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Clever Adwords, Easy Integration

Clever Adwords, Easy Integration

Developed by Clever Ecommerce

138 reviews
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  • Reach the right buyers for your products at the right time on Google.
  • Your ads generated from all your collections and products.
  • Automatic creation and optimization oriented to your business.

❱ Get your ad on Google with a Premium Google Partner

To learn more about us Watch this video !

Just 5 simple steps configuration, and your campaigns will be on Adwords search network, thanks to the technology of Clever.

No work from your side, we will upload all campaigns for you.

😃 Look all the stuff we will create for you !

  • SEARCH : Be seen by customers right when they are searching on Google.


    • Banner & Text Ads : Target people likely to be interested in your product (age, gender, page visited,...). We will create a set of banners at no cost :)

    • Remarketing : Retarget your own visitors once they leave your site.

Be seen by customers right when they are searching on Google, automated by CleverPPC.

After the creation of the campaigns, CleverAdwords will start optimizing your campaigns. Be aware that for advertisers with low spend, it will take awhile for our algorithms to optimize properly (about 2 months depending on the volume)

More info at:


Do I need an adwords account ?

Yes, you should have your own account, it is simple to create.

Do I need Shopify collections ?

Yes, but in case that you don’t have them, the app will request permission to create hidden collections with products categories. We need collections to help structure the campaigns.

Which languages are allowed?

Currently, we only create Adwords campaigns for English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

How long it takes?

Less that 5 minutes to configure, and about 48 hours for processing and reviewing. Campaigns will pass through review and quality control by one of our Google Adwords account manager, which should take less than 48 hours.

Is it Free?

Yes, It is totally free, for now, so do not hesitate to try it.

How much should I spend on Adwords?

It totally Depends on your business and industry, but let's start with something like $10 per day.

What happens if I include more products/collections after creation?

In this case, please contact us.

Clever Adwords, Easy Integration reviews

138 reviews
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  5. 1 star (10 reviews)

Awesome, awesome, awesome. 71 clicks this morning and it isn't even 10AM! Clever Adwords took the guesswork out of this for me!

I was sent prepared Banner ads for Google that were great! Clever Adwords got my ads set up. I really did not have to do anything on this side of things.

Highly recommended.


Badly made banners made with pigeon English text, post per click budgets all over the place 'why would I pay over 30p for someone to click to an item that we sell for under £2'??? They do not bother to get to know your business or what you wish to achieve they just churn our bad generic ads and banners. Over the weeks we used this app we had lots of visitors that resulted in zero sales, some days GoogleAds charged us for 100+ clicks when we only received 60 visits, I'm no mathematician but that don't add up!


It kinda safe my life. Im very enthusiastic about my shop,but an absolut zero when it comes to management. So i appreciate Clever Adwords and the help of them more then i can put in words


best thing ever. does everything in the background


So far so good! The UX of this app is , would recommend to others!


Love to use this app to manage my adwords account


I use this APP to advertise on Google for a week to spend 50USD, and the traffic quality of the ad is very low, the guest bounce rate: 95%, the average stay: 23 Seconds, an average of 1.2 visitors per page, so we no longer use this APP


What amazing service, I installed the plugin and after few days got ruining campaigns on Adwords with amazing banners, Remarking and 50 keywords. now I have upgraded to premium. and see how it goes with conversions and ROI.


The concept is great but BEWARE - if you do not know anything about AdWords these guys may not be for you as you will need to check over everything they are doing or watch your ad spend go down the drain


Just got started but it looks great. Setup interface could use some work. On Edge and IE its hard to click on text entry boxes and a some boxes aligned offscreen

From $0.00 / month


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