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  • Fast integration of your Shopify store with distribution platform of digital games and activated software codes
  • Automatically purchases and immediately delivers the codes to your customers
  • Reduces the amount of time you spend searching stocks

Are you looking for a way to start distributing digital games and activated software codes?

Or maybe you're already doing it, but you need to automate the process of ordering game codes for your Shopify store?

CodesWholesale app allows you to integrate your Shopify store with the digital game wholesale platform - CodesWholesale.com.

Thanks to this solution you can stop wasting your time searching for stocks, manually buying activation codes for games and software. You can fully automate this process in your Shopify store.

You can also use app as your reserve supply - as a result codes will be purchased on CodesWholesale.com only when you are out of stock.
This way your customer will never be disappointed.

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CodesWholesale.com reviews

3 reviews
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The way this is explained via video and via the back end of the plug in, is an absolute lie.

Codes Wholesale's documentation says once your customer orders from your store, the key is automatically purchased from them and then sent yo your customer. They neglect to say you will HAVE TO PAY IN ADVANCE for this to happen. This is not a true dropship model. I launched a site using their Rest API and very embarrassingly had 2 pages of code/ errors go out instead of a key. When I asked what happened, I was told I didn't have money in my account. I had to deposit money in first.

**Updated 6/14/2017 here**

We checked and the code did not go out to our customer. However after a week of denying that it even happened, we were more than irritated that they hadn't even bothered to take a look and notice themselves, that it was an error on our part. Even still an email full of error code is still not something we wanted to see either. Had someone merely looked and not focused on the 'you have no money in your account' aspect. We'd have gotten it resolved quickly. This scares me and my team. Had our guy look over the code (which he didn't want to do, all of us are coders of some kind and we simply don't want to have to do that anymore. Takes away from us focusing on running our business) and he caught the error but pointed out..again..had they even looked at what I sent them, this wouldn't have taken over a week to catch and then possibly fix
Now back to the original post.
I asked what happens when at a trade show like E3 (we normally go every year, but sat the last two out) and end up in an area where it's too packed to get out a signal and therefore can't top up the account. Their response was to make sure I had money in my account before I went to E3....-__-
not only will customer not get a key, but will get a strange email full of code. I asked if the could change it to at least only go to us, and was told they cant, because Shopify sends the email....
This is not a dropship model and there is no rest involved. You still have to hustle to buy the key from CW and hope it's still available for your customer. They are sometimes slow to respond which means if you have an angry customer your cannot help them until Monday if it's a weekend. No, not even via email. They say if you put money in, the top up happens within a few minutes. But if something goes wrong, again, they are not there to respond or help. (Paypal is not perfect, sometimes crazy stuff happens there too)
Sad because I really wanted to work with them. 2 years of fighting with them (some of the fighting not their fault entirely, they had a bag egg in the bunch). And still can't work with them, because if my business depends on your business and you're absentee...what does that do to MY business?


Could make a few improvements here and there but overall a great app!


I've been trying to interact with anyone from support for well over two weeks now and out of the three requests only once have i received a response "I'll send this to the team responsible for Shopify app" and that was after request one . Two more emails have gone without a reply so im thinking perhaps this is a dead app that is no longer supported or that there simply isn't support for actually using this app set up in the first place . I for one am not sure which is worse to be honest.

If things get turned around I will certainly revisit my review but as of this point there is certainly a bad taste in my mouth as well as that of my team.



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