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AI-Driven E-Commerce Marketing Platform

AI-Driven E-Commerce Marketing Platform

Developed by OnlineSales, Inc.

15 reviews
Price: From $99.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Proven eCommerce Marketing and Advertising Platform for Google Search, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and Facebook MPA
  • Increase Sales with intelligent automation across channels - Smart Ads, Optimized Targeting & Bids, Automate Launches - with 1-Click!
  • OnlineSales.ai makes your product catalog's metadata leaner & image assets more intelligent. For e.g. auto-zooming or cropping of images or enhancing the product title. Did we mention that all this is automated?

Our Onboarding V2.0 is Now Live

Thanks to your feedback, we've simplified the onboarding experience. You can now onboard your Shopify store on OnlineSales.ai in 90 seconds. No technical knowledge required.

Introducing the most intelligent marketing app on Shopify. This app helps you increase your sales with AI-Driven Optimizations, Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Actionable Analytics and more.

Acquire at least 40% more shoppers & revenues with 70% lower operational overheads from marketing your online store across Paid Search, Product Ads & Remarketing on Google, Facebook & more. Now, say goodbye to agencies, complicated workflow tools and non-transparent pricing!

Our extension does all the heavy-lifting for you in the background while you focus on what you do best, creating experiences to win those micro-moments with your customers. Every. Single. Day.

Increase Sales on Shopify with OnlineSales.ai.

E-Commerce Advertising That Just Works

Cross-Channel Marketing Campaign Management

  • Launch Product Ads campaigns across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping based on your Business Goals

  • Stay up-to-date with the Performance of your marketing campaigns with Projected and Actuals

  • Make edits to launched Goals: Pause, Activate, Re-allocate budgets & a lot more
  • Actionable Optimization Suggestions

  • Make edits to launched Goals: Pause, Activate, Re-allocate budgets & a lot more

  • AI-Driven analytics for dollar-level insights, Real-Time & intelligent suggestions for optimized performance.

  • Automatically Identifies Trending Products: OnlineSales.ai auto discovers catalog changes such as new products, popular and fast-moving products, seasonal and discounted items.

  • Your Products deserve to stand out from the crowd: OnlineSales.ai's Product Enhancers optimize product images to yield the best click-throughs

  • 1-Click Actionability across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping

  • Optimizations for Performance, Budget Allocation, Ad Quality, Product Catalog, Audience Targeting & Seasonality across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping
  • Say Hello to Intuitive Analytics

  • One place to get Marketing insights across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping

  • OnlineSales.ai will make you smarter and more efficient with humanised insights.

  • Built for collaboration: Share, Download, Schedule Insights or Mark-them-as-Favorite

  • View Insights by Filters or as Pre-created Boards

  • Insights across Marketing Channels, Merchandise, Audience, & Seasonality

  • Effortless Analytics That Show Your Marketing Dollars at Work
  • Real-Time Updates & Collaboration

  • Real-Time performance tracking across Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Bing Shopping via Watchlist

  • View Suggestions, Insights, Settings - at a glance

  • Share insights with just 1-click
  • Two Simple Steps To Get Started!

    • Install OnlineSales.ai app on your Shopify store.

    • Add your marketing budget with a credit card detail.

    That's it. Sit back, relax & enjoy the ride. OnlineSales.ai will design your ad campaigns based on your Merchandise & Goals. Campaings go live within 24 hours across channels including Facebook, Google & more!

    OnlineSales.ai Channel Expertise

    Google Shopping ads, Facebook Dynamic Product Ads / Facebook Product Ads, Bing Shopping Ads / Bing Product Ads, Google Display Network (GDN) Ads, Google Remarketing, Google Dynamic Remarketing (DRM), Remarketing Lists for Search Ads on Google (RLSA), Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Bing Search Ads, Email Marketing, Email Remarketing, Custom Audience, CRM marketing

    See more at Marketing Apps for Shopify.

    About OnlineSales.ai

    Here at OnlineSales.ai we single mindedly focus on a single goal – to wow our customers. We are ROI driven and we spend our advertisers dollars just like we would our own – cautiously and judiciously. At OnlineSales.ai, data-driven decisions trump hierarchies and we realize that one solution does not fit all.

    OnlineSales.ai enables eCommerce businesses globally in their pursuit of higher sales & margins. It provides 10x better experience in acquisition & retention marketing for eCommerce.

    We recently won the Google Global Award for Shopping Innovation.

    At the core of OnlineSales AI platform, billions of data points are mined daily from across retailers' product catalog, demand velocity, user psychographics & funnel analytics. The platform leverages this intelligence to deliver unparalleled marketing experience & automation across channels & devices to eCommerce players globally.

    OnlineSales.ai's vision is to build an 'operating system' for eCommerce businesses globally by converging all avenues of shopper acquisition, engagement, retention, analytics & monetization on a single platform. Built for Retailers by Retailers. OnlineSales.ai is built by Ex-Amazonians, bringing their expertise to articulate data that matters most.

    Important Note

    A Google Account is needed to sign-up with OnlineSales.ai & activate the extension.
    Separate advertising accounts for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads Manager, Bing Ads are needed to be linked with the platform during the onboarding process. You can also create them during the onboarding process.

    Google Merchant Center (GMC) account is needed to run Google Shopping Ads and Facebook Catalog is needed to run Facebook Dynamic Product Ads. You can link these accounts during the onboarding process itself. A support to create these accounts automatically is coming soon.
    The app is FREE forever for upto $250 ad spend per month.


    AI-Driven E-Commerce Marketing Platform reviews

    15 reviews
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    4. 2 stars (0 reviews)
    5. 1 star (2 reviews)

    Not a good use of time. If you are used to seamless app integration than move on.


    The App is very useful as a single point for managing paid marketing for multiple channels - Facebook, Google, and Amazon.
    Overall automation and AI in tool has improved bidding and keyword optimization for our campaigns.
    It gives reporting, campaign launching and automated campaign optimizing. We got an ROI of 7. They also have a feature for email marketing. Very happy.

    Piyush S


    The user interface needs some work. It's a bit confusing. It also hangs sometimes on my laptop (Mac OS X 10.9 with Chrome).

    It is not as automated as I would prefer. They asked me to arrange conference call. It is supposed to be automatic. What's the point of having AI if you still need conference call to discuss targets & goals? I was thinking I could just set up my goal and the AI will take it from there.

    Customer support seems decent. Hence why I gave 3 stars.


    Great app to help consolidate all the online marketing spends and better understand means to improve and optimize


    The team's support and attention towards Okhai has helped us grow Okhai exponentially. They take special care while spending your budgets which is crucial for organisations trying to grow sustainably.
    The team is very responsible and responsive, they are always there when we need them. I am so glad we have them on the bus with us !


    Too many coding to be placed on your website. Once everything is being placed, they will pop up the pricing plan. Don't be shocked.


    Brilliant team! Timely support and guidance provided at all times. Very responsive to queries.
    We are extremely satisfied with the service offered and are happy to recommend this app to anyone and everyone!
    Kudos to the team! Great going!
    (Special mention to Adrian)


    Had a great experience with Sokrati. Very good customer service. Highly recommended


    Sokrati was a good experience.....Eshan was amazing and helped us grow for the first few months of collaboration with excellent marketing strategies....they helped us move on to the next level


    Our association with SOKRATI has been absolutely advantageous.Their services have paid off really well. We initially had a very restricted Budget and the best part of choosing SOKRATI is that their team ensured that we get a robust headstart on our online strategy from day one.Their Marketing strategy has rocketed our lead generation .Their well working Team spirit and customer focus is commendable.Special mention to Adrian, Bhagyashree and Akanksha !!!Keep up the good work guys!

    From $99.00 / month

    Visit OnlineSales.ai's pricing page for more details.

    14 days

    Support & Sales

    OnlineSales, Inc.
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