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BigBuy EU Dropshipping

BigBuy EU Dropshipping

Developed by Shoptigrator.com

39 reviews
Price: Free – $29.99 / month More info
  • Automatically synchronize your inventory with BigBuy.
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining inventory.
  • Avoid unhappy customers and orders you cannot fulfill.

Synchronize your inventory with BigBuys Dropshipping Service

Working with dropshippers usually requires, that you update your stock levels to the correct quantity to avoid unhappy customers, and orders you cannot fulfill. This app reduces the amount of time you spend maintaining inventory by automatically synchronizing your inventory with the European Dropshipper BigBuys inventory of over 20.000 different products!

Take a look at BigBuys best selling products

BigBuy makes shipments by urgent courier to almost any country in the world, although their most competitive prices are for deliveries to Europe thanks to free movement without borders and the possibility to make overland shipments (avoiding high air transportation costs).

App features

  • Import over 20.000 products from BigBuy with the import tool.

  • NEW: In-app product finder makes it easy to search and add products from the catalogue.

  • Product titles and descriptions are available in 24 different languages.

  • The App can help import the collections from BigBuy automatically.

  • Define your own profit margin or use BigBuys recommended retail prices.

  • The App takes care of stock level syncing with BigBuy.

How does this App work

  • Create a dropshipping account with BigBuy.

  • Add a product from BigBuy to your store through our in-app product finder (or bulk import using BigBuys CSV file).

  • From here on out the app takes care of inventory synchronization.

  • When a customer places an order with you, you place the order with BigBuy.

  • BigBuy fulfills the order and sends it directly to your customer, branded as if you sent it from your own warehouse (depending on your account type with BigBuy).

App requirements

BigBuy EU Dropshipping reviews

39 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (3 reviews)
  5. 1 star (11 reviews)

App not synchronising stock at all and customer service never responds. Should be removed from Shopify


The idea of the App is great. That's it.


1. The Instructions are very POOR.
2. I finished up paying:
- 30 euro subscription fee to "sync my orders with BigBuy"
- 169 euro for BigBuy Enterprise account and

This app is still reporting an ERROR (no Shipment option chosen etc.)

Probably I ALSO must buy the most expensive Shopify plan for 300 euro/month to automate third-party Shipping costs calculation and I am sure that it's not going to end there.

SUMMARY: It's a costly pain.


The app is very easy to use and is incredibly helpful. Customer support is excellent.


Ok. Tired of dealing with this app. Have the free plan and stayed well under the amount required before you would have to upgrade...products synced to my shopify store but all products say 0 products in stock. I'm done!!! This is so frusting..I'm deleting


The app is decent. The process to add products into (or remove products from) your Shopify store is pretty easy and very quick. I added over 1000+ products in about 30 min of time.

That said, the reason this doesn't get higher stars is because of BigBuy's site (bigbuy.eu). Everything there is vague and pretty non-direct when it comes to what you must do in order to get things going.

I've emailed their support (customers@bigbuy.eu) but you only get an automated response saying that you must submit a request using the contact form on their site. I've submitted 2 questions using the site's contact form, but I've yet to receive any response at all (it's been 3 days so far). I've also sent two emails to "support@shoptigrator.com", both without a response.

You must create a dropship account on their site - which I did - but it still shows that I'm operating "without pack". It doesn't seem to recognize my account for whatever reason. I've had someone make a purchase on my site but unfortunately I can't fulfill it yet because things are not completely setup on BigBuy's side.

At this point, I'm not certain what exactly to do because nobody will bother responding to my inquiries. Will likely need to end up refunding the buyer's money.

The app works great but customer service is highly lacking and tbh, completely terrible.


Love it! wish I had known this App earlier, Highly recommended. Thanks to the team.


Bonjour, j'aime cette app. Facile et efficace! Le support est aussi au niveau.


This is a good app but to write english i can't but in french i can.
C'est une très bonne application pour synchroniser les produits de Big Buy. Il faut du temps pour le faire mais ça en vaut le coup.


Great helpful app to sync with bigbuy,. The app develops Jesper, knowing what he's doing, and super good to help get the app customized to one's webshop. When there have been problems with bigbuy's products and delivery, where even Bigbuys customer service could not help, Jesper has solved the problem.

He has helped us a lot, including changing bigbuy's weight-based checkout, so it is better adapted to our customers. We can definitely recommend people to use Jespers app.

Thank you!

Casper and Lasse


Very simple to use!
Jesper, the developper is alway ready to help you for any inconvenience!
I higly reccomend :)

Free – $29.99 / month

The app is free for shops with 100 or less BigBuy products.

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