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Shopify Analytics &  Insights  by Conversific

Shopify Analytics & Insights by Conversific

Developed by Conversific Ltd.

10 reviews
Price: From $7.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Boost your sales and check the bottlenecks on data-based decision
  • Pre-defined Reports and Dashboards Specialized for Shopify
  • Hate Analytics? Great! Let us make it simple for You! No analytics background or experience is needed!

Introducing Conversific.

Conversific is a first of its kind business intelligence platform for Shopify that analyzes data and shows users how to optimize various areas of their business.

Conversific makes, what was once a daunting task, simple, understandable, and actionable.

With pre-defined reports and a dashboard specialized for e-commerce, there's no more struggling with manual data setup.

Features your competitors would pay an arm and a leg for:

  • PRODUCT OPTIMIZATION - Which products performing outstandingly in your store and which needs to improve, or even worse, should be taken out?
  • CATEGORY OPTIMIZATION - Which category performs better than others in your Shopify store?
  • MARKETING OPTIMIZATION - Which marketing channel brings the best conversion rate & revenue or which keywords do you need to use in your campaigns?
  • CUSTOMER OPTIMIZATION - Do you know who are your best customers in your e-commerce store? What about their loyalty level and Lifetime value?
  • FACEBOOK OPTIMIZATION - Which ads performing better than others? Which one makes you the most revenue? Which should you stop?
  • ----------------- COMING SOON - CHECKOUT OPTIMIZATION -----------------

  • Best performing coupon codes

  • Best performing shipping methods

  • Best performing paying methods

  • Abandoned Carts report

  • Checkout funnel
  • A tool that can decode data and give suggestions on how to grow a business is definitely one worth having.

    We're not denying that there are plenty of platforms that can capture data and analytics. But, only Conversific will help you understand what’s important and show you where you need to make changes.

    Conversific will show you which products and categories should be featured, which products aren’t pulling their weight, and which products would benefit from being packaged together.

    PS: No analytics background or experience is needed, it is extremely simple and understandable.

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    Shopify Analytics & Insights by Conversific reviews

    10 reviews
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    Great App and AMAZING customer support!

    The dashboard is very clean and data they provide is very helpful!


    Now I like my Analytics!!

    I thought I am not a stats guy... now I am! Looking at the numbers in Conversific is fun and it helps a lot to understand them as well as my customers and what they want. Looking forward to see the product grow and get even better!


    Conversific helps me a lot to understand my analytical data in my Shopify store! Great app, thanks!


    Well-built, thoughtful and user-friendly app. There's a lot of work in it, congratulations! Integrations require just a few clicks, the whole process is quick and easy to understand. Finally, in a single, transparent app I can evaluate all the important indicators of my shop that I've never seen before so far. I also recommend using it and I a big fat thank you for the Conversific team!


    From the registration to the use of the program my first impression is very positive. The system is very well organised, the design clear and transparent, and though most of these datas are available in Shopify, Google Analytics, Search Console etc. it is a very clever idea to make all of these statistics available in one place, and simplifying them to the non-skilled eyes too. I think what's needed is it in for me, in my opinion the greatest advantage of Conversific is the transparency. I think the price value ratio is okay as well, I can only congratulate this system has everything to be a very successfull app.


    First, they respond very quickly to everything! So customer service is first class. The application provided useful information from the first time use. I found the comparison of products very useful and I have shaped my marketing strategy a bit. I hope that, we will have more orders for the same amount spent on ads. Easy to use, user-friendly interface. I have many opportunities, I will keep it and use it.
    After a year I will update my opinion about this company.


    Great app! Incredibly easy to use and setup.The team is also very helpful and quick to respond to any question you might have. We have it working for both our sites and we love the huge amount of data coming from Shopify, Adwords, Analytics organised into the beautiful dashboard. We're loving to see what product performs better and what keywords we should aim to.


    Very nice app to check statisticks. Over time I found the best converting products to bundle, all thanks to this app.


    Excellent app! Right now, I don't need to upgrade Shopify membership just to get more detail report for my store performance. It's ease of use, smooth integration to Shopify and tremendous data helps to make a decision which product needs a boost promotion or which one we should stop to sale :). They also have a funnel report which could increase our profit.


    Very frustrating. Valuable reports require pro and are not free NOR can you get to test them as far as we can see (although that what you are lead to believe), Very Happy to pay for the the upgrade , howver clicking on the upgrade links take you to a page in Hungarian. and thing go round and round from there - Fine if you are Hungarian I suppose... not very well thought out at all

    From $7.00 / month

    Plans are based on your monthly order numbers. Let's grow together. :) More details here »

        ✔ Product Optimization
        ✔ Category Optimization
        ✔ Marketing Optimization
        ✔ Customer Optimization
        ✔ Facebook ads Optimization
        ✔ More than 40+ e-Commerce KPI
        ✔ Cart Abandonment Analytics
        ✔ Quick and helpful support

        Start your FREE 14 DAYS trial NOW!

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