Canvas by CG Pro Prints

Canvas by CG Pro Prints

by CG Pro Prints

On-demand fulfillment for high quality wall and home décor

2.8 of 5 stars(12 reviews)

Save Money

All customers have access competitive, wholesale pricing for a wide range of products.

Save Time

Our tools can be used to upload print files, create product images, and more.

Save Headaches

There's no need for inventory; we build and dropship orders directly to your customers.

About Canvas by CG Pro Prints

There’s an unassuming factory in Longmont, Colorado, on the eastern edge of Boulder County. It might look ordinary from the outside, but there are miracles happening within. Designers creating the strongest, lightest canvas wraps ever made. Engineers inventing new machines to assemble those wraps. And chemists whipping up the most colorful, environmentally-conscious inks in the industry. Because of them, we can bring you amazing canvas faster and cheaper than anyone else in the world.

You Sell It. We Print It.

Canvas by CG Pro Prints provides stores with exclusive prices and the ability to print and ship their designs directly to their customers. We offer printing on canvas, fine art paper, adhesive wall clings, and more. With over 150 options available, we cater to storeowners who want to customize their products and provide a high-quality, professional, and affordable product to their customers.

Sell With Confidence

We print and build all of our products in-house at our factory in Longmont, Colorado. Being in the business for more than 15 years, we’ve perfected our processes to be able to produce amazing wall décor, all while keeping costs low and turn times short. Once an order is entered, our team will print, build, and ship it within our 3-day production window. The team reviews each print, so when your customer receives it, we know they’ll love it. We’re proud of our products and fully stand behind them. If a product ever arrives damaged in shipping, let us know and we’ll rush a reprint out at no cost.

No minimum order. No upfront fees.

Focus on growing your business, not worrying about fulfillment or inventory management. We make it easy for orders to seamlessly pass from your eCommerce store to our system for printing and shipping. There is no minimum order amount required and we don't require any upfront fees. We only charge you when your customer enters an order and it has been sent to our system for fulfillment.

How It Works

  1. They Buy It: Your customer places an order at your shop.
  2. It Comes to Us: Your shop sends the order to our fulfillment system to be printed and shipped. (In other words, no manual ordering needed.)
  3. We Build and Ship It: We print and build your orders, shipping directly to customers all over the world with our white-label packaging.
  4. They Love It: Your customers receive their order and are ready to shop again!

Our Mockup Generator allows you to quickly and easily create product listings with just a few clicks. We'll create 3 product images and store your formatted print-ready file on our servers. The Image Library allows you to select the product, add the name and pricing information, then export all of the information to your Shopify store to create a new product listing.

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Overall rating
2.8 of 5 stars
Based on 12 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Tripping Sisters

Found the app not entirely intuitive but managed to get it working and loaded several of my works to the library. Prices seemed reasonable. HOWEVER, I ordered two test canvases and it went into a blackhole. When I wrote asking for a tracking number, I got a partial refund with no explanation. When I wrote again a few weeks later inquiring about delivery, I received a the balance in refund. Again no explanation and no communication whatsoever. If they won't even respond to me as the merchant, can't imagine how this would go with my clients. Sadly, very disappointed. I really wanted to work with CG. Too bad.

Fusion Idol Arts

The canvas quality from cg pro is excellent. Their ship times are very good when the app works. That's the problem. The app is loaded with problems and is painful to setup. They don't seem to care about fixing them. A year after uploading and connecting all of the artwork, they archived the files on the backend which disconnected the automated integration.... thus making the app pointless. It's a shame they just don't fix it. It could have been great.

KonoPIX I Performing Images

Nice outside but ugly inside:

- Manual doesn´t look like the actual app
- Shopify integration is horrible
- Can´t even create products
- Image library not available

Save some time and skip that app!!