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bnkle - (free) brick & mortar advertising

bnkle - (free) brick & mortar advertising

Developed by bnkle

Price: Custom Free Trial: 1000 days More info
  • Customers are just a bnke search from your door
  • Advertise to brick & mortar shoppers the moment they search for what you sell
  • no cost + no hassles + no reason not to join

bnkle is the new Product Location Search for shoppers

bnkle allows real world shoppers to search via product and location to see what's available in the brick and mortar stores around them before they go shopping.

When you 'GET' the 'bnkle product location search' app, Shopify shares your brick and mortar store locations, products and stock levels automatically to bnkle. So when a shopper search matches your products they'll find you. And if you also use Shopify Ecom and those same products are listed there, users will be able to click through from bnkle to buy directly from you e-store.

bnkle has a forever free plan as well as a pay per click plan if and when you want more, and you only pay for what you use.  No contracts, no credit cards, no special skills required.

How to setup:

  • Easy installation via Shopify POS:

    • Click 'GET' and install the bnkle app

    • Your bnkle account is automatically created

    • All your products and locations are auto synced with bnkle

    • All your product information is updated in real time for shoppers

    • That's it!

  • Features:

  • Best ad spend:

    Your products are your ads

    • All ads are equal

    • They are only shown to shoppers looking for what you sell

    • No bidding for highest position.

    • Your ads are shown as they match users search

    • And in order of distance from their location

  • Forever free or Pay as you use?:

    You're in control

    • Everyone gets 1,000 monthly ad views FREE

    • BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: From now until Black Friday get unlimited ad views for $10

    • After Black Friday we're releasing the 'pay as you use'plan. Get 1,000 views for $1

    • Simply set a maximum monthly budget

    • Only pay for what you use and the views you get

    • You can switch between free and paid anytime

  • No credit card:

    Set a budget and at the end of the month only pay for what you've used

  • No contract required:

    Start, stop, pause or change anytime

  • Secure:

    bnkle only receives and displays your store locations and product information and contact details


Where can I see my products?
- you can see your products on your bnkle dashboard and by searching them bnkle.com


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i need to cancel showing my products on bnkle and i didn't find where can i do that and i sent to the support with no reply


This is like google for fashion, brilliant! An App created that we can all benefit from!


Free to join + 1,000 free product views a month - Want more customers in store? See 'Features' below for more details

1000 days



Support & Sales

1 (888) 702-6553
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