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Brand Ambassador

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  • Easily showcase the latest photos from your Ambassador Spotlight Feed, with updates reflected live!
  • Include a link to your brand's team page and engage your customers with a jolt of lifestyle energy and action.
  • Place a link to your brand's registration form, where customers can turn into loyal Brand Ambassadors.

The Brand Ambassador APP

We proudly present the all-new app for Shopify Stores which allows the seamless integration of your ecommerce experience with the Brand Ambassador platform. We help you discover a marketing platform that naturally grows your brand, as it turns your existing customers and fans into Brand Ambassadors!

Manage, Motivate, and Communicate

Your fans want you to succeed. If you give them the means, they’ll tell your story for you and help build your brand. The Brand Ambassador app gives you the tools to manage, motivate, and communicate with your brand advocates so you can increase brand visibility, engage more people on social media, and build a dedicated community.

Influencers and Ambassadors

Influencer marketing can be extremely effective. You can work with these industry experts to reach out to their large audience and recommend your products and services. However, influencers require compensation, which means they may not have a vested interest in your organization beyond each payment – and many potential customers understand this.

Advocates, on the other hand, are not paid to spread the word about your brand. They have simply experienced the benefits of your products or services and want to share that experience with others.

And the most important takeaway here is that your new customers are more likely to trust the word of your advocates over a paid influencer.

Drive Awareness and Build Your Brand

As your brand ambassador community grows, you’ll be able to create advocates out of customers and influencers. This program is designed to motivate your current and new ambassadors to continue to develop more user-generated content.

Turn your paid social strategy into an earned media strategy by empowering your community to build your brand. Sign up for Brand Ambassador today to get started!

You Can Leverage Influencers and Advocates

Influencers have a massive following of people that value their opinion. They can drive action but can be a costly ongoing marketing solution. Many of your customers may also view them as paid advertising. (Which they are.)

Advocates are your highly satisfied customers that already have a strong relationship with your company. They may have a smaller follower base than influencers, but they can generate strong word of mouth among their peers.

Brand Ambassador offers a way to leverage both of them in your ongoing marketing and branding efforts.

An Influencer Marketing Solution

The right influencers can have a huge impact on your brand perception, and our marketing software makes it easy to see exactly how much value they’re contributing. The easy-to-understand reports translate likes, comments, views, and more into actual dollar amounts, so you can immediately see the real value of your influencer marketing efforts.

The Brand Ambassador Difference

Brand Ambassador offers several solutions that can help build a community of ambassadors and motivate your advocates to create more content and tell your story. The benefits of our influencer software solution includes:

  • No cost per post.
  • High engagement with trackable ROI.
  • Positive word of mouth.
  • The ability to empower everyday people to create and share real content.
  • An effective strategy to improve traffic and sales.
  • More customer loyalty and trust.
  • A simple way to motivate users to create organic content.
  • A way to leverage social media for a great brand presence.

Community Motivation

Your advocates really want you to succeed, and with the right tools you can provide the means for your advocates to tell your story and increase brand awareness. Our influencer marketing software allows you to track and manage influencers while communicating directly with advocates, developing new campaigns and suggesting content for them to share with their peers.

As your community continues to grow, you can create advocates out of influencers as your ambassadors share their own stories related to your brand.

Our system gamifies participation among the community, so the more they share news, updates, deals, and other content initiatives, the more they’re rewarded for it.

Start Building Your Brand Today

You can turn your paid influencer marketing strategy into an earned media strategy by leveraging this platform and building a community of advocates. Your fans, influencers, and advocates are already out there. It’s time to give them the means to tell your brand’s story!

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