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Cartify - Abandoned Cart Saver

Cartify - Abandoned Cart Saver

Developed by HelloApps

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  • Pop-up banner to double your chance to engage with your customer
  • Real-time email notification to create the urgent feeling that drive customers to buy
  • Smart and powerful analytics to help strengthen your business strategy

How Cartify helps you to boost sale

Once Cartify is installed in your shop, it will automatically track if any cart is abandoned and email them with catchy message (which the shop owner can customize easily) on a real-time basis, such as:

  • The item in your cart is running out of stock. Checkout soon!

  • Use the code XYZ from 1pm-2pm to save 10%

  • Check out some special discounts that you may find interesting


1. Brand-new function: POPUP BANNER

Create spontaneous attention and double your chance to engage with your customers. The pop-up happens one time per one browser. This is very helpful to create special welcoming discount to newcommers.

2. Real-time email notification

As soon as Cartify discovers any abandoned cart, it will automatically email the customer with the messages that has been set. The real-time notification is critical as it helps you to catch your customer right at the moment when they find interest in your product but still in hesitation, and as a result, increase your sale.

3. Set up the app by 1-click

Simplicity is all Cartify made of. Click the install button and yes, you're ready to run the campaign.
Cartify is compatible to any kind of platform and theme.

4. Design your campaign to get the most effective result

For each campaign, shop owner can set the number of messages to send, delayed time among messages, and content of each message.
You can choose to use templates (with proven effectiveness) or edit/design the message by your own. And no worry, the app provides you with all the tools needed for designing a professional and effective reminder email.

5. The app provides smart and powerful analytics

Do you know that the average abandoned rate is at highest on Thursday, from 1pm-2pm? How about this rate in your business? Cartify analytics provides you with the answer for this, and for many other problems.
With the analytics from Cartify, you will know the wealth of your business and make the necessary decision.

6. Free 24/7 support

Just like Cartify support you to bring back customer at real-time basic, we are here to support you 24/7 – quick and completely free.


(*) According to SaleCycle – the UK global Behavioral Remarketing company, every single cart abandonment email sent delivers over $5 in revenue.

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Fantastic tool, very easy to use.

$9.00 / month

✔ 14 days free trial
✔ Support free forever

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