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Real-Time CartHold

Real-Time CartHold

Developed by SproutKey

3 reviews
Price: $25.00 / month Free Trial: 10 days More info
  • Real-time shopping online is fun, until someone nabs your stuff.
  • Real-time selling is all about creating great experiences.
  • Customers will buy more when they feel they have time to.

Flash Sales, Love Them!!!

Cart Hold is built with flash sales in mind first. The type of buying frenzy they create is exhilarating for everyone involved.

The Buzz Kill!!!

It feels horrible to be so close to having something you want so bad, only to have it ripped from your hands. It is hard not to take that personally.

Restoring Reliability and Trust

Your customers deserve great experiences shopping with you, without having anxiety over how long it takes to review their cart or view more items.

Cart Hold restores a sense of reliability in that when you place an item in your cart, it's yours. This offers a safe place (emotionally) to shop which increases trust in your brand.

How Cart Hold Helps

Cart Hold manages something we call "cart inventory", not to be confused with "shop inventory". When a user places an item in their cart, Shopify notifies us of the addition. They also notify us of any quantity changes, up or down, in a cart.

Since we are tracking the cart inventory, and we can check the shop inventory, we do some math. If someone has put more items than, shop inventory - cart inventory, we push the adjustments to the browser which adjusts the total, and pops up a notification that the customer added or updated to too many of that particular item.

Our Vision

If we haven't spoken already, my name is Phil Spitler. I created Cart Hold when someone came to me about this and it struck a chord with me deep down. "That's just wrong" I thought. "Like someone coming up to you in the store, taking an item out of your cart and saying sorry, we're actually out of that." :O So that's what got us here.

The fact is, I love helping people do what they love! If you feel your shop is unique, exciting, fun, amazing etc., and you have loyal customers you really care about. Like, they are your peeps, I get it. I have communicated with some of you myself, and the feeling I get is that there aren't a lot of people focused on what YOU really need.

I want to change that. Cart Hold is only 1 product. I'm focused on real-time online shopping, and the unique opportunities and problems it presents. I relate with shop owners that enjoy the kind of excitement the format provides. I'm here to help usher in a new suite of tools suited specifically for real-time online selling.


With your feedback, we can focus on the things that will actually help you the most. Thank you for considering Cart Hold. Feel free to reach out to me if you're in line with my vision, even if Cart Hold isn't what you currently need.

Thank you. Phil.

Real-Time CartHold reviews

3 reviews
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Phil is extremely responsive and worked with us to get this app working just in time for our flash sale to go off perfectly. Thanks!


Did not work. We had a product launch where 100 orders came in over 20 minutes, and the app ended up overselling and oddly, creating, additional inventory! We sync our inventory between Vend and Shopify, and believe that this may have led to the errors - would have liked to confirm that with the developer, but they never responded to our inquiry. It may work fine if the only thing controlling inventory quantities is Shopify, but it didn't work at all for us.


This app is a MUST have. First time in 8 years I had zero oversold. If you are having the issue I was having I highly recommend getting this app. Customer service is top notch as well

$25.00 / month
10 days


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