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Cart Related Products

Cart Related Products

Developed by Blue Kite

Price: Free – $9.95 / month More info
  • Show customers which related products they should also buy in an eye-opening pop-up!
  • Actual related products that YOU configure easily and quickly! (Includes Batch Creation!)
  • One-click install. No coding or template modification required!

Looking for customers to add more products to their cart?

Start Cross-Selling today!

The Cart Related Products plugin is great to show your customers which products would go great with products that they have added to their shopping cart by displaying a pop-up showing the related products!

For example, if the user added a cell phone to the shopping cart, you might want to pop-up a window showing the best phone cover and charging cable suitable for that phone model. To do this, all you need to do is configure the source product (the one added to the cart), and any related products (that will show in the pop-up window)!

The Cart Related Products plugin has another great feature that will allow your customer to see any configured related products whenever they are navigating to a particular product page.

How does it work?

  1. Install the app with one click! (no coding required)

  2. Configure related products for your chosen products (this can also be done in batches)

  3. That's it! When you customers now add any of the configured products to their cart, they will see a popup window showing the related products, which they will hopefully buy too!


Show Related Products in Popup Windows

When your customer adds a product to their cart, they will be shown a popup window with the configured related products for that product, hopefully enticing them to buy it too!

Show Related Products on Each Product Page

When your customers visits a product page which has configured product relationships, a small icon will appear in the corner of the screen. When clicked, the customer is shown that product's related products in a popup window.

View / Edit Configured Product Relationships

View and filter the full list of your configured product relationships. You can add, edit and remove relationships. Each relationship you configure is a potential added product to your cart = more sales!

Batch Create (Bulk) Product Relationships

Instead of creating product relationships one at a time, you can do them in batches based on existing Shopify collections from your store. This makes it way quicker to create your relationships! The more relationships you create, the more related products will be shown to your customers!

Your Customer is in Control!

Don't worry about showing your customer too many popups! If they get a little tired of seeing them, they can very easily click one button (on the popup itself) to stop receiving the popups!

View Metrics (card additions after viewing popup)

See how well your popups are converting into cart additions for the past 30 days!

Fully Customisable

Configure the plugin to work the way you would like.

One Click Installation (NO code modifications!)

No complicated setup, just install the plugin, configure your related products, and you're done!


  • DO choose carefully the related products you configure for a particular product - make sure it actually is related to the product they have just added to their cart - this way there is more chance of them actually buying one of the related products!

  • DO NOT add the same related products to every item in your store! This will just annoy the customer. Configure those products that make sense, and are actually related to the product being added to the cart!

Who are we?

Glad you asked! We are here to write Shopify plugins that help you out in your retail journey! We are Australian and proud of it, and we're happy to help out wherever we can!


For support, help and FAQs please see the Cart Related Products Plugin Page!

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