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Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box

Developed by Beeketing

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  • Display a beautifully responsive coupon popup to turn visitors into email subscribers, social followers and convert them into sales right away
  • 100% Customizable popup themes so you can design unique pop-ups, plus Holiday Themes Collection to boost sales on holiday sales craze every year
  • Exit intent popups to prevent cart abandonment and convert bouncing visitors into paying customers

Most online stores worldwide are in average losing ~90% of traffic in the first 15 seconds on store and can never retain those potential customers back. Are you facing with the same problem?

Better Coupon Box powers up your store with highly converting coupon popups to solve that exact problem in your sales conversion funnel, and even more.

How Better Coupon Box turns every visitors into subscribers and sales for your online stores:

Build your email list

When visitors first enter your store, a welcome coupon box nicely shows up to catch their attention and offer a discount coupon in exchange for their email. Any online shoppers would refuse a discount with just a click away?

Increase social followers and social presence

Besides asking for email, Better Coupon Box gives options to follow store’s Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / Google+ to receive coupons. Not only does it give your customers more ways to win rewards, but it also increase your social presence.

Boost sales from new customers right in their first time on store

Your ultimate goal is definitely convert visitors into sales as soon as possible. We help you do that right in the first time visitors land on your site.

By giving away coupon codes, you encourage customers to make purchase at special price right away, instead of leaving the store and looking for alternatives at cheaper price elsewhere.

It’s a win-win giveaway for both you and your customers!

Live Demo: http://scn-better-coupon-box.myshopify.com

♡ More reasons why Better Coupon Box is better than any other coupon popup tools ♡

  1. Beautiful responsive on all mobile devices to ensure you lose no potential customers, wherever they come from!

  2. Multiple unique coupon code generation is possible, so that each customer can only use their own coupon once, thus save your cost.

  3. UX-UI optimization to the best for both you and your customers, making Better Coupon Box the easiest app to use.

  4. You’re a non-technical person running an online business without a team? Better Coupon Box is a brain free tool as it requires no coding skills and we have prepared everything in the back-end so you can create awesome coupon popups in 60 seconds flat.


Want even more powerful features? Unlimited sales opportunities are in ★ Premium Better Coupon Box ★

➹ Exit intent technology

Detect customers who are about to leave the store to show them an exit intent popup that changes their mind right in time, makes them stay longer and encourages purchase with coupons.

➹ Multiple trigger options

Show the coupon box to new or existing customers, on specific pages on your store to target the right customers and save cost.

➹ Smoothly sync with email services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact

Seamlessly sync with popular email services such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact automatically for you so the only thing you need to focus on is your awesome newsletters.

➹ 100% Customizable theme

Create professional looking pop-ups within minutes with our customizable templates, to make pop-ups unique and match your store’s look & feel.

Awesome! Let’s get Better Coupon Box to increase your sales results today!



✓ Checkout Boost

☞ Boost your store's checkout rate and gain new customers from every purchase by social network sharing.

☞ Our customers often see 7-25% conversion rate from this app

✓ Boost Sales

☞ Up-sell and Cross-sell in 1 app!

☞ One of our customers gained $6,000 in extra revenue with up-sell & cross-sell

✓ Email Automation

☞ Turn more visitors into revenue for your online store by personalized automated emails.

☞ How we receive 50% email response rate & customers are 250% more likely to convert with targeted and personalized follow-up emails.

✓ Personalized Recommendation

☞ Recommend the right products to the right customers at the right places on your store, just like Amazon.

☞ It's totally FREE if it makes you no sales! No set-up cost, no fixed subscription fee.

Better Coupon Box reviews (1481)


Very easy to set up and a great app. customer support is fantastic also!! :)


Fantastic app


Great lil app.


Simple, yet limited on the Free plan!


Very easy to set up and use. A great way to promote sales and get new customers. Customer service fast and friendly. :)


Just added app so excited can't wait to see what the end will be like. Thanks so much. Needed a few changes easy to work with prompt response. App is worth it.

Now it has been a couple of weeks with this app i am pleased with results i am getting. Great customer response and email generation.




Very nice! Would be great if free version had slightly more design options but otherwise a very useful and easy to use app.


It is fantastic. Really happy I found it.


very easy to set up although would like to be able to change the size of the pop up to slightly smaller.

From $0.00 / month

All features of "Free" package are forever FREE. 4 new features are available in Premium version to boost your sales even more.


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