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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Developed by Beans

91 reviews
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  • Couponless, so its easy for your customers, so they use it more.
  • 30 Reward Rules, so you have more fun ways to reward your customers
  • Balance Reminders, so your customers keep coming back and buying more

Beans allows you to easily reward your customers for all the things that matter to your business.

Reward your customers the way you want, with 30 innovative reward rules.

We’ve got you covered for everything you'd expect, such as Loyalty and Referral, but also for fun and unique ways to reward customers that you won’t find anywhere else.

See our complete list of 30 rewards

Why Beans?

Beans puts your customers first by creating a simple, fun and engaging experience. While for you we keep things simple: go through our quick set-up and after that everything is automated. The result is that Beans retailers get 5x more usage compared to traditional rewards systems.

Beans on Shopify Plus

Beans is the chosen store credit system of many of Shopify’s largest retailers. Compared with traditional rewards programs Beans puts your customers in charge. This increases usage and diminishes support requests. We have the capability to provide high-volume retailers with both the necessary robust infrastructure and the support to launch their rewards program on Beans. You also have the option to build the exact rewards program you want with the Beans API.

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About Beans

We created Beans because we were frustrated with existing software, which are hard for customers to use and therefore unengaging. Our mission is to create an experience that's centered around customers, so that they keep coming back, and back, and... Well you get it!

Beans is incompatible with certain dropshipping and stock adjustment apps. If you're using one of these types of apps, please consult this list before installing.


We've created a community where you can request features you'd like us to add. Feel free to join in by clicking here. We'd love to hear from you if you have any questions – get in touch at hello@trybeans.com

Beans is currently available in English only and in limited number of currencies. You can see a list of currencies here. Internationalization is very important for us and we're working hard to add new currencies and languages. We're happy to hear your requests regarding this.

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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program reviews

91 reviews
  1. 5 stars (68 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (11 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (6 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (2 reviews)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

So far, I am thrilled with this program! How wonderful to have a rewards program that automatically updates customers on their "beans" amount to get them to return to your store... In our case, we renamed "beans" to "bones" :) We LOVE this app! www.dogcollarfancy.com


Hands down the worst app/program I have ever used. This program created false listings at discounted prices, jumbled every page of my website, deleted line items on invoices and overall destroyed my inventory and website.

1. Beans creates a new listing everytime a user uses a discount on an item. That new discounted listing then ALSO appears in your store as a REGULAR LISTING! Now free game for anyone to purchase.

2. As a result of the fake/discounted listings beans creates inventory. These listings that are 'added' which throws off any existing inventory since this is a NEW listing they just put on there. As such, items are oversold leading to let down customers on limited items. In addition to inventory being impossible to then track.

3. Beans deletes line items off invoices. As such, items were not mailed and then had to be replaced and shipped at my cost

4. Extremely user unfriendly on both the moderator and reward user sides. It is hard to navigate and then 'rules' are often ineffective and inconsistent.

I truly cannot discourage one enough from using this program. My store has completely turned upside down, from the inventory to the actual visual presentation. Save yourself the headache of the repairs after you've installed in and given away several hundreds of dollars and free shipping to make it up to your angry customers. =(


Beans Loyalty and Rewards Program is a winner.

We trialed a few others and settled for BEANS. Two things impressed us:
1) The pricing was fair and was performance based. If nobody spends the reward points....then Beans make no money. In other words Beans win when we win !!
2) Support. This is beyond comparison. There is usually someone online. If not then the reply is within 24 hours. They are patient and understanding. But also flexible and that is so important. They are not up themselves and trying to dictate terms to you. These guys encourage feedback. They want suggestions to improve their Application.

I am not going to tell you that Beans is better than Swell or Sweet Tooth or any of the others. They are basically all the same. What I am going to tell you is that if you do not at least consider BEANS then you are missing out and also "forking out" more money than you need too.

We are in the process of migrtaing to Shopify so I have had time to evaluate lots of Apps. I recommend Beans Loyalty and Rewards Program. Once we go 'live' I will update this review.

Beans Loyalty and Rewards Program is easy to use both for us and the client. It is actually a bit of fun as well !!! You wil learn to take the stuffiness out of Reward Programs for example we call our Reward Points "Beauty Spots".

Great work Bean's Team !!!!!
In particular Jessica and Evan with whom I have had dealings through support.

Paul and Selina


Lots of customise options available and fair pricing. We have been using beans for a while now and out of all the rewards options we think this suits our fairly small business the best. Check it out at The Pet Vault: https://thepetvault.com/


My collectibles store works on margins of mainly less than 50%, so I was wary of anything cutting into them at all, but since my customers ARE collectors, collecting points sounded like such a great way for me to drive additional sales that I went for it.

I read the 1-star review below, and think he set it up under the free (less customizable) plan and added his customers in before he was finished with the setup, in order for it to have sent out such a generic email. I also noticed a typo in an outgoing email (different from what he mentioned) and have notified them. They said they'll rectify it immediately.

I considered the free plan, but branding is key, and the only paid-plan fee Beans charges is the equivalent of 35% of redemptions. There are no monthly fees or charges for adding points to accounts, only on redemptions, so we just set our system up so that customers only earn the equivalent of 5% on each purchase, and can redeem points for up to 50% of the cost of a future order, insuring that we still break even on almost every redemption... and meanwhile, our order sizes have increased, proving that this app will bring us more profit overall. I love that it's fully customizable: You tell it when to notify customers as a default rule, but your customers still have the option to change when it notifies them, too!

I waited until we saw a full cycle of use (credits and redemptions) before writing this review, since "I haven't used it yet" reviews are worthless. We had our first two redemptions yesterday, and they went flawlessly. The customers had a great time, felt really special when they got a small discount, and I can almost guarantee they'll be back for more. That's great news for us, and I recommend Beans for your business as well.


Simple rewards program that is customer friendly. There are glitches in the payment area or I would rate 5 ☆ . I added Beans to my Shopify Bill numerous times and received messages that it was successful. It was NOT and my account was suspended so customers could not use. This is after updating my payment method to CC as well. Finally had to contact support for them to fix a problem I was unaware of.


very Good Loyalty Program. the advantage here it has a free customer dashboard, customisation rules etc


I am yet to use the app, although whilst integrating it into my store I became familiar with its interface as there was a few design problems; indenting in the wrong places, floating boxes obscuring my logo, and the developers went hard in on the their branding which clashed with mine. However the Loyalty programmes the app allows you to implement are golden, and the ability to customize the rules, and even make your own is priceless. I don't normally write reviews, especially as I'm not getting any restitution or remittance for spreading these words worth the Marketing Departments year-long salaries combined, although I must sing the praises of Jessica who made my day, and probably a bunch of other peoples' day as well, unbeknownst to them, as she proficiently programmed the application into shape, delivering world class customer service. The app now looks great and should be a lot of fun to use. I feel like I should be pointing you to inferior software as the competition is vicious out there. Although I shouldn't be making so much noise as I try to bootstrap my way to the top. So check me out. Jackie von Luna at jackievonluna.com. Clothing and lifestyle products. Much love.


Very good Loyalty Program must have App for every growing e-commerce.
many of our members and new visitors are enrolling in our club camellia rewards program by beans.

support is marvelous especially Yan' who is diligent in fixing the error.


User-friendly. very satisfied with the customer service (Jessica). This Beans has helped us to implement the loyalty credit for our clients. Very Reasonable fees

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