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bevelPix 3D Viewer

bevelPix 3D Viewer

Developed by Matter and Form

Price: $250.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Display your products in 3D on your Shopify store
  • Improve your conversion rate and reduce your rate of returns
  • Fast and mobile-friendly with all your favorite Shopify themes.

bevelPix 3D - Display your products in 3D

Give your customers the best possible product experience and improve conversion rates with the bevelPix 3D Viewer. Let them get to know your products in a way never before possible.

3D display is the catnip of customer engagement. With bevelPix 3D you can display your products in a truly three-dimensional way. Consumers are able to see and interact with your product from the top, bottom and sides in a totally seamless experience. Unlike traditional 3D photo viewers that stitch together a series of 2d images that only show your product from a single perspective, bevelPix uses a 3D rendering of your product to allow consumers to see it from all perspectives.

Research shows that customers have better conversion and engagement rates with 3D compared to all other display techniques. And they'll make better-informed purchasing decisions, which means fewer returns!

Be part of the next wave of e-commerce, get 3D enabled with bevelPix!

What bevelPix 3D Viewer gives you and your customers

Put 3D models alongside your regular photos for any of your products. The model is added to your product's picture gallery. Your customers will be able to interact with the 3D version of the product by clicking, rotating, dragging and zooming to see it from all angles.

What about VR?

The bevelPix 3D Viewer is VR enabled. Anyone with Google Cardboard, Oculus, Gear VR, VIVE or one of the many other VR headsets can use bevelPix 3D Viewer in VR right from their browser!


The bevelPix 3D Viewer integrates 3D models hosted in our robust, secure cloud repository bevelPix.com. Sign up for a bevelPix account, upload your 3D models and photos, then select the model your want in the bevelPix 3D Viewer.

Check out how the app looks in this demo store!

The bevelPix 3D Viewer has been thoroughly tested and many Shopify themes (including all the free themes except "Venture") are compatible. If you find your theme doesn't work with bevelPix 3D Viewer, contact us and we will adjust bevelPix 3D Viewer to get it working for you, with no hassles.

Hang on! How do I get 3D models and photos?

We at Matter and Form are experts in 3D. In addition to the bevelPix 3D Viewer and bevelPix.com, we make 3D scanners and photography equipment. While 3D is a technical mystery to most, it's our bread and butter. We're ready to help you, and you'll be surprised at how inexpensive it can be. If you want to do it yourself, we can show you how, for free!

About Matter and Form, the makers of bevelPix 3D Viewer

At Matter and Form, our mission is to make 3D the best and easiest kind of digital communication media. We’ve had record-breaking crowdfunding campaigns and established distribution channels on every continent (except Antarctica - always sometime to strive for!) for our desktop 3D scanner.

The powerhouse service behind our products is our cloud repository bevelPix, which allows users to rotate and interact with their 3D media instantly, even on mobile devices, and share it as embeds on other websites and social media feeds like Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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$250.00 / month
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