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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program

Developed by Beans

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  • 40% the average increase in merchant’s revenue in their first 5 months using beans
  • 60% the average increase in repeat custom
  • 15x higher click-rate on beans notifications vs coupon code emails

The only couponless rewards and loyalty app on shopify, Beans takes the work out of rewards

Set-up and customise it once to see your revenue per shopper increase while gaining more customers through referrals.

Beans allows you to easily reward your customers for their loyalty, referrals and things that matters to your business. Everything is automated. All you need to do is set how you want to reward your customers and then sit back.

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What are beans?

Beans are our unit of reward. When you sign up to beans you set your rules and the value of a bean. Usually 100 beans is worth $1. Then when you reward your customers for actions they can claim back beans against their purchases.

Rewards your customers the way your want

With 13 automated rewards you’re sure to find a way to delight and engage your clients

  • Want to reward your clients for signing up? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to reward your clients for referrals? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to reward your clients for reviews? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to reward your clients for purchases? There’s a rule for that!

  • Want to take back beans for inactivity? There’s a rule for that!

Complete list of rewards

No fixed fees

With our commission based pricing you only pay when your customers redeem their beans.

How our pricing works

The default value of 100 beans is $1. If a customer makes a $100 purchase and claims 1 bean against it. You’ll pay $0.35 on that purchase.

We won’t charge you a monthly fee, so you only pay when beans is working for you.

Your customers deserve better than coupon codes

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Beans · Loyalty & Reward Program reviews (48)


Works great and very helpful!


New to the app, but so far I've been pretty impressed. New rules are being added frequently, the dev's seem to be open to suggestions/input, there's a fully functional free plan (client limited) that allows ample testing before going onto the paid stuff, and they're in the process of adding an API that's looking quite promising.

There's a few bits that are a little rough around the edges, but they're improving things at a really rapid pace. Function wise, it's already leagues ahead of most other rewards programs available on Shopify (at least compared to the 'not insanely priced' options).

I'll try and expand on this review in a few months when it's had a chance to run in a live environment for a little longer, but so far... yeah - well worth a look in if you're looking for a flexible rewards program that won't cost you an arm and a leg.


-------- UPDATE ----------


A few months on and I'm still really happy. New features have been added (including two that I was really looking forward to), their pricing model has been reworked (for the better IMO), and.. yeah - really happy.

While it still lacks some of the 'flashy-ness' of a few of the other loyalty programs (i.e. it has a small thing in the corner to encourage new users but doesn't -yet- have a big/fancy 'Join now and get XYZ' call to action lightbox like a few of the others do - but there's a good chance something like this will be added sooner or later), the feature set it does have is waaay more robust than the alternatives, and there is also a lot more customisation/integration flexibility as well. Also, the pricing model is a hell of a lot more accessible as well.

I'm also a big fan of the fact that I can private label everything (https://members.earthyliving.com.au/ instead of something.trybeans.com, etc).

From the half dozen or so that I've checked out, Beans is undoubtedly my pick of the bunch. :-D


I've had a couple bumps in the road with Beans, but overall their exceptional customer service has retained me as a customer. I have had two one-on-one conversations with Yan, and almost all of my emails are answered within a day or two.

They have changed their fee structure since I started, but it's still less expensive than other options.

I feel like the app is growing along with its customers - they evolve as they receive customer feedback, and fine-tune based on what customers want. They are very receptive and helpful.


Fantastic App! I had some issue with referral points not getting credited and the issue got resolved in no time. Special thanks to Yan Dah. Excellent customer service experience. Definitely, BEANS is a must have app in your store.


love it they always improve !


Excellent app really good support I have tried every loyalty app in the shopify store and this is by far the best. see www.casefun.com for it in action


So far so good... We love the app and all the features it has to offer. Their customer service is very responsive as well and if you need certain customizations, they are there to help. Thanks guys.

UPDATE*** Almost a year now and still loving this app. So useful and it has definitely enhanced our website. Thanks guys.


We love Beans...the service is excellent! Thanks a bunch Yan...wish you the best!


Very good application needs more integrations with other features but once they get added it will be good ;)


UPDATE 6/24/16: In general this app is effective at the very basics of a rewards system.

However, I am extremely unhappy with the change in fees. When I signed up there was a flat rate each month and I knew what I was going to pay. Now, they have gotten greedy and are charging a huge sum of 50% of your points redeemed. I feel stuck because I have already established this as our rewards program and it will be a huge hassle to transfer all of my customer data to another app. I would not have signed up for this app if I had known they would trap you into paying so much. I feel like they should honor the original fee system for existing customers for at least the first year so wee can decide if we want to stay with them, or find a more cost effective option.

Original Review: Everyone raves about how great the customer service is but I have had to wait days between responses. They do not have a phone line, only email and it is not very customer friendly when you need help.

Currently, when a customer makes a purchase I have to go in find out if they are a member of the rewards program then manually enter their credit or debit for every transaction and this is very time consuming as I have over 100 orders a week. I had expected the credits and debits to be automatically calculated by this program so it only creates more work for me.

UPDATE: Once I posted this review I was contacted very quickly and they worked to fix the issues. I am upgrading my review rating from 1 star to 3. I will reevaluate my rating after a few months.

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