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Product + Order Sync by ChannelApe

Product + Order Sync by ChannelApe

Developed by ChannelApe

27 reviews
Price: From $500.00 / month More info
  • Sell on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more.
  • Automate inventory and orders with warehouses.
  • Custom Development Team to Support Your Unique Needs

Sync to Amazon, eBay, and Walmart


Sync Inventory from Shopify to Amazon.com, eBay, Walmart.com and more

Use Shopify as your inventory management system but struggling with how to keep Amazon.com up to date? No problem! ChannelApe will sync your inventory data from Shopify into Amazon based on your rules, and your schedule. Don't worry, you can easily modify pricing or quantities by your rules or even hide certain items from being listed on Amazon.com. Learn How to Sync Shopify Inventory to Amazon.com

Sync Supplier Data Feeds Into Shopify

ChannelApe allows you to connect inventory management apps and sync your full product catalog to Shopify and Amazon.com automatically based on your rules and schedule.

Metafield Support

Finally support that custom data that you want on your products like LxWxH, wholesale price, etc. With ChannelApe you can sync data from your ERP, supplier or other file type directly to Shopify and keep them in sync, automatically!

EDI Support

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 850, 856, 855, 810 supported.

Native ERP Integration

Connect all your eCommerce integrations into your current systems whether it be Netsuite, Sage, QB, Nav or custom.

Email / Dropbox Support

We support feeds that are emailed to you or that you add to Dropbox.

Other File Types

We know how to integrate with all file types including XML, CSV, PSV, TSV, Excel, XML, JSON and more! Don't pay another developer crazy money to build a one off that isn't supported.

Support Staff

Sick of trying to find a developer to build a one off integration and then getting them to support it for you? We have an experienced staff on hand that is available to help you get things done in days, not months.

We'll make your Shopify Inventory Management a breeze so you can focus on more important tasks!

Enterprise Service

eCommerce solutions and account management for Shopify Plus sites, high-volume retailers and brands.

Product + Order Sync by ChannelApe reviews

27 reviews
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good for fitness . Works well. Highly recommend


Updated: I'm working with customer support to figure this app out.


I am not one to review often, only when I see or use something special. Channel ape is just that.. they provide a much needed service for inventory control across multiple platforms and more so than that, they provide unprecedented support. If there is something you need done, they will do everything in their power to make it work for you!

I have to give a special kudos to Jason over at channel Ape. Most of my interaction has been with him. He is great at providing support, but even more so, he is great with his communication methods.

Give these guys a try and save hundreds of hours a year that you can dedicate elsewhere instead of towards managing your inventory and products!

Channel Ape Team, Thank you for your ongoing support and assistance!


I have 23 apps associated with my business. Yes, I know, that's plenty. Every now and then I would delete any of those 23 apps and install a replacement one because I thought the new app's offering was more in tact with my store's. This app, however, never gets deleted, ever! I was skeptical at first as to how much they would charge me to sync data from my vendors; Oh I was so ignorant then. People complain that it costs up to $250 to add a new vendor from these guys. People are so funny nowadays. These Shopify entrepreneurs need to do their research to see how much competitors are offering to sync custom code from a vendor. If anyone is wondering it's $1000+. These guys are doing it for a quarter of that amount, if even that. The integration of this app to my platform is so flawless, I could go on for a while talking about how great they are. This app is the sole reason my business runs so smoothly. The support team is incredible, extremely friendly, and they make you feel like family; they'll go out of their way to make sure they help you and everything is working perfectly. I'd also like to thank 2 people who have worked directly with me, both Katelyn and Jason. Thanks guys, you're awesome! 100% Recommend.


Support was slow, and they wanted us to pay $250 to add a supplier that wasn't on the list, when we've seen on the forums people have had them added for free.
We would recommend Syncee.io over ChannelApe, as the support is amazing at Syncee, and they do custom jobs within the monthly fee.


Absolutely amazing customer service.. top notch! Katelyn and the team was just amazing! And I had questions, concerns, and queries that were handled very professionally.


Amazing! Katelyn and Jason have gone above and beyond to help me integrate a supplier feed to my store. They are always available to help and they get things done fast. The app itself is intuitive to use and makes syncing inventory to my store a breeze. Highly recommend.


Integration was quick and easy, about to make my store live and I have complete control of inventory automation. Couldn't be happier.


The customer support at Channel Ape is second to none!! Katelyn and Jason have been nothing short of amazing while helping me navigate and learn the system. Channel Ape makes it easy to operate your online business. Save yourself the headaches and contact the team at Channel Ape!


Very patient and helpful. So far working great. Much easier to understand than other similar products and if you have a question the team is great about responding quickly and showing you screenshots of how to do something so you can learn to do it yourself.


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