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One Click Share

One Click Share

Developed by Pasilobus

Price: Free – $1.99 / month Free Trial: 2 days More info
  • Share Shopify Store & Blog content to all your social media accounts with one click (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin).
  • No copying/pasting or photo uploading necessary to create social media posts.
  • Schedule your future social media activity without leaving your Shopify dashboard.

No more Copying & Pasting to promote your products on social media, do it all with One Click, share everywhere instantly!

Promoting your products take a lot of time and we have all been there. You have to log in to each of your social media accounts, upload the product picture, paste the page link, write the same message and it goes on and on… One Click Share gets you the same result with just one click.

✓ Manage Social Media Sharing From Your Dashboard

Plan & Manage your social media activity without leaving your Shopify dashboard. Manage social media while you work in your store. Click & share!

✓ Capture Important Information Automatically

Say goodbye to copy & paste! One Click Share captures product information, product photos, price, links, collection information, page information, blog links and article summaries automatically. Promote your products to all your social media accounts within seconds. Designed for Shopify; click & post!

✓ Schedule Your Posts for the Future

Plan your future social media activity right from your Shopify dashboard. Create posts and schedule them to be published in the future and automate your social media engagement. Click, schedule, automate and share!

✓ Integrate All Your Social Media Accounts

Integrate your Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin accounts and share to all with one click & save time! One Click Share integrates Shopify with Buffer App. Connect your accounts, click & share!

✓ Fully Customizable Automation

One Click Share captures the information you need! Don't want to capture the product price automatically? Only need a description? Only need a collection photo? Customize your automation, click & share!

✓ Long-awaited Integration: Buffer - Shopify

One Click Share is the ONLY Shopify app that integrates Buffer directly. It has never been easier to manage your social media, promote easily and sell more!

Only $1.99/mo. Start Your Free Trial

Upcoming Features

  • Buffer Auto-login

  • Support for Multiple Buffer Accounts

  • Capture Product and Collection Description automatically

  • Custom Message Templates

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    One Click Share reviews (5)


    UPDATE: their tech support staff contacted me, and indicated that you can use the app for all products/pages/etc by going to each INDIVIDUAL product/page/etc ITSELF in your Shopify admin. So I'm going to raise the rating from 1 star to 3 stars but probably still keep the app uninstalled for the following simple reason that I'll copy and paste for you, my response to them when they informed me of it (you click on the 3 dots, ..., in the upper right hand corner of every product/page/etc in your Shopify admin to access the functionality of their app):

    I see. I should have thought of that, as I know that 3 dots pulldown menu is there. But it never dawned on me that somebody wouldn't put that type of functionality in the APP ITSELF. I think that's a glaring deficiency.

    Frankly, I'd much rather have it in the app itself.

    I'm going to revise my review, and move it to 3 stars. If you'll do the common sense thing and make all products/pages/etc available within the app itself, I'll change it to 5 stars.

    John Lester, Founder of Pure Hearts International

    Initial 1-star review follows:


    We have between 400 to 500 products/services that we sell. This app only loaded about 10 of those products/services and I saw absolutely no way to add any others.

    I even exited the app and came back, and the same limited set of products was there with no change.

    And the same limited set of collections was there with no change.

    And the same limited set of pages was there with no change.

    You get the picture.

    I waved my mouse over everything to see where/how more products/pages/collections etc could be added, no dice.

    I went thru the entire settings, the about, every available link.

    It's looks too limited.

    If I've overlooked something, let me know. I am going to uninstall it.


    This is an amazing app. it helps you to make marketing for your products easily as it shares your products on social media by one click only.
    Furthermore there is a very supportive team working behind the scene to solve any technical issue immediately.

    I really recommend this app for everyone


    makes it very easy to share, it saves lot of time!


    Works awesome! I normally dread having to update multiple social sites, this saves time and makes life a heck of a lot easier. This will be a staple app of mine for all future sites.


    One click share is an Excellent App. It does exactly what it says.
    This app is just what we've been looking for!

    Free – $1.99 / month
    2 days


    Google Chrome (Recommended Browser)free
    Buffer Awesome Plan Required for Pinterest

    Support & Sales

    +1 (314) 786-3616
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