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Canada Post

Canada Post

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  • Real-time carrier calculated shipping rates on checkout for customers
  • Print shipping labels for your orders
  • Tracking page for customers to monitor their orders

Canada Post for Shopify allows the use of real time carrier shipping rates for Canadian merchants who wish to use Canada Post as a shipping carrier. You will need this app to provide real time rates to your customers when they purchase from your store.

If you're a VentureOne member, you are eligible to receive Real Time Carrier Shipping for free. Reach out to Shopify Support for more information.

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  • Easy setup process through existing or new Canada Post VentureOne accounts

  • Track and print shipping labels through their Shopify store Admin

  • Provide accurate Canada Post shipping rates to customers during checkout

  • Print shipping labels with different options on a per package basis.

Note: This app does not support discounted rates. For customers with a Canada Post volume-based commercial parcels agreement, we recommend ShipStation or Ordercup.

Canada Post reviews (24)


We currently offer free shipping in Canada and this apps meets our needs as it allows us to save time in creating and printing shipping labels. That being said, there is a lot of room for improvement in this app. There have also been a few times where it simply would not print labels for a prolonged amount of time.


I'm a Venture One account holder and have been having issues with the "Real-time carrier calculated shipping rates on checkout for customers" for well over a year. It seems to work for Canadian addresses but doesn't for US addresses. I have been promissed a fix for months now....still waiting


I was quite excited to use this app, however, I am extremely disappointed. The app does not calculate shipping using envelopes. It only calculates as if it is a parcel. I ship my products in padded envelopes as it is a lot cheaper. This app will not provide rates for envelopes.


This app works great for me. Cuts down on a ton of time fulfilling and shipping orders. No more having to log into the CP website separately. Plus you can link your small business account to get the same discounts.

Highly recommend for small Canadian businesses!


Works fairly well. It did cut out working for awhile this summer of 2015 when Canada Post website went through an upgrade, and then I un-installed then re-installed the app and now it seems to be working, though I haven't tested many orders yet after the re-install.


This app worked for me for almost 11 months, then suddenly stopped on July 15 and I haven't been able to get functional tech support since. The product weight calculator is not properly communicating with the rate calculator and it doesn't matter what a parcel weighs, it continually returns the lowest possible weight. I've had to override manual weight categories for parcels to the US, and completely disable shipping to Europe, Australia and Asia. This is wreaking havoc on my orders and I'm losing money on almost all parcels over 1 kg to the US because it simply isn't possible to guess rates for all possible destinations. I am still paid up for 1 year on Shopify, but am seriously considering a different platform so I can once again offer tracking and expedited service to the US, as well as shipping beyond Canada/US. This is deeply disappointing.


This app is pretty good and simple but it sucks than it only supports Small Business Solution rates, if you could add your Contract Number and get the Commercial Agreement rates this app would be perfect. PLEASE developers add this feature ASAP!


This app has some issues. I contacted the developer with one huge problem: the shipping quote to the custom was different to the one I was getting on the admin side. I figured it out myself that by adding box sizes AND using volumetric weights you will have the same on both sides. Don't use the actual weight of the items for sale. Canada Post's equation for volumetric weight is LxWxH/166 (when using inches). Now things are back on track and we aren't losing money. NOW it's a great app.

Also a shame 4x6 label printers aren't supported.

***UPDATE: This app is garbage. We signed up for Shopify for the calculated rates of this app. Our US rates haven't worked for 3 months even after multiple calls to Shopify and we have lost quite a bit of US business. When the app does work, we get errors that waste a lot of time. You're better off printing labels from PayPal if the transaction was complete with PayPal. Otherwise you'll have to use the tedious EST online.


- This application does not permit you to incorporate a 'handling' charge... for instance, the ExpressPost shipping charge might be $11.62, and you might want to build in a 'Handling' charge of $5.00 to cover the costs of fulfillment (labor, packaging, labeling, etc), for a total of $16.62
- Also, other reviews suggest that the actual shipping label cannot be customized to anything other than a standard page size.


Works great, easy to set up, and makes shipping a breeze.


Display Canada Post rates in checkout for free
Pay per label via Canada Post account


A Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping

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Canada Post

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