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MailChimp for Shopify

MailChimp for Shopify

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  • MailChimp for Shopify is a free application that connects your Shopify store with your MailChimp account.
  • Customers and their purchase data automatically added to MailChimp.
  • Create targeted email campaigns based on buying behavior.

Getting Started Is Easy

Streamline your email marketing workflow by integrating your store with MailChimp!

  1. Signup for a MailChimp account.

  2. Create a list in MailChimp (one list per store, please).

  3. Install MailChimp for Shopify to your Shopify store.

You’ll have the power to:

  1. Sync list and purchase data

  2. Create abandoned cart Automation workflows

  3. Send product recommendations

  4. Segment based on purchase history

  5. View your results and measure ROI

Customers automatically added to MailChimp

During the checkout process, Shopify asks your customers if they are interested in receiving marketing information from your store. When a customers completes an order at your store and has agreed to marketing, MailChimp for Shopify will automatically subscribe them to your MailChimp list. In addition, your customers are added to a static segment called "Shopify Customers", so that you can easily target email campaigns to only your customers.

Target email campaigns based on buying behavior

MailChimp for Shopify will also relay e-commerce data to your MailChimp account, allowing you to target email campaigns based on your customers' buying behavior. Tell your customers about special offers and promotions, or send product recommendations to customers based on their purchases. The possibilities are endless.

By enabling e-commerce link tracking tracking on your email campaigns, MailChimp for Shopify will pick up on sales generated by your campaigns. Your campaign reports in MailChimp will contain detailed information to help you measure the ROI of your campaigns and help you optimize your email marketing strategy.

Automate email campaigns with automated workflows

MailChimp's automation tools make it easy to reach your customers and deliver the right content at the right time. And, when you connect your Shopify store, you can use one of our preset Automation workflows to automatically send abandoned cart messages encouraging shoppers to complete their purchase, re-engage inactive customers with incentives and relevant product recommendations, or follow-up with customers after they buy an item for your store.

Send content that matters with MailChimp's Personalization tools

By using MailChimp's advanced segmentation tools, you can target automated campaigns based on e-commerce data, geolocation, and more.

Deliver personalized product recommendations to each individual customer based on their purchase history, advertise your store’s upcoming promotions, reward your best customers and more. After sending, monitor MailChimp’s robust campaign reports to measure ROI, see what’s working, and learn how you can get better.


Check out MailChimp's Knowledge Base to learn more about MailChimp for Shopify or
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MailChimp for Shopify reviews (526)


love it!


I've been very happy with MailChimp for Shopify. It's very easy to use and has been wonderful with expanding my business reach. Madison from Conntempo Boutique www.Conntempo.com


Very useful! Easy to use. Isn't complicated at all!


Useful but no support on free plans. Shopify could not answer questions and they directed me to Mailchimp, but Mailchimp doesn't offer support so my issues went unsolved.


Very useful app and easy to use!


Recently installed this app for www.easyorganic.com.au and it was a seamless integration.


The gold standard for a reason.


Easy setup and now our email file is growing quickly, love it


Easy setup and easy to use. Thank you!


MailChimp is probably the most powerful free e-mail campaign software out there. We've tried others, but the usability of the software and the seamlessness of using the their app for Shopify is really unsurpassed. We've found that customers of our small-batch, minimally processed herbal remedies will be vocal advocates in conversations with us, but a bit shy about sharing the love on social media. That's completely understandable, as no one wants to advertise issues related to personal health. But it makes it even more important that we have great communication with our customers to keep them engaged. And MailChimp significantly improves our ability to do that with minimum investment in time. We're huge fans.


MailChimp for Shopify is a free application that connects your Shopify store to your MailChimp account. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free each month using MailChimp. For lists of more than 2,000 people, try MailChimp's monthly or pay-as-you-go pricing plans: http://mailchimp.com/pricing/




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