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Carbon Checkout

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  • Strengthen brand by aligning with a cause
  • Increase conversion, customer loyalty and lifetime value
  • Reduce the effects of climate change through collective action


Carbon Checkout was designed to enhance the checkout experience and increase conversion by integrating a discreet cause related option at checkout. Consumer research has long showed that integrating cause in commerce not only strengthens your brand, but it reduces shopping cart abandonment, increases customer loyalty & lifetime value, and increases overall sales.

According to eBay’s Giving Works program, merchants that align with a cause and provide customers an option to give to that cause, increase store sales by 29%, and reduce churn by 67%, on average. According to Nielsen’s Global Report on Corporate Social Responsibility, brands that communicate their sustainability efforts generate 5X the revenue of those that do not. It’s no wonder why 75% of global brands are now engaged in cause marketing.

Carbon Checkout is your opportunity to integrate cause marketing into your business strategy today, to do well by doing good.


1. App install in one-click. Carbon Checkout integrates seamlessly into your site to offer your customers the unique opportunity to give change to the environment at checkout. Full integration into your store in one-click, and without any technical requirements.

2. Give in one-click. Your customers now have the option to give to the environment after adding a product to cart. Default contributions are less than $1 - a round-up value - with larger contributions accessible via drop down menu. Contributions are added to cart total and automatically collected at checkout. There is no page reload, no added user registration or checkout requirements, just one-click to check the contribution box.

3. Track in one-click. Individual contributions can be tracked to build consumer trust and confidence. Participating customers receive an automated personal confirmation e-mail with unique hyperlinked verification code, where they can access their personal Giving Portfolio to track all contributions and learn about the renewable energy projects they helped to make possible.

4. Carbon Checkout pools all contributions into a fund to make significant investments in renewable energy projects that reduce global carbon emissions. You and your customers become part of a powerful movement to reduce the effects of climate change through collective action, it’s as simple as one-click.


Carbon Checkout reinforces purchasing decisions throughout the shopping experience, by aligning your brand and your products with a cause. When your customers commit to making contributions with Carbon Checkout, the App affirms their pledge with a discreet notification that encourages them to fulfill their commitment by completing checkout.

Research shows that customers are less likely to abandon carts when products in cart are aligned with a cause. With Carbon Checkout, your brand and your entire product catalogue is linked to a cause. This is your Crowdfund for Climate Change.

According to the Cone Cause Evolution Study, 90% of consumers want to know what cause your company supports, with 93% of consumers claiming to have a more positive image of your product and brand when you support a cause. Further, 90% of consumers are more likely to trust and be loyal to your brand when you back a cause, according the Study.

Your Carbon Checkout Admin Dashboard, embedded in your Shopify Dashboard, provides cause marketing performance metrics, including customer loyalty trends and aggregated values to quantify and communicate your corporate social responsibility initiative.

For more information on Added Value and Cause Marketing analysis, please see Cause Marketing by the Numbers.


All Carbon Checkout contributions are invested in renewable energy projects through a carbon finance commodity known as a carbon offset. To learn more about carbon offsets and our investment strategy, please view our Carbon Offsets 101 guide. All carbon offset investments are validated by the Verified Carbon Standard or Climate Action Reserve and are independently audited and tracked by verification code. To learn more, visit www.carboncheckout.com.

Contributions are collected by merchants at checkout. Carbon Checkout tracks all contributions, which merchants can also view in their product inventory and Carbon Checkout Dashboard. Carbon Checkout distributes electronic invoices to merchants when the collected contribution balance reaches USD $25.00, or at the end of each quarter, whichever occurs first. [Note: Carbon offsets are not subject to sales or use tax. Shipping fees do not apply.]

Please contact us directly at info@carboncheckout.com if you have questions or need assistance, we stand ready to help!

Carbon Checkout reviews

12 reviews
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What I would like to be implanted:
The choice to the owner to load or take charge of the gift
Even more give the choice to charge the shop if the customer pays as well
Ex $ 1 don = 50c customers and 50c shop


Amazing Idea & Amazing Company! Happy To Support This Amazing Cause!


Shipping furniture is expensive and taxing on the environment. Hopefully this app will help offset some of the pollution.


As a brand trying to be as carbon neutral as possible, this wonderful app helps my customers offset the carbon to ship their goods. It's unobtrusive and the customer gets to choose whether to contribute or not. Nicely done.


Very nice idea and very accommodating when I had issues implementing it into our site.
Look forward to see our customers response!


Such an awesome idea! It works really well with our theme too


Absolutely love Carbon Checkout & so do my customers! I'm moving into a shop soon and I'm very excited to see how many customers will round up their bill in the shop, I think it's fantastic that you can use it both on the website & in person too!! Would definitely recommend.


GREAT APP! - Definitely something every Shopify store could incorporate into their Shopping Cart. We installed it and needed a bit of help with how it appeared on our theme, and we received an instant response and they got us setup. We have already had a few customers use this feature, which is super cool. Thanks for creating an app that makes a difference! Keep it up!


I have been using this app for a short while. It's perfectly suits my business and the customers absolutely love it! It's great for my company to show we support a great cause. Highly recommended to all.


Excellent product that really resonates well with my customer base. Not only does everyone use it, but I get messages from customers telling me they appreciate the fact that we offer the service and that it was easy to use. I think it adds a feel good factor and I'm really excited to watch and see the progress of the projects that we are now part of funding. Thanks to the Carbon checkout crew for the excellent customer service and ease of setup.


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