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Calculated Prices by Holest Engineering

Calculated Prices by Holest Engineering

Developed by Holest Engineering

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  • Total control of final price for customizable products. Add all optional feature costs to product price.
  • Modify shop prices globally based on client location (IP DB), time, shopper tags and your custom parameters.
  • Add customer text and file inputs for product order (files are uploaded to Google drive)

If you need to proportionately change the price of all your product in next 3 min rest assured now because you have reached the right page!

Calculated Prices by Holest Engineering

What can you do with this app?

  • Add additional price parameters to the product page

  • Make these parameters conditional and define their display order

  • Define your product or global price modifying formulas (inside the formula you have access to product/variant properties, additional parameters values, customer tags, client country, date and time)

  • Add conditional file uploads for product orders

  • Add conditional text inputs for product orders

Idea background

Every serious business has a need for sophisticated pricing policy. Also, some products have a variety of properties that customers need to choose from in order to get the right fit in a fully automated way.

Shopify has the very efficient way of deferring product by its variants but in some cases, you need something a bit different. For example, if you have some optional feature for a product that increases its price you can just create more variants of product with it included. This is very straightforward, but in some cases, you may be unable to do this because of 100 variant limit. In some cases for certain kinds of products, this can be unpractical. Take for example printing companies. They may basically offer 10 products but depending on customer needs these 10 products can have thousands of variants.

This app solves situations like this letting you make your products much more price variable without creating variants. If your product has properties that affect price it is enough to define these parameters for that product instead of multiplying its variants. This is very practical in some specific cases.

File uploads

As naturally imposed and commonly needed things along with this kind of features are file uploads and custom text inputs. When a product is highly customizable usually there are options to upload some kind of design, logo and specify some text to be put on a product or specify the way of crafting. That's why we also added the file upload capability and text inputs that are in conjunction with price modifying parameters. Uploads are saved in Google drive and that gives you further freedom of implementations.

Common use cases

Price changes imposed by year period or currency fluctuations can sometimes become the harsh burden for you. For example Black Friday lasts for a couple of days. It requires you to do homework twice. You first lower all prices and when it passes you need to return them back. With this app, it is enough to declare shop-wide multiplier and all your prices on the front-end will modify instantly. When your low-price period passes it is enough to reset this multiplier to 1.

This feature enables you to easily do some other commonly known salesmen maneuvers like “happy hour”. If you sell food, for example, you can easily set a different value of multiplier from 9 PM to 11 PM each day. Also, very popular quantity based pricing can be easily applied.

If you do your business internationally in multiple countries your product can simply have different prices for each country depending on country excise policy for that particular product. User location can be a condition for multiplier modification.

Rewarding loyal customers is good practice for every business. Having its tags, total spendings and order count as conditions gives you the good way of crafting your policy towards them.

Technical notes

Because "Product variant A" is not same as "Product variant A + Engraving" and each can have it's own quantity, this APP has to modify your default shop cart HTML so it could present all added information correctly. Because carts from theme to theme can have different layout we picked standardized nicely looking layout that is flexible for all shops. All cart operations are available. This will apply on cart page and also on side cart (ajax cart).

Watch a more detailed presentation video...

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Very good and useful app, very well done.


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