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QuickBooks Online Sync

QuickBooks Online Sync

Developed by JMA Web Technologies

11 reviews
Price: $29.00 – $199.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Sync fees, inventory and orders automatically between QuickBooks Online
  • Export data from Shopify and Shopify POS into QuickBooks
  • Intuit certified

Easily Sync Inventory and Orders

Cloud Cart Connector automatically syncs inventory and orders with all versions QuickBooks Online, including the U.S., U.K., Canadian and Australian editions. Sync refunds, discounts, gift certificates payments, cancellations with QuickBooks.

Multi-Channel Support

Easily add an automatic sync with Amazon, eBay, or ShipStation to QuickBooks Online.

Intuit Certified

Cloud Cart Connector passed an extensive security and technical review from Intuit.

Partial and Full Refund Support

Easily sync partial and full refunds from Shopify to QuickBooks.

Excellent Service

Read our five star reviews on the Intuit App Center.

Integrate with Shopify POS

Cloud Cart Connector also integrates with Shopify POS.

Integrate with Shopify Payments

Cloud Cart Connector can deduct Shopify payments fees on each order.

Made in the USA

Our sales, support, and software development is based in Boston.

Sync Orders from QB to Shopify

Sync orders from QB to Shopify on a regular basis.

Free Trial

Sign up for a 7 day free trial at our website.

QuickBooks Online Sync reviews (11)


The sync for the most part works, but we've had quite a few problems and the service isn't great like what is shown below. Our first setup call was rushed where it was quite obvious that they expected me to just read every tutorial and know what to do, when it's not black and white. Then the software magically stopped syncing payment, though was receiving the sale, and I got directed to some links to resolve it, but had to do a manual journal entry to clear out, and paypal stopped recording to the right account and again was direct to a help article. For the service call to setup the service this is not what I expected.


Setting up my account took a little back and forth with Joe, but the support is great! The app seems to be doing just what I need it to.


By far and away the best app for syncing QB and Shopify. It does all that it claims and more. Like all the other reviews here, we struggled for years with sub-par accounting apps that seemed to create more issues than they solved. Cloud Cart is amazing and blows away the competition.

It does take a little time and effort to get it set up but Joseph and his team are super helpful, very responsive and have given us all the support we needed to customize this app to do exactly what we need it to do.

The monthly payments and the install cost will quickly be worth it once you discover how much time you will be saving. Seriously, stop reading reviews and buy the app already. It is 100% worth it.


Absolutely a 5 start product here. No question about it. Don't bother looking any further because this is the best option out there for keeping your accounting running smoothly.

We struggled for a long time with other competitors options (Unify, Quickbooks for Shopify, etc.). We constantly were battling to TRY and make them work. When we found Cloud Cart Connector, our whole lives changed because this app just works. The load of stress of accounting has finally been relieved. The way this app uses rules allows for endless possibilities of configurations. We use classes in Quickbooks and none of the other competitors provided enough customization to make it work right for us.

After taking some time to understand how to get things setup, things work seamlessly. We are able to balance our accounts and check that our Shopify Holding and Paypal Bank accounts match up on a regular basis. No more messing with Sales Receipts, Sales Tax issues, Fees, etc. Things just work and it's a thing of beauty.

For anyone concerned about the cost, let me tell you this. For us, the one time setup fee and the monthly rate is well worth it because of the amount of time on a monthly basis we save. We plan to be long time customers of Cloud Cart Connector. Thanks.


Excellent, this is the gold standard for syncing apps. Support and ease of use is outstanding. Joe and his team fully understands QuickBooks Online and Shopify, our store. We have suffered for almost a year with two other syncing apps. Both created many errors in QBO, which required many hours to correct. We had requested one of these other apps to add a feature that would save us hours and reduce errors. Cloud Cart Connector added this feature in one hour. The others, after 6 months, were never able get it done.

Every telephone conversation with CCC has been clear. Everyone is easy to understand. The support team for the other apps is based in India. Their accent was difficult for me understand, especially over poor quality VOIP telephone connections.

Everyone at CCC make us feel we are an important customer.


Moving to Cloud Connector for Shopify with Quick Books on - line is the smartest business decision we have made.We were with an overseas competitor ( well there really is no competition) and this solution kept me up at nights trying to figure out how to fix today's mess. They continued to tell us that what we wanted to happen could not happen because quick books did not allow third party access to the source code to do this and that.
Funny how Cloud Connector has access to these secret areas....LOL

I have no experience with this area of our business but was able to easily and seamlessly make the move over and get connected.
The customer service and support are awesome, and although they must all run when they see a support ticket from me, they always, and I mean always, answer quickly, efficiently and in the middle of the night some times ?? hmm
What else can you ask for?
* American company
* Awesome customer service
* Responsive and continual updates to enhance the program
* Value for your hard earned dollar is respectful
* The transactions between Shopify and Quick Books online ( including inventory ) is seamless.

Lisa Plener


Has more features and customization capabilities than any of the other connectors available for Shopify. Customer support is responsive as well.


Easy setup and GREAT support!
This is a must have app for moving your Shopify transactions to QuickBooks. It has a great automatic sync interval. The data in our QBO company file is always current.


Really glad that we selected this app to sync Shopify with QuickBooks Online. Works seamlessly, a lot of customization options, and VERY helpful support staff. The *only* thing I wish they could do that they can't is, if someone orders a kit, to split that SKU into the 3 SKUs of the items that are in the kit. It would be incredibly helpful in keeping our inventory count accurate, but it's also an easy JE in QB, so it's not mandatory. What I personally really appreciate it the level of customer service Joe provides. He's reachable just about any time, and he's very patient with people like myself who are new at needing to keep track of online sales.


Save yourself hours of trying to get things that should be easy to work. This actually does. I was at first concenred because of the lack of verbage on their web site when I signed up for free trial. The fact is, they do not need pages of instructions or how to because it actually works and is easy. Furthermore, props to them for actually taking an accounting class. Great to find an app that actually allows the basic functions that anyone with a week of bookeeping experience would know that you need.

I made an error in set up. Called a phone number on the page and got transfered to the owner = while he was eating lunch - he told me he could explain how to fix the problem. But, if I gave him 15 minutes to get back to his office from lunch, he could just do it for me faster. twnenty minutes later, my mistake fixed and software working like a charm.

Shopify would do well to promote this product. I almost left shopify to go with lightspeed because of the issues with linking to other products that enable basic accounting and inventory activities. The POS is near useless unless you have outside inventory, reporting -do not bother with the extra $100.00 for advanced reporting ...not actually able to run the reports that a real brick and morter needs to run with more than five sales a day - With this product, you can link away. You can also have links to your accounting and inventory management software from multiple platforms. A real bonus for us as we operate multi channel distribution.

I am so passionate about this product as I had been made very angry and wasted a great deal of time with product from other providers that appear to have invested a greal more time and talent in marketing than in coding.

Do not judge this product by their marketing. They are great tech company that makes something that works. All the other linking apps should be removed by shopify to save their clients from the frustration and angst of trying to get the stuff to work.

$29.00 – $199.00 / month

There is a one time $249 activation fee, which includes trial support. For more info, read this article. To purchase, click here.

7 days


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