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Canada Post

Canada Post

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  • Real-time carrier calculated shipping rates on checkout for customers
  • Print shipping labels for your orders
  • Tracking page for customers to monitor their orders

Canada Post for Shopify allows the use of real time carrier shipping rates for Canadian merchants who wish to use Canada Post as a shipping carrier. You will need this app to provide real time rates to your customers when they purchase from your store.

If you're a VentureOne member, you are eligible to receive Real Time Carrier Shipping for free. Reach out to Shopify Support for more information.

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  • Easy setup process through existing or new Canada Post VentureOne accounts

  • Track and print shipping labels through their Shopify store Admin

  • Provide accurate Canada Post shipping rates to customers during checkout

  • Print shipping labels with different options on a per package basis.

Note: This app does not support discounted rates. For customers with a Canada Post volume-based commercial parcels agreement, we recommend ShipStation or Ordercup.

Canada Post reviews (17)


This app has some issues. I contacted the developer with one huge problem: the shipping quote to the custom was different to the one I was getting on the admin side. I figured it out myself that by adding box sizes AND using volumetric weights you will have the same on both sides. Don't use the actual weight of the items for sale. Canada Post's equation for volumetric weight is LxWxH/166 (when using inches). Now things are back on track and we aren't losing money. NOW it's a great app.

Also a shame 4x6 label printers aren't supported.

***UPDATE: This app is garbage. We signed up for Shopify for the calculated rates of this app. Our US rates haven't worked for 3 months even after multiple calls to Shopify and we have lost quite a bit of US business. When the app does work, we get errors that waste a lot of time. You're better off printing labels from PayPal if the transaction was complete with PayPal. Otherwise you'll have to use the tedious EST online.


- This application does not permit you to incorporate a 'handling' charge... for instance, the ExpressPost shipping charge might be $11.62, and you might want to build in a 'Handling' charge of $5.00 to cover the costs of fulfillment (labor, packaging, labeling, etc), for a total of $16.62
- Also, other reviews suggest that the actual shipping label cannot be customized to anything other than a standard page size.


Works great, easy to set up, and makes shipping a breeze.


Has anyone found this easy to use? For some reason I just can't get it to be user friendly at all. I really want it to work!


Real time courier shipping will help with prices etc.


Looking forward to see if this will benefit the shipping with my store.


The application is very basic and has some major flaws. If you are doing very simple shipping maybe this will work for you.
Here are some of the issues we faced.
1) We use custom boxes. The calculation of the shipping displayed is not the same as what get printed and charged on the Shipping Label receipt.
2) If you do not use Canada post to ship an order it will hang in the application as Pending Shipping forever. No way to remove it from the pending list.
3) The order number does not get added as a reference number. If you ship more than 5 orders a day, this will become a nightmare as to how to consolidate your shipping labels with the actual order boxes. (ie. if you print the labels in bulk then take them to place them on shipping boxes, how would you match the label to the shipping box?! you can only use the address or name, but not the order number)
4) The Standard CanadaPost EST application will show you the guarantee delivery time. This way you can make sure you are meeting the deadlines required by the order (ship in 3-7 business days or 5-9 Business days...etc) This application does not show the guarantee delivery time. So if you choose Expedited/Priority/Xpress you don't really know what that translates to in delivery days!


In general works well. However, if we fulfill an order in a different way (not with Canada Post), there is no way to easily mark as fulfilled on their system. And If I do mark it as "fulfilled", an automatic email is generated to the customer, which is not what I wanted to happen!

Otherwise seems to be working OK.


Work perfectly for us !! LOVE IT :-)


I really like the simplicity of the app - no unnecessary clutter, just a couple clicks and voila, a postage label to print with no typing or data copying. And one click to fulfil order and email customer from within app.
However, the quoted postage prices rarely if ever match the actual price charged to my account (always underquoted or overcharged), and I am yet unable to create a label for shipping to the US from Canada - error messages to enter information but nowhere to type it in. So, back to the horrible Canada Post website - $2-3 per order adds up over time and I'd like to know I'm not paying more than the actual postage required.



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Canada Post

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