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December 7, 2022

by far the worst app, gives my store false quinty data. so i have people ordering items that are completly out of stock but that does not update to my products. so now i look like a bad store. Thanks BANGGOOD for making my store look unprofessional. this is unacceptable and i will be moving to a new website to source my dropshipping items from. On top of that there app constantly has issues displaying the shopping list and the payment pending menu. constant headache

Precision Deals
United States
8 months using the app
Edited January 28, 2021

The app is good except for a few things. You can't view the shipping on the app, you have to go to the link. There is a bug on the app, when you press the link to view the product if i am looking for us warehoused items, it used the url us.banggood.com..etc..., they don't have the us. setup... you have to remove the us. to go to the products or you can't see the products in some cases (i don't know about all cases). Further, there is no way to see the shipping on the app, you have to go on the website and choose location (cn or united states,etc) to see the shipping for the product.... and the #1 issue is you do not have the option to choose a markup before you import the product so you have to manually go through each product. lastly, the compare at price is cannot be changed. So if you push a product to the store, it is listing it at cost, if you don't realize that it's not putting a different price for sale. lastly, i'm confused about the discount. The site says for droppshipping get a lower price than the listings on the site. When i go on the site, the prices are the same with the discount as using the app. If i am wrong with regards to the price, please clarify.. Thank you. New issues: i pushed 4 products to my store. They are in the store but when i go back on the app, i press my products, it says no products. Second HUGE ISSUE: Besides the question i mentioned where it says the same price on the app asa on Banggood.com. --> I opened the products AND the cost was higher than on the app (which was the same price as the site: for example: XINQING 8 Packs Of 10Pcs 75% Medical Alcohol Wipes 99.9% Antibacterial Disinfection Cleaning Wet Wipes Disposable Wipes for Cleaning and Sterilization in Office Home School Swab (you can check it on the app. This is the exact listing.) Lists for 16.99 on both the app and on their website. The app pushed it to the store with a COST of 22.38!! With a compare at price for RETAIL of 23.56. before i continue Banggood needs to resolve all the questions! i'm only giving it 3 stars because i like the basic design and functionality of the app. thanks

Over 1 year using the app
May 18, 2021

I do not recommend ! Nothing works as it should. They still have a bug on their app store. End-of-life products do not change status in shopify. For 4 months on their website there is a product visible in stock, and when I wanted to order it, I couldn't because it really is zero, I asked when it would be and when it was going to be, and the status still says that it is in stock. Not only that, there are many products that are very expensive, the price is much higher than others, and only once a year is dropshippers discounted. On the email IF they reply after weeks (I wrote from 7, they replied to 4), a
support does not help at all, they say to write an email. I got my first order from my shop after more than 3 months! I'm slowly running away ... sorry, but it's impossible to work like that.

6 months using the app
October 31, 2022

I tried this app before, un-installed it for some reason, but I decided to give it another try. I was not able to log into my old account, and I could not create a new account because the email was already in use. I reached out to support but nobody ever replied. Un-installed the app again, and I'm not even gonna bother with it ever again. Useless.

The Knickknack Shack by Darthside LLC
United States
3 months using the app
January 18, 2022

Very Nice! Importing Banggood products Via one key, which helps us save a lot of time. Besides, we can synchronize our Shopify orders via it automatically, which is easy to process. What is more, each drop shipper can have his own account manager. Last, it is free for us to use! Very kind to the new drop shipper.

Hong Kong SAR
About 1 year using the app
December 31, 2020

Shipping cost is not clear. I did not find to save the shipping option. When open individual item, I can see multiple options for shipping. However, there is no option to save in variants list. Which shipping will be used? If shipping option is clear, it will be 5 star

MHK Wholesale
3 months using the app
December 17, 2021

I try to add the products and the app doesn't work. Customer service doesn't solve my problems. I'm not satisfied

4 months using the app
February 9, 2021

The application has a lot of bugs. You won't seen any Inventory and when you add the products to Shopify, they disappear from the app... It is very difficult to do anything in it

4 months using the app
August 28, 2021

I thought this app is good as it is but then as I try to push selected products to my store it is not going through like there is a bug on the app. Also, I can see that the inventory is going out of stocks even if it is on Australian warehouse or china warehouse and still they are selling. I don't want to sell products that are out of inventory which I will be facing with my future customers that will ruin my business. I better switch to other better dropshipping apps than using this app.

United States
3 days using the app
December 21, 2020

Actions speak louder than words, this app offering me nice service. Actions speak louder than words, this app offering me nice service.

Fun Jackpot
United States
14 days using the app
banggood replied December 29, 2020

Thank you for your words. We are always devoted to offering the best service and help every drop shipper from start to success. Have a nice day!