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Canada Post

Canada Post

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  • Real-time carrier calculated shipping rates on checkout for customers
  • Print shipping labels for your orders
  • Tracking page for customers to monitor their orders

Canada Post for Shopify allows the use of real time carrier shipping rates for Canadian merchants who wish to use Canada Post as a shipping carrier. You will need this app to provide real time rates to your customers when they purchase from your store.

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  • Easy setup process through existing or new Canada Post VentureOne accounts

  • Track and print shipping labels through their Shopify store Admin

  • Provide accurate Canada Post shipping rates to customers during checkout

  • Print shipping labels with different options on a per package basis.

Note: This app does not support discounted rates. For customers with a Canada Post volume-based commercial parcels agreement, we recommend ShipStation or Ordercup.

Canada Post reviews (29)


This app helped me a little bit when I first started out and didn't have any other options for viewing and printing my shipping labels in bulk, but it's not user friendly, and the print functionality doesn't even work...in order to print my labels, I have to view them in a separate window and print them from there. Really annoying to use, and for most things now I switched to Shipstation.


This app is a garbage! Not happy with it AT ALL! Info is always wrong! Sometimes over charge!


I wish they would have blatantly said it requires Unlimited Shopify package instead of discretely saying "a plan with real-time carrier shipping". It was a main reason I set up my Basic Shopify plan only to find out I'd have to pay another $150/month to be able to use this app.


Nice integration with my shop admin, and fairly simple to use.

But it doesn't offer Light Packet (USA or international) as a shipping option. All my orders ship Light Packet, so this app isn't useful for me. I'll continue using Paypal shipping labels, as that's the only online solution I can find (after a lot of research) that offers Light Packet labels.


Super easy to print shipping label in a click. But that's about it. Not really good. After several test I've compared prices with the app the actually Canada Post website, comes out that prices are never accurate. Plus there's not way to calculate prices for shipping with different type of boxes. Support is not much helping either. I do not recommend this app unless you're only selling products that are all the exact same sizes.


This app helps me ship some smaller products from our site, I seem to have difficulties getting it to accept box sizes sometimes


We currently offer free shipping in Canada and this apps meets our needs as it allows us to save time in creating and printing shipping labels. That being said, there is a lot of room for improvement in this app. There have also been a few times where it simply would not print labels for a prolonged amount of time.


I'm a Venture One account holder and have been having issues with the "Real-time carrier calculated shipping rates on checkout for customers" for well over a year. It seems to work for Canadian addresses but doesn't for US addresses. I have been promissed a fix for months now....still waiting


I was quite excited to use this app, however, I am extremely disappointed. The app does not calculate shipping using envelopes. It only calculates as if it is a parcel. I ship my products in padded envelopes as it is a lot cheaper. This app will not provide rates for envelopes.


This app works great for me. Cuts down on a ton of time fulfilling and shipping orders. No more having to log into the CP website separately. Plus you can link your small business account to get the same discounts.

Highly recommend for small Canadian businesses!


Display Canada Post rates in checkout for free
Pay per label via Canada Post account


A Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping

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Canada Post

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