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Coopt Campaigns

Coopt Campaigns

Developed by Coopt

15 reviews
Price: $19.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Boost sales by turning customers into social media promoters, without the hassle of affiliate programs.
  • New customers are 7X more likely to purchase when referred by a friend
  • Reach new customers for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising

NOTE: Coopt Campaigns is a spin-off of the popular Coopt app here: https://apps.shopify.com/coopt

We created Coopt Campaigns to answer our customers feedback for more customizable features. With this app, you can customize everything: popup, color schemes, share link, messaging, and more!

Stop giving away coupons! Give your customers a reason to share your store.

From the creators of the popular Coopt App on Shopify!

Here’s how it works…

Offer customers instant rewards, based on your settings, that they redeem by sharing your store on Facebook. The entire process can take less than 5 seconds, and is guaranteed to drive high quality traffic to your store.

When you run a sales campaign, you probably offer coupon codes to incentivize shopping. With Coopt Campaigns, you can stop giving away coupons - and instead allow your customers to show off your store link and media in their Facebook news feed - in exchange for the coupon code.

Coopt allows customers to unlock coupons by sharing your store on Facebook.

The value of endorsing a product directly to friends is exponentially greater than a paid advertisement. In fact, studies show that Facebook shares are currently worth between $5-20. This app builds tremendous value to both the shop and customer, while reaching more audiences in via high quality social media promotions.

Turn Customers into Advertisers.

Word of mouth referrals are the number one driver of high quality business leads. As an ecommerce store owner you can spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising or hundreds of hours building your Facebook fan page without reaching this key audience channel.

What if there was a way to incentivize your customers to share your store to their closest friends, without having to do...well, much of anything?

Coopt Campaigns allows your customers to unlock coupons for sharing your store on Facebook.

You get increased exposure; they get a little something for the shoutout.

Set up is easy…

To begin, simply sign up for an account, set the amount you wish to offer customers for sharing your store, and Coopt Campaigns will generate a link that you can share in a marketing email, social media post, advertisement, or anywhere else you reach your audience.

When the link is selected and your store is shared, our app will verify the post and release the coupon code to the customer.

Customers can also add or edit comments about your store before posting. The entire process can take less than 5 seconds, and is guaranteed to drive high quality traffic to your store.

Now you can sit back while your customers Facebook endorsements drive high quality, targeted visitors to your store. Coopt Campaigns builds tremendous value to both the storeowner and customer, while reaching more audiences via high quality social media endorsements.

Sign up for a free trial of Coopt Campaigns today!

Coopt Campaigns reviews

15 reviews
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super basic version of their other app, works great with social media and email promotions. takes about an hour or so to setup so if you want somethign to just set it and forget it then try the other coopt app. still like this one though for email/social marketing!


works well if you don't want to use the original Coopt app that automatically refunds the cash back - this app uses coupon codes so just make sure you have the coupons codes working when you run the campaigns!


very little work to be done from the store owner, simply create a campaign & paste the Coopt Campaigns link anywhere you would normally post a coupon code. Super easy way to get shares of your store using coupons


I created 10% off code when my visitor shared my shop using Coopt. I tested different offers, but by far the Coopt offer had the highest conversion rate. It is nice that I no longer have to give blind discount to visitors. Now, I have visitors help me spread the word and they get the discount. (win-win!) Highly recommend this app!


Definite recommend. Great point solution app! Great for high consideration purchases like ours since friends trust friends. And even though the sharer has not bought from you yet they are signaling intent which is a great funnel metric. Oh yeah...great fast support at all points of the day and night.


very easy to set up, works great. We also use the other Coopt app for automated offers for sharing at checkout


This app has worked really well for us. We had 13 people share and 8 coupons redeemed in one day after posting on Facebook. These numbers have greatly increased the more we use the app, generating a lot of sales.


Originally, i had a one star review here.... but the support changed my mind. My issue seems to be a one-off and we're running more test. thanks for being there support


cannot recommend this app and the other Coopt app highly enough if your goal is to increase shares on Facebook. I'm not sure if any other app allows you to get shares like this but it is much more effective that just Facebook ads alone. Customer support has also been great. try it!


COOPT has done it again! Setup was a breeze...one click and 5 seconds later and it was installed. I've been using COOPT v1 for a month and was very happy with the outcome. This app is great to extend discount codes to our existing customers and current social media following.

$19.00 / month


14 days

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