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Central Admin

Central Admin

Developed by Webyze

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  • Manage all your orders in one place.
  • Search and find products across your Shopify stores
  • Get reports that combine data from all your stores.

Central Admin - Manage multiple stores in ONE admin

Central Admin is a Shopify App that lets you manage all your stores in one administration panel. It has all the main features you need to be able to manage your stores on a daily basis.
If you manage more than one store, then you definitely need this app since it will save you precious time.

Manage All your orders in one place

With Central Admin, you can list all your orders in one place without the hassle of going through all your stores one by one.

List and Search through your products across your stores

Central Admin, also lets you get a list of all your products and even search though them. This lets you find a products across your stores in few clicks. The app also lets you directly adjust your products inventory.

Combine reports from all your Shopify stores

Central Admin lets you get reports that combine data from all your Shopify stores. It gives you a good overview of your sales.

Test It Yourself

The app has a 100% Free trial period letting you install it on your stores and test it yourself.

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I tried this last night .. as we run 3 different Stores - the idea behind this is great .. and it does indeed pull all my orders into one place - however we cannot use it.

It has a couple of crucial parts missing for our work flow, the ability to print multiple orders at one time .. and also to use order printer and its Invoice templates for that printing .. if these options could be added .. we would definitely use this, so sadly its not for us .. we take our order list tick them all then print them all at once with Order Printer and a template that puts the label on an integrated sticky label we use.

If this is not your workflow .. and you are happy to deal with each order individually .. this would probably be excellent.

any chance of those features being added? you would have a customer for sure!


From $10.00 / month

$10.00 USD per store

3 days

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