BulkPagePoster Lab

BulkPagePoster Lab

by Cube Chain

Create bulk Facebook page posts & ads from inside your store

5.0 of 5 stars(4 reviews)

Create Page Posts Fast

Select an entire collection of products from your store and bulk create individual page posts for them...all at the same time!

Auto Upload Product Photos

No more searching your computer for product photos. The app pulls product photos from your store & uploads them to your page posts

Instant Ad Creation

Save time creating ads from inside your store. New page posts with ads can be created in just a few button clicks.

About BulkPagePoster Lab

BulkPagePoster Lab

Select an entire collection of products and create page posts and ads for every product in just a few minutes. This app is a HUGE time saver for store owners.

  • Bulk page posts: Select an entire collection of 10 products and the app will create an individual Facebook page post for each product in under a minute. The app will create the page posts using your Shopify product images, and it will also insert the product page link and product title into the text description of your page posts. Create either published posts or dark posts!

  • Create ads: This app can create ads for each newly created page post. The app makes one new campaign containing one ad set for each new page post. Each ad set contains one ad.

  • Create link posts or photo posts: You can choose whether you want link post ads (the customer clicks the photo on the Facebook ad and is taken to your Shopify product page), or photo posts (link contained in the text description).

  • Create 1:5:9 ad: You can select a product from your Shopify store that has at least three product images, and the app will create three Facebook posts, each containing one product image. Then BulkPagePoster Lab will create one new campaign containing five new ad sets. Each ad set will contain nine ads based off the three product images. This normally takes 15 minutes to set up this type of ad, but BulkPagePoster Lab does it in two minutes.

  • Create 1:3:3 ad: Select a product from your Shopify store with at least three images. The app will use those product images to create one new campaign containing three ad sets. Each ad set will contain three ads using one each of the three product images from your store.

BulkPagePoster Lab saves store owners time by quickly posting product images to Facebook, and optionally creating ads for them.

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Overall rating
5.0 of 5 stars
Based on 4 reviews

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Most recent reviews


Makes things quick and easy, and then all I have to do is go into the FB Ads Manager and tweak my ads. Nicely done. Saves me a ton of time.

22 Lions Bookstore

This is, without a doubt, the best app ever invented in the whole Shopify app store. I only wish other developers would follow the example, instead of trying to suck up our money with apps that aren't well built and have absolutely not usefulness in what regards ecommerce, and very often destroy our stores. Very few developers know what ecommerce is or what Shopify users need. This company went straight to the point and got it. I love this app! Keep up the excellent work!!! Here are my suggestions: Add the function of scheduling the posts, preferably, automatically (like once a day); Create the same type of app, for Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks; Create a points-based system, in which users of the same app can advertise each other products in their own pages in exchange for points. And keep, at least, this one app free! Thanks!

Farmhouse Is My Style

I took an entire collection of products and made page posts and ads for them in just a couple of minutes. I love it!