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Automatic Related Products

Automatic Related Products

Developed by Exto

80 reviews
Price: $19.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Gain full control over the choice of related products
  • Generate meaningful suggestions
  • Increase average order value

Grow your revenue now!

There are several ways to increase your revenue and, while the acquisition of new customers is indubitably important, increasing the average order value is just as significant. Automatic Related Products is your personal webshop assistant, helping your customers get the most of their shopping experience. Suggest upsells, downsells, cross-sells - whatever works for each product. Automatic Related Products allows to define the purpose of related products, and gives you the freedom to configure the app accordingly. It is also optimized for speed - serving even 50K products stores in a blink of an eye.

Integration Examples

Product selection options:

  • Flexible selection rules

    ‘Related product’ is a fairly broad term, so we let you decide what it means. Does it have to suggest alternative or complementary products? Does it have to be more expensive or less expensive? Whatever the answer is - you will have enough options to match these and many other criteria.

    e.g. Rules for defining related products may be set by collection, vendor, price, tag, title, SKU, type, weight, style, color, etc.

  • Different products - different rules

    Same rules are available for specifying the pages related products will be displayed on. Some product pages might be good for up-selling, some for cross-selling, and others may simply require more navigational options. This is why our app allows you to be as specific as you like, while you create separate rules for different products.

  • Excluding option

    There is no need to restructure the whole rule when there are a few products that are technically related, but you know they aren’t a good fit - drop them manually, and add them back any time with just one click.

  • Rule priority

    Some products may fall under more than one rule and such instances will be resolved based on priority settings. Rate the rules according to their importance and the app will know which one to use in the case of a conflict.

  • Recently viewed feed

    Display a history of recently viewed items to make life a little easier for your customers. Whenever they close a tab by accident or get too excited jumping from page to page a ‘recently viewed’ block will be there to take them back.

Display options:

  • Custom block title

    Name the block in a way that reflects the kind of products it displays, make the name attractive and match it to the tone of your brand.

    e.g. Similar products, Frequently bought together, You might be also interested in, New products, Featured products, Related items, More in this collection, We also recommend, etc.

  • Tailored look

    Define the number of products to be displayed in the block, and either choose one of our built-in layouts or create the one that will match your exact needs.

  • Sorting products

    Too many related products? Use a sorting option to choose which ones are to be displayed on the page.

    e.g. Bestsellers, Newest, Low price, High price, Discounted, Random.

Placement options:

  • Product page

    Insert the block anywhere on the product page, to either push customers towards bigger orders or simply provide them with additional surfing options.

  • Shopping cart

    Use related product block within the shopping cart page to make some last minute suggestions to your shoppers. Set the block to display either a number of products related to the items in the cart, or a fixed lineup of universally applicable featured items.

Integration options

You may increase the exposure of related product suggestions by displaying them within Follow Up Email messages. Install the app and use special email variable, created by Automatic Related Products, to paste corresponding related products into each follow-up message.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Free 7 day trial followed by 30 day money back guarantee. Try Exto apps risk-free!

More ways to improve your store

  • Follow Up Email by Exto

    Free month of use if Automatic Related Products is installed.

    Recover abandoned carts and send product review requests, all done automatically.

  • Low Stock Alert by Exto

    Free month of use if Automatic Related Products is installed.

    Receive automated notifications on products going out of stock.

Automatic Related Products reviews

80 reviews
  1. 5 stars (76 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (3 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (1 review)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

Great product once we got the kinks worked out! Love that you can customize the output. Perfect. Great job guys!


I love this app! Such a great addition to our store and has definitely helped with up-selling. Real pleasure to work with, and super accommodating when I wanted to add a specific font and color to suggested item area. Highly recommend!


I need to add a Add to cart button below the Related Products, right now the App doesn't have an option to add it, need assistance, since I have emailed the support team, but there was no response.


We've been using Automatic Related Products for around 4 months, having previously managed related items through a cumbersome set of tags on each product. This app allowed us to set simple, rule-based recommendations for each category all through a clean UI. It's improved the freshness of our site, as well as enabled us to report on the effectiveness of the various related items we select in terms of additional sales. Highly recommended!


Great app, it has increased our sales definitively


Awesome app and great customer support.


Great customer service, thank you!


We use Automatic Related Products to link variations of our products together as an "also available as" section on our product page. We have used this across multiple stores with great success. The support team is amazing and quick to go out of their way to make it easy to use.

The process makes sense and so far has been a set it and forget it app that cleanly solves a problem for us with very light setup and no fuss.

Highly recommended!


Just what I was looking for! The app was easy to install and and has had great followup support to answer my questions about customization.


I wish I could rate this company with more than 5 stars.:). They are working "overtime" to help you! There services are very professional and I would recommend them to anybody that want to have their related products just perfect. Thank you Vita N. / Support Specialist and the team. This is one of the best ratings I ever gave to a Shopify APP company. I wish there were more companies like aheadworks.com.

$19.00 / month

Basic plan is limited to 10 000 products.

7 days

Support & Sales

+1 312-879-9696
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