Asym automatically detects languages, so you can stay focused on your content.

Why does your app need read access to my Orders and ScriptTags?

Asym uses your shop information to make sure the rate we offer will be fair and affordable. Every shop is different, and we only use this information to create a pricing model that best benefits you. We never store any Orders data on our servers.

The Asym for Shopify app works by installing our core Javascript Widget onto your site. One simple ScriptTag is all it takes, and of course if you ever uninstall Asym for Shopify the tag will be removed.

So what data do you store?

As little as possible. Besides your shop name and your Asym trial and payment status, we only store your email address. You aren't our product.

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