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Cross Selling - by Smooth.ie

Cross Selling - by Smooth.ie

Developed by Smoothie Ltd

6 reviews
Price: $9.90 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Hassle free install with no coding required
  • UI/UX design that matches all free Shopify themes
  • Drag 'n drop products + quick search + high speed front end

Why Cross-selling by Smoothie?

Our cross-selling app is way easier to handle than any other app out there and it's very reliable plus built for scale. Our display is clean and modern with the ability to search for and select multiple related products at once. With our drag and drop feature plus instant search you won't be stuck for time either when curating the products for cross selling. We keep your cross selling looking professional with our custom theme integrations that make the collection cross sold products look the same as they would on the collection page.

To add to that, cross selling is just generally really important. According to the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, Amazon gets about 35 percent of its revenue from cross-selling strategies. That's more that a third of their revenue just by cross selling. Wow!

Additional Features


  ✔   Automatic installation - no inserting of code snippet for supported themes.

  ✔   Set default products for your cross-sells or edit product by product

  ✔   Popup function: when a client clicks “add to cart”, a window with suggested products pops up.

  ✔   Design integrations use the same style as the collection page of your theme.

  ✔   Customisable/optional heading text for any cross-selling row.

  ✔   All language/text can be customised as you please.

  ✔   Choose the number of products you’d like to be displayed at the cross-selling row.

★ Super fast and super reliable, but how? ★

Typically, the main reason for a Shopify app to be slow or to have downtime is because the content delivered to your customers depends on the server of the app. Currently, every cross selling & up-selling app on Shopify works this way... except ours. This means we don't have to pay for very large servers, and can offer the app at a much lower price point. Cross selling - by Smooth.ie is built to handle scale, because 100% of the app's content that your customers receive is delivered from Shopify servers which are highly reliable and are build for Black Friday & Cyber Monday traffic.

Check out our ☞ DEMO STORES:

We have only made custom integrations for the most popular themes, which happen to be the free ones. If you would like to use our app and your theme is not listed, then you can used the default style and in the meantime we will work with you to create a custom integration for your theme, provided it's on the Shopify Theme store.

Automatic installation and usage

Inserting the snippet into the correct file is often a difficult task. Most apps further complicate this by simply throwing a tedious screenshot tutorial, leaving all the hassle in your hands. Thinking of this, we decided to add a feature where you simply choose the theme style and then click "Automatic install." Of course, if you need more flexibility for the positioning of the snippet we also give the option of doing a manual install with clear step by step instructions. If you're feeling a bit unsure about all this you can request a free install from the app.

Created by

This app was created with care by Smooth.ie, a Shopify web agency based in Dublin, Ireland. If you you have any queries the feel free to get in touch!

Cross Selling - by Smooth.ie reviews

6 reviews
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Excellent service. Quick install and Patrick really knows what he's doing. This is a great app and very simple to use. Very happy.


Very great experience! This is perfect. The popup work better than even their large competitor Cross Sell (which is way more glitchy). Super happy I tried this app out. Going to be a must-have app going forward for sure for my other stores!


Really impressed with this app. The installation is super easy and once you get used to the interface it's simple to use.

I've used a couple of these apps and they all are a bit clunky at times. I found when I was adding or removing products it would always glitch or something. I have not had those issues with this app.

Support was fast too, as I needed some clarifications on the UI and they were quick to respond.


This is an excellent app. Just a few minutes after installing the app we had setup cross selling on every product page. The styles also matches perfectly with our theme.


Great app, very straightforward and easy to use. I have tried several cross selling apps and this one is my favourite.


Fantastic app, it was really easy for me to install and looks perfect on our website.

$9.90 / month
7 days

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