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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Developed by Beans

121 reviews
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  • 20+ ways to reward your customers
  • Create exclusive time based promotions for loyal customers
  • 50% of fastest growing online shops use Beans

Beans is an automated rewards program that gets your customers to come back your store and buy from you more often.

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  • Reward Rules

    Engage your customers and reward them for the things that are strategically important to your business, including loyalty, signup, referral, reviews, special occasions and more.

  • Notifications

    Send customized notifications to your customers so they don’t forget to come back and spend their credit.

  • Integrations

    Extend the power of Beans with 10+ integrations, including Juge.me, Shopify Product Review, Referral, Mailchimp and more.

  • Time based campaigns

    Create urgency among your customers with limited time promotions such as double and triple points campaigns.

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Successful Stores across all ecommerce verticles are using Beans to grow their business and increase their retention

Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program reviews

121 reviews
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  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

I wanted to use Beans because I like the idea but because a customer loyalty program is a big decision for a brand I ended up not sticking with Beans because of their remarkably poor customer support. I really like the interface and everything seems pretty intuitive but there is no way to perform mass-editing of customer accounts or rewards. I reached out for help but customer support staff was unable to assist and unwilling to to connect me with anyone else. They eventually stopped responding to my messages. Doesn't bode well for a long-term arrangement.

EDIT: I added stars back and am giving Beans another shot. Beans reached out to me and worked hard to make this right. Non-responsiveness may have been attributable to company growing pains or a temporary employee. However, after diving in to try this again and there are persistent bugs. Customer support says "should be fixed soon" but haven't heard back in a week or so.


I believe we were among the first shops to use this app and so with being the early adapter, we have experienced highs and lows. There is continuing improvements and our customers do love it. I have shopped around and I haven't found a better option so we are sticking with it.


Great App!

Does just what I need it to do-Cool Thanks


This program is flawed and confusing for our customers. We have had so many calls and emails as customers do not know how it works / how to see / redeem their points, etc. Not very happy and will be switching to another app as soon as we can find one that will actually work the way it should.


The worst experience ever! This system sent out 2000 £10 vouchers to my "loyal customers" these loyal customers then went onto my site & spent this money along with a load of other points! One customer - has ordered with us 3 times , 2 of which orders were returned for refunds! She managaed to get £55 discount off her order, making her total 99p!! We have had 20+ similar orders today , which is going to destroy us! How can a small business afford to send out these orders, we are basically paying people to take out stuff - the postage alone is costin us a fortune! Do not use this programme, its fatally flawed & it slows down your website substantially! I am so upset and stressed out by what has just happened & dont know how to deal with it. By cancelling off these orders, we are going to get bad reviews by customers - but by sending these out, we are damaging ourselves financially! Its a no win situation here!


An excellent rewards program that has helped to boost customer loyalty. It works really well and was simple to install and configure.
New features added have been a bonus that again has helped to bring customers back to the store.

The loyalty program has had a few bugs in places, but the support has been fantastic with answers and solutions within a couple of hours.


I've been looking for an affordable rewards program app for awhile now and just came across this one! Super excited to get started on this!


Customer experience is a key factor every app developer should pay great attention on, particularly when app updating is required. Though our experience was not good in the process of updating, beans staff follow up tightly to solve it finally. Now we are using Beans 2.0, Until today, it runs well.. Let's wait and see if it's as good as Bean 1.0.


Edited 10/11/17 I have had to demote my review to one star. On October 9, 2017 Beans started sending emails to my customers rewarding them for making $20 purchases. (NOT ONE OF MY RULES). The points value these emails sent has varied from $6 to $20. Yes that's right - BEANS IS GIVING AWAY MY MONEY! Apparently yesterday they figured out the error and went in all the customer accounts and deducted the Beans they gave away. But the emails were already sent folks. I now have customers trying to use the Beans they gave away, and of course they can't because they really don't exist. So now I'm loosing money AND dealing with ticked off customers thanks to Beans. So I would suggest all of you go into your Beans dashboards and start scrolling through customer accounts checking for activity on 10/9-10/10. My customers hadn't even placed any orders and were being emailed rewards for rules I don't even have active on my store. THIS IS A FIASCO! And what kind of response have I gotten so far? The engineers are looking into it. ~Gee thanks!~ I have also reported the incident to shopify, since they have culpability for approving the app and allowing it to run on their stores. They are showing about as much concern as the folks at Beans are.

People this is a huge problem that is going to cost me and every other store it affects a lot of money, time, reputation hits and aggravation. This is the kind of stuff class action is made for....

(old review below)

Really happy with this app so far save for 2 issues. I've gotten some complaints from customers that signup is confusing and their purchases are not earning the beans. I've had to manually adjust these customers. My second issue is not having beans on the order screens from the admin end. We have a lot of phone orders and when I put them in from the backend - beans is nowhere to be found. If it was fully integrated into admin of shopify I could give it a full 5 stars.


I am not satisfied with beans even i will not recommend beans. As per application loyalty program is free but now they are looking for $9 for billing. They should understand each customer.

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