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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Developed by Beans

88 reviews
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  • Couponless - makes it easy for your customers, so they use it more.
  • Balance Reminders - gets your customers coming back, so they buy more
  • 4 products in one platform - covers all rewards from one place, so its hassle free

Beans is a store credit system used by America’s fastest growing companies to acquire, retain and engage their customers.

Why Beans?

By putting your customers in control of their rewards preferences, we've created a customer-centric experience. This prompts more customer engagement. The result is that Beans retailers get 5x more usage compared to traditional rewards systems.

Reward your customers for their loyalty, referrals and things that matter to your business. You can automate everything in minutes.

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  • 2x more retention: Beans reminds customers about their credit so they come back to spend it. You control the regularity of the reminders while your customers can adjust.

  • 5x more usage: Competitors only manage to engage 5% of your current customers. Beans is easy to use and understand, leading to an average 25% participation rate.

  • 10x happier customers: 95% of end-users using Beans are very satisfied. With 85% of them claiming it is the best rewards program system they ever used.

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  • Hassle free: Customer can refer anyway they want: email, Facebook, Twitter, referral link or one click referral code. We make referrals easy for your customers, so they refer more.

  • Higher conversion: Beans automatically send the referred friend to your email list. Coupled with a timely expiration, there is twice more chance that the customer will complete their purchase.

  • Personalized experience: Beans lays out an integrated referral journey that is centred on the referrer and their friends. This secure experience means more clicks on referral links.

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  • Higher engagement: Existing customers are the most likely to engage with your business on social networks. Beans facilitates the conversation after the purchase on your social channel, so you can continue selling.

  • Extended Reach: There’s a good chance that you customers have someone in their wider network who would be happy to pay for your product. Beans Social provides you with the tools you need to reach that person.

  • Happier customers: Every good relationship requires some give and take. Create enduring relationships with your customers by encouraging two-way exchange.

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  • Better conversion: Instead of covering potential customer's screen with dreaded popups, we created a user expereience your customers will enjoy, driving 3x more sign ups.

  • High cart recovery: Beans automatically sends a reminder when visitors join but don't complete a purchase. Combine this with a timely expiration to have 2x more chance of them completing their purchase.

  • Increased brand value: All the tools designed by Beans have been optimized to minimize friction. You are in total control of the styling so you can create a custom experience that match your brand.

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Beans on Shopify Plus

Beans is the chosen store credit system of many of Shopify’s largest retailers. Compared with traditional rewards programs Beans puts your customers in charge. This increases usage and diminishes support requests. We have the capability to provide high-volume retailers with both the necessary robust infrastructure and the support to launch their rewards program on Beans. You also have the option to build the exact rewards program you want with the Beans API.

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About Beans

We created Beans because we were frustrated with existing software, which are hard for customers to use and therefore unengaging. Our mission is to create an experience that's centered around customers, so that they keep coming back, and back, and... Well you get it!


We've created a community where you can request features you'd like us to add. Feel free to join in by clicking here. We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions – get in touch at hello@trybeans.com

Beans is currently available in English only and in limited number of currencies. You can see a list of currencies here. Internationalization is very important for us and we're working hard to add new currencies and languages. We're happy to hear your requests regarding this.

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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program reviews

88 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (3 reviews)

I am yet to use the app, although whilst integrating it into my store I became familiar with its interface as there was a few design problems; indenting in the wrong places, floating boxes obscuring my logo, and the developers went hard in on the their branding which clashed with mine. However the Loyalty programmes the app allows you to implement are golden, and the ability to customize the rules, and even make your own is priceless. I don't normally write reviews, especially as I'm not getting any restitution or remittance for spreading these words worth the Marketing Departments year-long salaries combined, although I must sing the praises of Jessica who made my day, and probably a bunch of other peoples' day as well, unbeknownst to them, as she proficiently programmed the application into shape, delivering world class customer service. The app now looks great and should be a lot of fun to use. I feel like I should be pointing you to inferior software as the competition is vicious out there. Although I shouldn't be making so much noise as I try to bootstrap my way to the top. So check me out. Jackie von Luna at jackievonluna.com. Clothing and lifestyle products. Much love.


Very good Loyalty Program must have App for every growing e-commerce.
many of our members and new visitors are enrolling in our club camellia rewards program by beans.

support is marvelous especially Yan' who is diligent in fixing the error.


User-friendly. very satisfied with the customer service (Jessica). This Beans has helped us to implement the loyalty credit for our clients. Very Reasonable fees


Any shop that is laser focused on controlling the branding, timing, and messaging of the emails that their customers receive should steer clear of this app.

I hit one button to "enroll" my customers in the rewards program, and Beans immediately began emailing each one without notifying me or confirming that I wanted to do so - and without the ability to stop the damage once it had begun. As a result, my customers all received an email from "Supply via Beans" (Really? Really??) titled "The Official Rewards Program" and including crappy, non-branded copy inside the email.

EDIT: Upon further review, it gets even worse. Not only is the copy terrible, it isn't even grammatically correct: "We took the best out of incentive programs and try to make it fun and user-friendly."

EDIT AGAIN: There's a good chance that nobody will actually see this review, because since I wrote it 18 hours ago, 7 glowing five-star reviews have been posted from stores that don't even exist. What a coincidence - they've had eighty reviews over a two year period, and then 8 reviews in less than a day.

I was actually going to try giving them a shot after the nightmare that was yesterday, but now I know they post fake reviews to bolster their account. If I can't trust them to be honest with their reviews, how can I entrust them to take care of my customers?


Why will you like Beans?
It is hassle free. It just works. I set it up in less than 5 min. There are dozens of integrations and a ton of different ways to reward customers. I have not tried all of them yet. It looks very promising so far.


This is my 4th store using Beans. Needless to say I am very satisfy. Other rewards program will work 2 weeks, then customers never come back. With Beans it is the opposite. I get more and more usage over time, even after one year customers are still using it actively. Love this app!!!


We have just added this app to my store. It is very easy to install. We really like the fact that Beans handle all the notification and that each customer is able to change it notification settings. This is a big plus for us.


Very good app. Terrific customer service! Highly recommended.


I Really Love The layouts Lov It !!


Very happy with how simple to learn the interface is, and I love having the rewards redeemable in cart - that is a huge feature to me! Support responds incredibly quickly :)


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