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Translate your store into any language

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Create a multilingual website

Use the power of automatic machine translator to speed up the entire translation process.

Create great content

Create user-friendly content and increase your customer's loyalty by improving your translation through a simple interface.

Attract global audience

Get advantage of ultimate SEO optimization and gain international page views from all over the world.

About ConveyThis Translate

Key benefits you will get using ConveyThis:

  • 100 of the most popular languages are supported
  • 2-minutes installation with no coding required
  • Complete SEO optimization for all your content
  • Analytics dashboard to track and optimize conversions
  • Simple interface to edit your translations
  • Professional translators who are just a click away
  • Ability to delegate the whole translation process
  • Dedicated support to all users

Once you have a multilingual website you can attract customers from all over the world. ConveyThis Translate will do all of the work for you. To start translating you just need to select the source and target languages, customize your fancy language switcher and that's it, so simple.

User oriented appearance

Button customization allows you to set it up as you want. Whether you have additional pop-up forms or just simply want to move the button you can always change its position in the settings menu. There many other customization options like changing the flag's shape, selecting between short and whole language names, etc.

International SEO optimization

You get all SEO benefits out of the box, no additional steps for you to do. It will create separate URLs for all your translated pages. Search engines will rank those pages higher into appropriate search results and you will be gaining new international customers. In the analytics dashboard, you can track which pages bring you the most sales and promote them.

Fast and accurate: the entire process

The machine translator is pretty accurate, but still, it's not a human. Its purpose is to boost the translation process and save your budget for creating a multilingual website. Once it's done you can edit your translations through one simple interface. Also in your account, you have the support of professional translators that can help you with general proofreading or in-depth corrections.

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  • 1 extra language

  • 5,000 translated words

  • 5,000 monthly page views



  • 1 extra language

  • 10,000 translated words

  • 20,000 monthly page views



  • 5 extra languages

  • 50,000 translated words

  • 50,000 monthly page views



  • 100 extra languages

  • 200,000 translated words

  • 200,000 monthly page views

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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