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Boost Sales - Upsell & Cross sell

Boost Sales - Upsell & Cross sell

Developed by Beeketing

222 reviews
Price: From $30.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Upsell & Cross sell offers encourage customers to add higher-valued items or purchase bundles to increase sales from any customers
  • Excite customers with game design technique: motivate customers to spend a little more to reach a goal and receive sweet discount offers
  • Last step up-sell offers on cart page to convert even more sales from paying customers.

Upsell & Cross sell in just 1 app to skyrocket your sales

★ Upsell ★

Offer customers higher-end alternatives or relevant products so you can increase even more sales from any orders.

  1. When customers add an item to cart, a popup will show up to suggest them a list of better options they may want to buy more or replace added items.

  2. If enabled by you, Boost Sales will automatically pick appropriate products to recommend for any orders and increase sales for you.

★ Cross sell ★

Bundle products that go well together into an irresistible combo your customers love to buy.

  1. When customers view any product in the combo, a corner popup will appear with special effect to catch their attention and cross-sell the whole bundle.

  2. You can also offer discount coupons to promote your value deals even better, and significantly boost sales from any existing customers.

★ Sales Motivator - NEW FEATURE!!! ★

Gamify your offers to excite customers and make even MORE sales from their orders.

  1. Game design technique is applied in smart coupon popups that motivate your shoppers to add more products to cart in order to receive offers.

  2. Increase user engagement on your websites, motivate customers to spend more, come back & refer you to their friends

★ Last Step Upsell - NEW FEATURE!!! ★

Keep selling more for you on cart page!

  1. When customers click “Check Out” button in cart page, one last up-sell offer will show up to suggest them more items they might want to add before check out.

  2. These products are well-chosen based on their shopping behaviors and your sales history, which makes customers highly likely to purchase.


♡ More reasons why Boost Sales is a must-have app to grow sales for any online stores ♡

  1. Create value deals by adding discount to your offers to sell just like big brands

  2. Extremely EASY to use. No coding skills required. Create up-sell & cross-sell offers in under 1 min

  3. Create endless offers in 60 seconds by importing csv file. Save your time and maximize app efficiency

  4. Beautifully responsive on both desktop and all mobile devices

  5. Holiday Themes Collection to help you decorate your storefront, attract customers and increase conversion rate on this special sales craze each year

  6. Detailed report on every offer to help you optimize for better performance

Grab Boost Sales now to increase your revenue by 20%-70%

Demo store

★★★★★ https://scn-boost-sales.myshopify.com ★★★★★



✓ Checkout Boost

☞ Boost your store's checkout rate and gain new customers from every purchase by social network sharing.

☞ Special: Countdown timer offers, Sales Gamification, Exit-intent offers, Post-purchase Upselling

✓ MailBot

☞ Turn more visitors into revenue for your online store by personalized automated emails.

☞ How we receive 50% email response rate & customers are 250% more likely to convert with targeted and personalized follow-up emails.

✓ Personalized Recommendation

☞ Recommend the right products to the right customers at the right places on your store, just like Amazon.

☞ It's totally FREE if it makes you no sales! No set-up cost, no fixed subscription fee.

✓ Better Coupon Box

☞ Popup a coupon box to turn visitors into social followers and increase sales.
☞ Exit intent popups to prevent 68% cart abandonment rate and convert bouncing customers back into sales.

Boost Sales - Upsell & Cross sell reviews

222 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (19 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (3 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
  5. 1 star (6 reviews)

This app is amazing! I really love this app, boost alot sale!


EDIT: All of our issues have been resolved thanks to Beeketing Customer Service quick response team. They have taken into account the comments from our original review. We believe they will be making more of an effort to ensure new features aren't enabled ON and live by default. We will keep an eye on this moving forward.

We still give this app 4 stars; it is without doubt the best Upsell and Crosssell app on the market currently. The only reason it does not receive that 5th start is because of the issues mentioned below. With some more caution during development cycles, this is easily a 5 star app.

For most users, the out of the box performance will definitely increase conversions and it is worth the money. Just tread with caution on live stores.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: We have used Boost Sales for an extended period of time. One thing we are continually disappointed about with Boost Sales (and all Beeketing products for that matter) are their complete disregard for continuous integration. They will roll out new features LIVE (and turn them ON by default) on existing websites regardless of detrimental effects on themes, configuration, etc.

It is a regular occurrence that we have to email support (more than a few times every month) to have them fix bugs that have propagated in our store. Broken email templates (sending the generic customer name "John" to our entire email list, showing 'beeketing-hidden' products to customers that should not see those prices, breaking other apps, etc). It is disappointing because we do see value in their service; unfortunately, their eagerness to release new features comes at a steep expense. They will enable new features (what ever happened to fail-safe "off" logic?). Allow users to have more control and choose when to enable these features.

We are now stuck with a bug that doesn't allow us to disable ANY popups (smart cross-sell, smart up-sell, etc... all settings toggle buttons don't work). So we are forced to completely disable the app due to nuisance popups that are actually DECREASING our conversions).

Be wary about Beeketing apps; while they can help your conversions, they come at the price of more man hours to manage and diagnose bugs on a regular basis. All the while, this can be damaging your brand and customer loyalty if the popups become too overbearing and spammy.


I have definitely seen an increase in customers adding multiple items to their cart. I have been wanting my shopify store to have these popups for a long time. Thank you for developing such a great app that is easy to plug into my store.


this app is the best upsell app ever. super easy to use and staffs are very friendly


Great app I recommend it for every store :)


this app is really helpful. very nice design of upsells and cross sells !


Within the day after I install the apps. It is easy to use. lets wait until my first sale thru this apps. for now it is a great investment.


Great app, and great customer support. Would definitely recommend to anyone who own's a Shopify store!


I have used a few upsell apps but this app is by far the best one. Easy to use and works great


UPDATE: The support fixed the issue i have and i am again using this app. This app no longer creates duplicate product variants with dummy SKUs which is good.

The idea behind this app is really great and when i first installed it, i felt 'wow' but it does not really work on mobile devices. I wish it worked well on mobile devices but majority of my customers are using mobile devices.

I have to uninstall this app after a month of use because it was resulting in lot of checkout abandonments on mobile devices. I discovered that through visitors recording via Hotjar. Beware this app creates duplicate product variants with dummy SKU whenever you create an offer. If you do not delete the offer then these variants will remain intact on your website.

You would need to hide these product variants by adding lot of code here and there in your template files (or ask the support to do that for you) and this code will remain intact even after you uninstall the app. So uninstall won't be clean. You will be left with junk code in your template files. If you do not hide these duplicate product variants then it can confuse your website visitors. So hiding these variants is recommended. For an app this expensive, i had high expectations.

From $30.00 / month

☞ It pays for itself within the trial! Our customer success gurus are always here to help you make the most money from the app (Free Of Charge). Contact us anytime! ♥

15 days

Support & Sales

+1 (650) 666-0985
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