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Checkout Comments

Checkout Comments

Developed by Judge.me

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  • Ask buyers why they bought the product on the checkout page
  • Understand buyer intent by analyzing your checkout comments
  • Show comments as micro-reviews on your product page (SEO bonus)

Improve your product and marketing with buyer comments

  • Improve your products by understanding why visitors buy your products

  • Increase your conversion rate with positive micro-reviews next to ‘Add to Cart’

  • Receive more organic traffic from searches that are based on user intent

Checkout Comment Demo Store

Try it yourself: Purchase the Free Product, fill out the "Checkout Question", and see your Checkout Comment as a micro-review on the product page.

How it works

Your customers will see an input field for a comment next to each product after the purchase - so the text input cannot harm the conversion rate. The input field will be visible on the checkout confirmation page on your store right after purchase.

Understanding buyers = Business success

  • Find new product ideas and the USP of your current products

  • Create better marketing campaigns by understanding your customers

  • Perfect your product descriptions and store content for prospective customers

Sell more with enhanced product pages

  • Organic traffic increases because of additional user-generated content that is relevant and fresh

  • Conversion rate increases because social proof for buying is provided during the decision-making process of the potential customer

  • Checkout comments are generated right after purchase and are therefore provided faster than product reviews

Settings & Customization

  • Customize your checkout question asked after purchase

  • Disable autopublish to manually curate checkout comments

  • Localize all text to fit your store’s language and tone

Happiness guaranteed

  • Free Shopify app: Checkout Comments is free of any charge to make sure that every merchant has the opportunity to gain customer insights to improve their business.

  • Lightning fast: The Checkout Comments widget loads via Shopify metafields rather than via Javascript. This means your visitors will see the Checkout Comments right upon loading the page.

  • Support that cares: When you have a question or an issue, we are on it. Customer support via email and chat is taken care of by the Judge.me team.

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Good app, excellent technical support


Holly shit what an incredible app! Used generated content on steroids!
Got 7 comments in one night, thanks a lot!

Great support team!


  • Unlimited checkout comments from your buyers

  • Checkout comments as micro-reviews on your product page

  • Curate or Auto-Publish comments

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