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Shop channel


Create a free mobile app experience for your online store.

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Google & Facebook Ads

14 giorni di prova gratuita

AI-Advertising for growing merchants with 10X ROAS @scale

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Shopify Email

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Email marketing per ecommerce

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Canale Google

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Raggiungi gli acquirenti e fatti trovare su Google.

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Facebook channel

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Bring your products to Facebook and Instagram users.

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Crea annunci video TikTok per coinvolgere il tuo pubblico

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Mostra i tuoi prodotti agli acquirenti su Pinterest

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Snapchat Ads

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Grow your business with shoppable ads on Snapchat!

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Microsoft Advertising

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Grow sales with Product Ads on the Microsoft Search Network.

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Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

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Sell More with Email & SMS Marketing Automation

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Email Marketing by CM Commerce

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Email Marketing Automation, Abandoned Cart, Reviews & Popups

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Seguno: Email Marketing

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Email marketing in less time — NEW email templates available!

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SMSBump SMS Marketing

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Text Marketing, Cart recovery, SMS Automations and Chat

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Clever ‑ Google Ads & Shopping

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Drive traffic with Google Adwords & Google Shopping ads

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SM: Email Marketing & Pop Ups

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Send smarter newsletters & automations. Better than Mailchimp.

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Digital Marketing by Shoelace

A partire da $79/mese

Tech-enabled paid media buying with white-glove support

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SMS Marketing Automation

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Abandoned cart recovery, promotional & re-engagement campaigns

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CleverReach ‑ Email marketing

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Invia newsletter, e-mail di recupero carrello e tanto altro

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Yahoo Product Ads

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Promote products on Yahoo, TechCrunch, AOL and more

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