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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Developed by Beans

77 reviews
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  • Double visitors to purchase conversion
  • Increase repeat purchases by 40% in the first year
  • Increase customers satisfaction and loyalty

The only couponless rewards and loyalty app on shopify, Beans takes the work out of rewards

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Set-up and customize it once to see your revenue per shopper increase while gaining more customers through referrals.

Beans allows you to easily reward your customers for their loyalty, referrals and things that matters to your business. Everything is automated. All you need to do is set how you want to reward your customers and then sit back.

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Rewards your customers the way your want

With 13 automated rewards you’re sure to find a way to delight and engage your clients

  • Want to reward your clients for signing up? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to reward your clients for referrals? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to reward your clients for reviews? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to reward your clients for purchases? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to take back beans for inactivity? There’s a rule for that!

Complete list of rewards


Beans is free to use for as long as you want with an unlimited number of customers.

We have a standard plan if you need advanced features and a premium support. Learn more

Your customers deserve better than coupon codes

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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program reviews (77)


I just launched my eShop, but already love the way this app works for me!



Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


Clean UI and easy functionality. This is the one thing lacking from other rewards apps... Also the "redeem" button is a HUGE PLUS as they don't have to "wait" to spend their points, incentivizing purchases and REMINDING customers they can use points


I’ve been with other providers, but Beans but I went with Beans because it offers redemption on the cart. I think this is such a big plus.


I love the idea. Beans is easy to install. I’m just getting started with it, but so far so good.


Just installed. Very easy process. I'm excited to offer this to my customers


WHAT I THINK OF BEANS: This App is F*****g Amazing, if you are having a hard time getting customers or building a loyal customer base, this is the app for you. And if your not having a hard time with that... it can still help you out big time.

WHAT BEANS IS ABOUT: "Beans" allows you to reword our customers for shopping with you, by giving them points they can later spend on our store. "Beans" also gives you complete control of how many points are awarded to them for the actions they take. There are many ways for your customer to make points, here are some examples: Creating an Account with your store, Making a purchase or purchases, Liking your Facebook page, referring friends to your store and much more.

BEANS INTERFACE: The interface is quite simple to understand once you play around in it for some time. Like everything else you will need to learn how to use it effectively.

BEANS SUPPORT: The support Team is always there to guide you through the way if you have any questions. Personally I have contacted the "beans" support team and they got back to me within 24 hours with a solution to my problem.

BEANS LONG TERM GROWTH: They are also coming out with new ways your customers can make points that benefit you and the customer.


I had the more complicated challenge of porting over an existing rewards program to a new Shopify website. After doing quite a bit of research, Beans seemed to offer what we needed. The setup was very straighforward, and I was very impressed with the large list of reward "rules" you can use, and the long list of other systems Beans can integrate with.

The support has been fabulous!! Very quick responses (usually within hours if not immediate), and always helpful. Special shout-out to Yan for going above and beyond.

And customers seem to be having a very easy time in using their rewards. Happy customers = happy business

Would not hesitate to fully recommend. :-)


The best out of all tested but slows down our website A LOT!


Awesome. - http://WidgetCube.com


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