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Chatvisor - Facebook Messenger Newsletter

Chatvisor - Facebook Messenger Newsletter

Developed by chatvisor

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Send Broadcasts via Facebook Messenger
  • Grow your Community with our integrated tools
  • Measure your success with our detailed click and usage statistics

With Chatvisor you get your newsletter subscription platform directly integrated within Facebook Messenger.

Chatvisor connects your web shop and its products with Facebook Messenger. This way your customers can search within chat and can subscribe categories of their interest to be informed via personal message, when there are e. g. new products or special offers. All that happens fully automated in sync with your web shop, except you want to take action personally and deliver certain products to certain groups of customers. Additionally, Chatvisor helps you to grow and engage your Facebook Community in several ways.

  1. Setup in 3 Clicks: You are only three clicks away from testing the Newsletter 4.0. Click Continue with Facebook and connect your Facebook Page.
    For connecting a Facebook page you must be page admin.

  2. Create and manage your Newsletter Content: Whether your content are products, news, events, etc. - our article management system handles it so you're able to share it as newsletter via Messenger.
  3. Send a Newsletter: ith our Broadcast function you easily send your content to your subscribers - similar like a newsletter, just more effective!
    Give your users a whole new experience by keeping them updated in the most lightweight way possible.
    Chatvisor allows you to manually or automatically send news to your beloved followers.
    To let them subscribe to categories, simply use our growth tools or ask them directly within Facebook


  • Grow and engage your community: Most users do not instantly like or follow a Facebook page. Use Chatvisor’s growth tools to expand your Facebook Reach and let your community subscribe to your news from different starting points. Messenger Code | Checkbox Plugin | Send to Messenger Button | Comment Watcher
  • Measure your success: You can only improve what you can measure. Integrated analysis tools give you the right insights tounderstand how your communication on Facebook increases your conversions and affects your performance.
  • Automate your workflow: Time is the most valuable resource and that is why our platform does the work for you. Chatvisor automatically synchronizes your content and delivers it to your community. In order to stay personal, our platform lets you join the conversation when a human touch is needed.
  • Broadcasts: Reach all of your customers who are interestes in specific categories with one message. You can select the articles!

    • Direct: Direct broadcasts will be sent immediately after creation. You can
      send a simple message, different articles or you can ask for a subscription.
    • Automatic: Automatic Broadcasts handle the work for you. When new articles
      are recongnized, the users which are subscribed to the categories of the new articles
      get an automatic message. For example if you have different categories of your news and
      you add each day a few new articles to each category, the users will only get the latest
      news of the categories where they are subscribed.
    • Custom: You can define your own broadcast by selecting categories (users
      which are subscribed to the selected categories get the message). Then you define a message
      and articles which will be sent to the users. If a custom broadcast is activated, no
      automatic broadcasts will be sent. Instead of direct broadcasts, custom broadcasts will
      be sent at the time what is set by the user. And if there are new users which subscribe,
      the existing custom broadcasts will match.

  • Conversations: Chatvisor helps you to manage your conversations through your social media platforms. You see exactly which of your customers needs help and can focus on them. The bot does the rest for you.
  • Promotion: Use our integrated tools to boost up your bot. Integrate a "message us" button on your website or create specific messenger codes (like QR-codes) and track the referrals.
  • Messenger Button: With one click add the Facebook Messenger Icon to your Shop. The users see the icon in the right bottom corner of your website and if they click it they get directly to your Facebook Messenger Chat.
  • Install

    You need admin rights to a Facebook Page to use Chatvisor. After you install the app to your shopify shop and afterwards connecting to your Facebook account, Chatvisor automatically starts synchronizing the products of your shop. Then you can connect to your Facebook page of your choice.

    Now your bot is ready to use. You can now create broadcasts, customize the bot messages and much more.

    Supported Languages

    Now the bot supports English and German out of the box. You can customize the messages for your needs.

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This is a ver good Idea :) I have just installed this app !

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